Mar 14, 2018

March 12 2018

Invocation: Greg Williston
Visiting Rotarian: Rodger 
Guests Debby Storre, Melody McGuire (Humboldt County Science Fair)
Visiting Rotaractors: Matt Cendejas, Chelsa Verde, Jamie Carroll
Backpacks for Kids: Every Thursday at 4 pm at Humboldt Moving & Storage. This month we deliver to Alice Birney.

Done in a Day: We are waiting for a break in the weather.

Lost Coast Rotaract: Members of the Lost Coast Rotaract Club came to update us on the happenings of their club in honor of World Rotaract Week. Rotaract began in 1968 as a Rotary Youth Program. Lost Coast Rotaract was formed in 2010 and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Eureka. Projects they have worked on include Backpacks for Kids with Food for People, Toys for Tots, PacOut Green Team beach cleanups, InspireOne, Betty Chin Center, Rotaplast International. This year they held their 6th annual Spirits & Spirits haunted history tour in Old Town Eureka.  Coming up they will be holding their annual Food & Wine Pairing to support their international project for the year. As a fundraiser this year they are offering certificates to “Rent a Rotaractor” $50 each for different services, including babysitting, house cleaning, yard work, pet sitting, designated driving. Certificates expire in 45 days and they need 48 hours notice.
Rotary Social this Friday at the Ingomar Club. 5:30-7:30pm
President Bruce Smith presented a check for $5,000 to Melody McGuire for the Humboldt County Science Fair.
March Madness Raffle: Presided over by Arny King. Two ways to play, 1) buy a square for $20 for the blind pool, squares will be randomly assigned a team, chance to win $350, 2) bid for a team, winnings will be split of the funds raised between club and person with the winning team.

Mar 6, 2018

March 5 2018

Meeting start: 12:17pm
Student guest: Jacob. 

Announcements: Bruce announced that RCE's President Elect, Elect for 2019-2020 is Carly Robbins. 
Patrick Cleary was presented with his Blue Badge. 
Backpacks for Kids: Packing in ongoing every Thursday at 4pm at Humboldt Moving and Storage.
Next Meeting, March 12th, we will be the annual March Madness Raffle. Bring cash for a chance to win. 
District Training North will be held on April 21st at the Fortuna River Lodge.
President Elect Brad Mettam gave update from PETS. He wants to know why:
1) Why you joined Rotary
2) Why you stay in Rotary
Sign Smith Committee, made up of past, and current, presidents. Awardees include Fresh Water School, Humboldt Senior Resource Center, and the Blood Bank. 

Howard Spangler Raffle: Winners: Nancy Dean, Will Kay (gave his $10 to Jacob), Ziggy Zigenfus, Brad Mettam, and Jay Bahner. 

Invocation: Bruce McKay. 

Guest Speaker: Fred Van Vleck, Superintendent at Eureka City Schools for the last 6 years 

Updated on spending from Measure S by location:
-Alice Birney Elementary School: Redo of parking lot. Next Project will be to include controlled access. 
-Lafayette Elementary School: Redo of parking lot, including addressing the pond which serves as storm water run off. 
-Zane: Created student access by cross walk to stop students from darting into dangerous traffic. Also, built the Engineering Lab for STEAM classes.
-Winship: Fixed south wall of gym to address dry rot damage. 
-Jacobs: Located behind Alice Briney. Eureka City Schools stopped maintenance years ago and the building has fallen into disrepair. The current long-term plan is to conduct an abatement study. To renovate or build a new building the costs would be astronomical. They do not plan to close the Rotary Fields. 
-Eureka High School: Receives grant to move the ag building. Largest issue is the culvert that runs under the football stadium and beyond. Combination of steel and sand structure is failing causing sink holes. They are looking into hardship funding to addressing the failing culvert. The project will likely take 3 summers to complete. They have received a CTE grant that will match local funds. The projects will: Modernize the Science and Main Buildings and build a new Gym. Questions addressed the safety of the current field/stadium, naming of the new gym - which will be done by a naming committee, and school safety. Fred commented on the planned walkouts for students  who want stronger gun laws. 

Feb 27, 2018

February 25,3018

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, chicken casserole, ribs, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables, rolls, dessert                                                                            
Called to order by Past President Nancy Dean at 12:30pm. Nancy was filling in for President Bruce Smith who was home with the flu.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Past President Dennis Hunter
The Invocation was led by Past President Bruce Rupp
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Dennis Hunter introduced Kurt Vialis, Past Exalted Ruler of the Elks Lodge. Ted Loring introduced Lila Smeltzer our outbound student this summer to Sweden.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Backpacks for Kids meets every Thursday at 4pm at Humboldt Moving and Storage.  Come help pack the backpacks. Lisa Smeltzer will be heading to Sweden this summer and is doing some fundraising to help with her trip. She makes concrete planters filled with succulents she has grown herself.  Large are $50 and smaller sizes are $20 - $40.  Please contact Ted Loring if you are interested in purchasing a planter. Nancy Dean said that we are looking for a host family for our inbound student. That family will be needed by mid April.
·         Silver Dollar - Mark Murgia                   
·         $10 - Lila Smeltzer
·         McDonalds certificate - Bruce Rupp
·         2 Drawings for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot - Lila Smeltzer and James Dement.
Neither person drew the joker. 
GUEST SPEAKER:  Our speaker was Tara Carver the Executive Director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA). They are also strategic partners with the California Growers Association.  Tara has been actively involved for the past 4 years in local and state conversations about the future of cannabis.  She was a farmer prior to this.  HCGA is made up of 170 cannabis businesses.  To be a member you must have local/state licensing or be seeking it.  They are working with regulatory agencies like the Department of Fish and Game and the Regional Water Board as well as taxing agencies to figure out how this is all going to work.  On January 1, 2018 Measure S became law.  A clunky system is starting to move but there are significant challenges.  Bottlenecks include lack of distributors and a lack of testing facilities.  It costs over $4,000,000 to set up a testing facility as it requires specialized equipment.  Recently 100 letters were sent to property owners with grows who hadn’t applied for licensing.  They can receive fines of $10,000 per day for every day they neglect to apply for licensing past the deadline.
The competitive advantages the farmers in Humboldt County have include:

·         Climate- conducive to cannabis
·         Brain trust of experience
·         Genetics- amazon of genetics
·         Lowest tax in California
·         Access to water- it rains here
·         Real estate- comparatively cheap/accessible manufacturing facilities
·         Clean ground with no pesticide drift as found with many large scale operations out of the area


There are many questions still… like distribution.  We have the largest production in the state. How do we transport? Humboldt has an international and national brand.  How do we tag the cannabis brand to include our beautiful tourism opportunities?  Imagine Napa without wine. 


MEETING ADJOURNED: 1:15pm. Respectfully submitted,  Alicia Cox

Feb 13, 2018

February 12,2018

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, pork roast, spaghetti, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, dressing                                                                                    rolls, dessert.

Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:28pm

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chuck Ellsworth

The Invocation was led by Bill McCauley


VISITING ROTARIANS: Roger Smith from Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka


GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Executive Director of the Discovery Museum, Kala Minkley; Arny King introduced his wife and daughter as well as their exchange student; Linda Wise introduced Donna Wright Executive Director of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, our guest speaker today.


BIRTHDAYS: Steve Allen, Miguel Garcia, James Dement, Greg Williston


ANNIVERSARIES: Jeff and Michelle Leonard.  Many Rotary anniversaries in February


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Matthew Owen reported that Backpacks for Kids is every Thursday at Humboldt Moving and Storage. He also announced there will be one more Done in a Day project in February, weather permitting.  Info coming as the date will be determined by the weather.  Brad Mettam left postcards on the table and would like each person to fill one out.  On the front there’s a question that asks why you joined Rotary and the back asks, Why are a you Rotarian?  President Bruce reported that the Mardi Gras event was great.  There’s a flyer on the table for the Fire Relief Fund- please donate if you can. Arny King and Phillip Nicklas were awarded their Blue Badges!  Tom Schallert announced that his new grandson, William Roger Schnet, was born on January 1st and weighed in at 9lbs 7oz. Tom donated $125 to the Foundation.  Arny King directed everyone’s attention to the North Coast Preparatory Academy’s Magazine on their tables.  There are pictures of wheelchairs that Lost Coast Rotaract donated and Rotary Club of Eureka helped.  Cops and Flops is coming up - a benefit for Make a Wish on March 3rd.  Flyers are on the tables.  President Bruce reminded us that Monday is a holiday and there will be no meeting. Kala Minkley from the Redwood Discovery Museum accepted a check for $450. The money will be used to help build a display that will use math to assist kids with information on fitness. She also reminded us that the Perilous Plunge is coming up on March 17th.  Raise $150 in donations to the Discovery Museum and jump into the Bay to benefit the Museum. Information is on their web site. Lisa Slack announced a 1920’s Murder Mystery dinner to benefit the Clarke Museum on March 17th.  Tickets are $45 for non-members of the Clarke Museum. Italian food will be served. 



·         Silver Dollar:  Brad Mettam                

·         McDonalds gift certificate:  Steve Allen

·         $10: Mark Murgia

·         McDonalds gift certificate: Tom Schallert  (Note from President Bruce that the Black Lightning Café is closing at the end of this month. If you have a gift certificate you need to use it.)

·         Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Bruce Smith and George Owren both drew but did not draw the joker.


GUEST SPEAKER:  Donna Wright moved to Humboldt County in 2010 after meeting her now husband, Phillip Wright on eHarmony.  She is from Australia and grew up in a small town on a 5th generation dairy farm.  She began her career in banking and eventually became a mortgage broker eventually rising to rate in the top 10 mortgage brokers in Australia.  After meeting her husband she franchised her business and sold it to staff members.


She and husband Phillip Wright were married in 2010. She worked in sales at Coastal Business Systems for four years and was hired to be the executive director of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce after Don Smullin retired. Her goal is to build membership. Since she began they now have 30 new members and four existing members have increased their membership to Premier status.  They recently held the annual membership dinner and various business awards were announced. She played videos of these announcements produced by PBS Northcoast. Donna plans to have more ways for Chamber Members to be involved and collaborate. She will be inviting members to hear guest speakers. The Chamber will be holding a dinner for members featuring locally grown/produced foods. There will be a golf day on June 5th.  She sees Eureka businesses biggest challenge as being focused on buying local from each other.  The more money spent locally, the more businesses succeed, the more money goes to hire police, etc. to help with the homeless and crime issues. 


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15pm by President Bruce Smith. 

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

Jan 30, 2018

January 29 2018

Bruce Smith opened the meeting promptly at 12:15pm. John Fullerton led the flag salute.  Nathan Nilsen gave the invocation. John Burger passed away.  Steve Beckman also passed.  Jim Davis was diagnosed with ALS.  It was not a good week.  Matthew Owen announced that there would b e another “Done in a Day” Project.  I’m not sure when.  Clark Swan said that Rotary’s annual fundraiser was just weeks away.  Mardi  Gras will have the same entertainment as last year, including the stilt walkers and a costume contest.  Tickets are $75 and you have to buy two. Bruce invited everyone to check our refurbished website .  Our guest speaker was Rob Holmlund Director of Development for the City Of Eureka.  He said one of the town’s strengths was its architecture.  Most of the buildings in town were built before 1960, when there was no zoning.  When the city adopted zoning  regulations certain types of middle density housing were proscribed.  Eureka has the only 4 story buildings in the five county area.  They were built before 1960 and would not be permitted under our present zoning laws.  He recommends that we make changes in our zoning laws that more fit the unique challenges of Eureka.

Jan 15, 2018

January 8, 2018

President Bruce Smith started off the new year with some sad news.  John Burger passed away due to complications from his recent four-way bypass.  Mike Cunningham talked about the late Jack Morton.  He was a fighter pilot in WWII and shot down three Japanese Zeros. Carly  Robbins reminded us that backpacks for kids would be starting up again and volunteers would be needed to help pack the bags. Clark Swan mentioned that our annual fundraiser Mardi Gras would be held February 10th. You can come in costume and last year’s acrobats and stilt walkers will be back.  Bruce then reminded us that we were  “black” for MLK day January 15th.  Bruce Rupp corrected him.  “ we’re not “black” we’re “dark”.  Martin Luther King was black.  Our presenter was Bill Honsal Jr., interim sheriff of Humboldt County.  He said his employees have to cover 4,000 square miles with 7 deputies so some crimes aren’t investigated.  He mentioned the state reducing its prison population by sending non-violent offenders to the county jails.  They have 90 beds in the facility and they are at capacity. In the past addicted prisoners used their 10-30 day sentences to dry out.  Now they are released on  their own recognizance. Honsal  added that there are now more prescriptions for opiates than there are people in Humboldt county.
"If they can make Penicillin from moldy bread they can surely make something out of you."
Penned by Hank Ingham

Nov 10, 2017

November 6th, 2017

Meeting called to order at 12:22 by President Bruce Smith.

·         Flag Salute

·         Invocation: Nathan Nielsen.

·         Visiting Rotarians: Paul from Rotary Club of Sebastopo1. Amanda Nelson from the Rotary Club of Eureka Old Town.

·         Birthdays, anniversaries and club anniversaries announced.



·         Carly Robbins gave an updated on Backpacks for Kids. Packing is ongoing every Thursday at Humboldt Bay Moving and Storage at 4PM. Carly shared quotes from recent Backpack for Kids survey. “I’m grateful for the food. My family doesn’t always have enough money for food.” And “I don’t always eat after school but on Fridays I do.”

·         Matthew Owen announced our next Done in a Day Project is scheduled for this Saturday, November 11 at Highland Park at 9:00 AM should take two hours please bring tools (gloves, wheelbarrow, rakes etc.)

·         Klark Swan and Amanda Nelson announced the Foundation Celebration North will be held on Sunday the 19th at 2:00 PM at the Elks Lodge. It is a cook your own steak event. Everyone is encouraged to come and represent our club. You can also buy tickets for the raffle they are $20 apiece or $100 for six.  Funds from the raffle go to the Foundation and will go towards you Paul Harris Fellow. You can register online via the email that was sent out to everyone. Each link is personalized so do not forward on to someone else. If you need someone to resend the link please contact Amanda Nelson or Klark Swan. President Bruce pledged to buy six tickets and encourages all members to purchase raffle tickets as well.

·         President Bruce spoke about the Hurricane Haiti Relief Effort.  Funds are being raised to provide clean water to areas that were affected by the hurricane. This project will provide for wells this year. Rotarian Greg Hanson has pledged to match funds given towards the project.  Bruce has pledged $100 of his own to kickoff donations and encourages members to participate as well.

·         Our club has a new website thanks to Miguel Garcia and 360 Design. They have added upcoming events, the Burl, press content and hope to continually update with club information.  Looks great! Good job Miguel! Website is still the same


Spangler raffle held:

·         Silver Dollar - John Winzler

·         McDonald’s gift certificate - Steve Lafferty

·         Hamilton - Carly Robbins

·         Black Lightning Cafe gift certificate - Ken Stoddard

·         Card drawing (not the Joker) - Jennifer Budwig


Program: President Bruce introduced Tom Throssel of Redwood Teen Challenge:

·         Teen Challenge was established in 1961. They now have 200 centers across the USA. Our local chapter has four residential centers and beds for 101 students. Their bills are paid through work in the community which also allows students gain skills to go on and getting permanent work. Students do landscaping, painting, cleaning, and more with in the community. Funding also comes from community donations and grants. Students entering the program commit to one year. The four residential centers included separate men’s and women’s facilities, as well as new transitional housing for both men and women. They also have a Club 5:17 “All Things Are Made New” which is a book and coffee shop run by the women where they get the chance to learn customer service skills. The mission of the Redwood to Challenge is to rescue people from destructive lifestyles. They are newly partnering with the jail for student referrals.  The Teen Challenge works to rebuild students spiritually, mentally, and physically. They focus on discipline as a part of the program. Even though it is called “Teen Challenge” it is not just for teenagers the average age is 25 to 26. Their goal is to return students to their family and community, get them jobs, and get them back in the Society. If you are looking to have Redwood Teen Challenge do work for you call Steve at their office, 268-8727. Success rates- of the most recent national numbers they have- are 85% stay sober for the next five years.  Tom says those numbers are a bit out of date he thinks the local numbers are closer to 50% of participates are sober five years out. They will take someone back if they relapse out of the program, they call it their Restoration Program, which is a six months long. Teen Challenge Representative Josh spoke. He has been through the program himself three times. He says it restores faith, gives structure and work ethic. Redwood Teen Challenge has 17 employees only two of which have not been through the program themselves. They also have many community volunteers to serve as mentors and teachers. More information can be found at their website:


Meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM and the club went outside to take video for District 5130 purposes.