Jul 18, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka July 17, 2017 Meeting

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, beef stroganoff, noodles, scalloped potatoes, ham, mixed vegetables, rolls, dessert. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Davis. The Invocation was led by Greg Williston who announced the sad news that Southwest Rotarian Sam Kennedy, DDS passed away today and President-Elect Sam Owori of Rotary International recently passed away as well.

VISITING ROTARIANS: None GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Greg Gardiner introduced his stepdaughter Kate who just graduated from Sonoma State; Frank Jager and Betty Chinn were introduced by President Bruce Smith, Sue Bosch introduced visitor (former member) Sally Arnot and Bruce Smith also introduced our speaker today, Kelly Sanders. STUDENT GUESTS: None. BIRTHDAYS: Elan Firpo, Al Abrahamson, Gregg Gardiner, Carly Robbins, Fred Sundquist.  A word of warning from Bruce…  all people in their birthday month are expected to sit at the head table or else…  ANNIVERSARIES: The Papstein, Ambronisi, Nielsen and Campton couples are all celebrating anniversaries in the next week.  Many people are celebrating a July anniversary in Rotary.
Paul Harris Fellows

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Keith Crossley introduced our latest Paul Harris Fellows (PHF): Patrick Cleary and Captain Hank Pierson who received his PHF + 4! They received a standing ovation. Mayor Frank Jager and Supervisor Virginia Bass read a proclamation thanking Chief Andy Mills for his years of service 2013-2017.  He is leaving for a new position in Santa Cruz.  Chief Mills received an enthusiastic standing ovation for the difference he has made in our community. President Bruce presented Past President Matthew Owen with a plaque of recognition for his service over the past year. 

Betty Chinn received the $2,000 she received at the last meeting again except in the form of a non-cashable $2,000 giant check this time. President Bruce said that next Monday, July 24, we will meet off site at the Eagle House.  Lunch will be $20.  ($15 for lunch plus $5 for the facility rental).  The annual Coast Guard steak dinner is coming up.  The Elks Lodge and Rotary Club of Eureka will team up to provide free steak dinners in recognition of the Coast Guard’s service.  Volunteers are needed!  Dale Warmuth was called upon to report on the latest about the Boys and Girls Club remodel.  Dale said thanks to John McBeth and the Humboldt Builder’s Exchange new windows will be going in soon, the bathrooms are being remodeled, electrical is being finished up and the communication network is being put in.  Pedal for Polio is happening August 14-19. Sign ups are on the tables.  Please contribute $35 to help eradicate polio. 

Check for Chin

SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE:  Silver Dollar: Mark Murgia.  Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Captain Hank Pierson. $10 George Owren. Black Lightning Café: Dennis Hunter.  Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Virginia Bass.  The card drawn was not the joker. 
Kelly Sanders County Clerk

GUEST SPEAKER  INTRODUCTION BY:  President Bruce Smith.  Kelly Sanders is the elected Humboldt County County Clerk, Recorder, and Registrar of Voters. GUEST SPEAKER:  Kelly started out talking about her day on June 7th.  Driving to work she heard on NPR that there had been a hacking of election records by the Russian military.  She arrived at work to find a message from a Representative of the Secretary of State. 122 counties had received phishing emails and Humboldt County was on the list of possible counties who all used Diebold as their provider. The Secretary of State’s office assisted Humboldt County and together they were able to confirm there was no evidence of phishing or hacking.  Later Kelly discovered that the provider knew about the problem in November of 2016 but didn’t alert their customers until June when a news reporter uncovered the story. 

Diebold is no longer the vendor for Humboldt County.  Kelly talked about changes in the law that were voted on in 2012.  Voters can register up to the day of the election under a conditional voter registration.  Eventually when a DMV license is issued residents will automatically be registered to vote at that time.  Kelly said a lot of people want to know why it takes so long to count the vote following an election.  She said the timeframe is according to the law. They have up to 30 days to report results.  Following an election there is a lot of auditing and vetting that goes on that is time consuming. Questions and answer follows. President Bruce Smith closed the meeting at 1:12pm reminding members to invite somebody to lunch.  The more members our club has the more we can do.

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

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