Sep 19, 2017

September 18, 2017

The menu was sweet and sour pork or roast beef, vegetable medley and salad chorus, rolls and mashed potatoes with gravy.  There was cake also, but you  couldn’t eat it and have it too. Past President Matthew Owen stood in for Bruce Smith, who had to go back in the hospital.  Visiting Rotarian-Shelly Wilson from the South West club. Keith Crossley announced that the 6 day bike ride from Crescent City to Napa raised $3800 for Polio Plus.   He also brought up Dan Heinen, who completed his requirements for being a Paul Harris Fellow.  During the “Roast Boast and Toast” session Dennis Hunter said that he went to a Giants game that started at 5pm but was rain delayed.  The Giants eventually won, but the game lasted until 3 am.  Our presenter was Jonas Anderson, an exchange student who had just returned from Paraguay. Paraguay officially the Republic of Paraguay (Spanish: República del Paraguay; Guarani Tetã Paraguái), is a landlocked country in central South America bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. Paraguay lies on both banks of the Paraguay river which runs through the center of the country from north to south. Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as Corazón de Sudamérica ("Heart of South America"). Paraguay is one of the two landlocked countries (the other is Bolivia) outside Afro-eurasia, and is the smallest landlocked country in the Americas.

The indigenous Guarani had been living in Paraguay for at least a millennium before the Spanish conquered the territory in the 16th century. Spanish settlers and Jesuit missions introduced Christianity and Spanish culture to the region. Paraguay was a peripheral colony of the Spanish Empire with few urban centers and settlers. Following independence from Spain in 1811, Paraguay was ruled by a series of dictators who generally implemented isolationist and protectionist policies. Jonas sang a song he had composed, accompanying himself on guitar.  The lyrics were a mixture of Spanish and Guarani.  Jonas spent most of his time in a town near Asuncion, the largest city in Paraguay.

Escrito by Hank Ingham

Sep 12, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka September 10, 2017 Meeting

The meeting was held offsite at the Eureka Theatre and was called to order by Carlton Nielsen at 12:15 PM. 

Flag Salute – led by Ziggy Ziegenfuss-  Invocation – Carlton Nielsen  Visiting Rotarians – Maggie Kraft from Arcata Sunrise

 A brief break was taken for members to get lunch Guests – Larissa Tokay (sp?); previous exchange student from Germany in 2012-2013.  She gave a brief update to the club about what she has been doing since leaving the states

 Birthdays, anniversaries, and club anniversaries were announced


 Phil Nicklas announced that our next ‘done in a day’ project will be at the Boys and Girls Club teen center on 9/30/17 at 9:00 AM.  We will be helping with they’re gardening project by replacing mulch and matting.

Carlton announced that next week the board of director’s nominations will be provided to the club.

Raffle drawing:

Silver dollar – Nancy Dean

 Jitter Bean coffee card – Nathan Nilsen

 $10 – Ziggy Ziegenfuss

 Black Lightning Café – Maggie Kraft

 Card drawing – Wendy Petty


Greg Williston was recognized for a recent Alaska cruise he took with his 18 family members.  The highlight of his trip was a helicopter ride from Juno to the glaciers.  He was fined $60 for this venture.

Pat Folkins attended his grandson’s state championship baseball game in Yountville and the two age brackets he played in both placed second.  From there they drove to San Diego where he vacationed with family and had a visit from a stingray that got him on his instep.  For this venture, he paid $51.

 Program:  Wendy Peggy, Chairman of the Board for the Eureka Theatre provided the history of the theatre as well as what work has been done on the building since their non profit has taken over the facility which includes:  Restoring main lobby, renovating bathrooms, enlarging the stage, adding a new screen, improved sound system, better lighting and a cocktail bar.  Their future plans include a new neon sign, cosmetic improvements to the auditorium, new seats (via ‘buy a seat’ program through HAF), and restoring the large apartment on top of the building that will be converted to a vacation rental.  They host concerts, films, class reunions, etc and their October calendar includes four frightful Friday night flicks to celebrate Halloween.  The meeting ended at 1:15, but she provided a guided tour of the facility for all those able to stay. 


Penned by Jennifer Budwig

Aug 29, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka August 28 2017 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 12:17 by Paul Brisso. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ken Stodder. The invocation was given by Bill McAuley.

No visitors or students but J Hockaday, David Wells, Tom McMurray and Bill McAuley had birthdays.

Announcements included a reminder to give to Polio Plus and from Matt Owen a reminder to show up Saturday 9/9 at 9 AM behind the Lost Coast Brewery on 4th street to help clean up the City.

Paul Brisso used his position to “stroll down memory lane” and recognize four Rotarians that were instrumental in starting his career in Eureka. First was Dick Storey, CPA for Paul’s law firm when Paul started. Bill McAuley, CPA when Dick retired. Pat Folkins Rotary President when Paul first joined Rotary and John Winzler who Paul knew even before he was an attorney.

Spengler-Howard Raffle:

Silver Dollar went to Tom Schallert, a Past President of Rotary and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

In lieu of a Jitter Bean Certificate, Chuck Ellsworth donated a $5 bill which went to Bob Palmrose.

$10 went to George Owren, Black Lightning $20 went to Sean McLaughin, and the Gold ingot did not go to Matthew Owen.

Our speaker was Lori Dengler, Professor Emeritus HSU, earthquake and tsunami expert. She reminded us that it’s been 25 years since our last “real” earthquake, so let’s prepare. The number one act of preparation is “talk about it”. Talk with friends, familiy, co-workers. Just talk. Nothing happens unless we talk.

Remember to drop, cover, and hold. Do not run.

And visit their earthquake exhibit at the Humboldt County Fair.

Don Smullin reporting

Aug 24, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka August 21 2017 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 12:28 (2 minutes early) by Pat Folkins, Rotary 1987 Past President and Eureka Chamber of Commerce 1985 Past President.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bruce Rupp, 2004 Past President. Pat reviewed his military history for us. Bruce served in the army from 1965 to 1970, Special Forces from 1965 and received a Bronze Star. Thank you.

Invocation was given by Greg Williston who just returned from an Alaska cruise with my daughter AnnaLisa and others.

Our new exchange student, Jakob, from Denmark has arrived and was introduced.

Visiting Rotarian was John Ayers from the Southwest Eureka Club. John spoke of Rotary’s Friendship Exchange Program where Rotarians can stay with Rotarians in other countries similar to our youth exchange program. John and his wife have been exchange Rotarians to India and New Zealand and highly recommend it to all. This October 16, 17 and 18 Rotarians from New Zealand are coming here. He has host families for all except 1. If you are interested please give him a call at 269-7160.

No birthdays, anniversaries or new membership anniversaries.

The following gave new $35 donations to Polio- Dennis Hunter, Don Smullin, Bruce Rupp, Glenn Goldan, Ken Stodder, Linda Wise, Matthew Owen, Ziggy Ziegenfuss, and Greg Williston, and Keith Crossley.

Keith Crossley awarded Glenn Goldan his Plus 2 Paul Harris Fellow pin marking his 3rd donation.

We had a craft talk. Pat Folkins asked Bruce Rupp to cover his history after military. His civilian career began in Alameda where he eventually became its city manager until 1988 when he resigned and was promptly fired. The next year he moved to Eureka as Humboldt County’s Administrator. After County service he became a realtor, struggling for a year and then succeeding under the tutelage of Don Murrish. He finished his career as Executive Director of the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District. He has 3 kids and 9 grandchildren.

Then Pat returned to the podium and abused his position by fining everyone a dollar that didn’t have a haircut like himself or Chuck Ellsworth, John Fullerton, John Ayers, and Greg Williston.

Ken Stodder was allowed to report on the Red Socks and Tom Schallert countered with the Dodgers – his recently deceased Mother’s favorite team.


Silver Dollar to Jack Macdonald, Jitter Bean Certificate to Sarah Shaffer, Black Lightning Café to Jim Davis and Gold Nugget went back to the pot.

Our speaker was Julie Smith principal at Lost Coast High School and her guest was Sarah Shaffer teacher from LCHS. LCHS is a charter school located at the old Worthington School. It is a part of the Mattole Valley Charter School Learning Center but is paid for under the Eureka City Schools System. They are a STEAM and AVID oriented curriculum. (science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  All students prepared for college).

They have 65 enrolled students and a 99.9% graduation rate!
Don Smullin, Reporter

Aug 15, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka August 14, 2017 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Dean at 12:26 filling in for President Bruce Smith.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Palmrose. Invocation was led by Nathan Nilsen who cautioned us to always listen to that “tiny” voice inside us.

Birthday celebrations were Dave Dillon, Rick Littlefield, Phil Nicklas, Jay Hockaday and David Wells.

Dave Dillon also made it on to the anniversary list with him and Carol celebrating 67 years of marriage!

Rotary Membership anniversaries were recognized for Brad Gibson for 6 years, Matthew Owen 11 years, Ted Loring 17 years, Joan Davies 25 years and Ken Stoddard 45 years. Ken pointed out that if you counted his Arcata time, which we don’t, he has been a Rotarian for 57 years.


A new film about WWII aviators called the “Eleven” will air this Friday at 1:00 at the Clarke Museum.

Toys for Tots kick off is September 30th. Prepare to give generously.

Rick Littlefield was thanked for his role in the annual Coast Guard appreciation dinner.

Pedal for Polio started today in Crescent City and finishes August 19 in Petaluma. District Governor Bob made a personal video appeal for pledges of $35 per member or 35 cents per mile for a rider.

World Community Service Committee met today at the Blood Bank.

This Thursday night 8/17, Jakob our exchange student from Denmark, will arrive at the airport around midnight, after the Eureka Chamber’s mixer, 5:30 at the Lost Coast Brewery.

Backpacks for Kids has started again. Remember to include them in your donations.

Spengler-Howard Raffle:

Silver Dollar went to Gregg Gardiner, Jitter Bean Gift Certificate $10 to James Dement, $20 Black Lightning Cafe to Carly Robbins and a Gold Nugget was lost to Dan Heinen.

Our speaker was Captain Brian Stephens of the EPD reporting on their all-volunteer vehicle abatement team. He introduced their 4 members- Debbie Brantley, Roger Miller, Al Tracy and Bob Brantly plus Dave Startare – one of the founding members. Roger is a past Rotarian.

Captain Stephens reported a series of impressive statistics for which we are all thankful. Yay!

In 2016 they tagged 612 cars and 469 so far in 2017 – 469. They towed 307 vehicles in 2016 and 207 so far this year. They have put in over 2,508 volunteer hours, the equivalent of 62 full time work weeks! And remember, these are volunteers!

Our next meeting will have Pat Folkins as our leader. Not only is he a Past President of Rotary but a Past President of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

See you next week.
Don Smullin

Aug 8, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka August 7 2017 Meeting

Special offsite meeting at the Humboldt Bay Fire Station.

Lunch: was catered by Chapala. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Nathan Nilsen. The Invocation was led by: Dan Heinen. Dan spoke of the passing of Eris McCarthy, wife of past Eureka Rotarian Royal McCarthy, and past Eureka Rotary member Dr. May Beth Wolford. We bowed our head and had a moment of silence in memory or Eris and Mary Beth.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie (also the presenter for the meeting). GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Lisa Slack brought her daughter Erica and Erica’s friend Dylan Hurt. Klark Swan brought her daughter Charlie and sister Taylor Depew. Tom Schallert brought his wife Tess, daughter Monica, son-in-law Steven, and granddaughter Lily. Annalise von Borstel bought Ben Brown, ED of the Clark Museum. BIRTHDAYS: Dave Dillon, Rick Littlefield, Phil Nicklas, J Hockaday, and David Wells. ANNIVERSARIES: Matthew Owen & Virginia Bass, Dave & Carol Dillon, Kim & Sheila Bauriedel, Ken & Kay Stodder, Carlton & Michelle Nielsen, Bill & Cynthia McAuley, and Richard & Vivien Borough.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Pedal for Polio – President Bruce Smith has asked everyone to donate $35. These funds will be matched towards your PHF for the year. They're still looking for people to host riders. Coast Guard Dinner will be this Thursday August 10th Elks Lodge. It's a $20 cook your own steak event, sponsored by the local Rotary clubs as well as the Elks club. Bruce is still looking for volunteers. There will be a meeting of the World Community Service (WSC) on August 14th at the Blood Bank at 4pm.  Tom Schallert spoke to the past WSC projects: last year our Rotary club dedicated $7,000 towards a new bloodmobile to send to Nigeria. We have already sent two bloodmobiles in past years. The WSC will be meeting to discuss future projects and the need for an additional $5,000 in funds to purchase the bloodmobile. The bloodmobile will be in partnership with Rotary club of Trans Amadi.  This rotary club will be taking on the running of its own blood bank center that is separate from the government. Tom has worked closely with Safe Blood Africa in the past and has now been elected as a new board president, and may be asking for members to join his new board of directors.  Gregg Gardiner expressed his debt of gratitude to Tom Schallert for his leadership, vision, and foresight. Tens of thousands of lives have been saved thanks to Tom’s efforts and we owe him a big debt  of gratitude.  Keith Crossley  introduced our latest Paul Harris Fellow: Tom Schallert was recognized for a PHF +5 for donating over $6,000 to the Foundation. Tom named his son-in-law Steven and granddaughter Lily as honorary part of Paul Harris Fellows. His wife Tess and daughter Monica are already recognized as Paul Harris Fellow's. Greg Gardiner announced that the Toys for Tots fundraiser will be held on September 30th at the Blue Lake Casino. Toys for Tots serves more than 6,000 local kids annually. They purchased toys post-holiday season to save money.

SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Silver Dollar: Joan Davies, Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Jennifer Budwig, $10 Jennifer Budwig, Black Lightning Café: Chuck Ellsworth (donated it back to the raffle). Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Ted Loring drew a 8 of diamonds. . 

GUEST SPEAKER INTRODUCTION: Matthew Owen introduced our guest speaker for the day: Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie who has been a Rotarian for a year-and-a-half with the Rotary club of Southwest Eureka. He also recognized that Bill showed up to volunteer at our last Done in a Day project at the library. GUEST SPEAKER: Bill Gillespie noted that Humboldt Bay fire has 57 firefighters.  Humboldt Bay Fire was formed out of the consolidation of Eureka Fire and Humboldt Fire in January 2016. Prior to the consolidation Eureka Fire, which was established in 1864, served the Eureka area and Humboldt fire served the outlining areas. Humboldt Bay fire operates from Indianola down to the CR and includes fice fire stations. Our local fire department provides fire suppression, hazmat services, and medical aid. They are often first responders to the scene. Call volume: in 2016 they answered more than 6,000 calls -an average of 18 calls a day. Chief Gillespie spoke to the high health concerns for firefighters -cancer is a large concern as it is now presumptive that firefighters will get cancer is at some time in their life. The fire station is taking steps to prevent cancer in firefighters including a system to suck out exhaust from the fire station that is produced by fire trucks. Chief Gillespie opened up the floor for questions:   He was asked about butane hash oil (BHO) concerns in the area. Local firefighter Chris, who is in attendance, spoke to community education being highly important. Fall and winter are the BHO season. Chief Gillespie answered questions about concerns of transients and homeless in the area, he did acknowledge that many abandoned buildings and vegetation fires are a high concern. He also acknowledged that 911 is now the main entry into the healthcare system for many people in our area. This is driving up call volume for firefighters and emergency personnel. Chief Gillespie  spoke about the funding for Humboldt Bay Fire, 65% comes from the City of Eureka, 35% comes from Humboldt #1 Fire District. This breakdown is based on a calculation of population, personal, and call volume.  Meeting concluded at 1:14 PM. 
Respectfully submitted by Carly Robbins

Jul 31, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka July 31, 2017 Meeting

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, spaghetti, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, garlic bread, mixed vegetables, dessert. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim (aka John) Davis. The Invocation was led by: Pat Folkins. Pat talked about Rotarian Jack Morton who recently passed away.  He was in Rotary for 50 years and had been active member up until health issues prevented him from attending.  He was a Marine, owned Hornbrook shoes for many years and later became a partner with Cunningham, Morton and Malone.  We bowed our head and had a moment of silence in Jack’s memory. Jack’s service will be at Ocean View Cemetery on Wednesday August 2 at 12:30pm.
VISITING ROTARIANS: Barb Spangler, District Governor Elect; Ross Rowley, Assistant District Governor; District Governor Bob Rogers and his wife Peggy (also a Rotarian). GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Marley from Lost Coast Rotaract BIRTHDAYS: Jennifer Budwig, Tom Schallert, Hank Pierson, Don Smullin, Kurt Barthel, Pat Folkins ANNIVERSARIES: Bert Campton, Craig Hansen, George Owren, Gregg Sparks, Tom McMurray, Pat Folkins.  Multiple Rotary anniversaries including 45 years for Ken Stoddard!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Matthew Owen said that the Done in a Day project at the Humboldt County Library was a huge success.  Rotary Club of Eureka partnered with the other Eureka Rotary Clubs and Keep Eureka Beautiful to clean up the landscaping at the library.  President Bruce reminded everyone to sign up to help at the Coast Guard Steak Dinner. Today is the last day to sign up. There will be a meeting of the World Community Service on August 14th at the Blood Bank at 4pm.  President Bruce said that next Monday’s meeting on August 7th will be an off site meeting at the Fire Department located at 7th and C Streets in Eureka. Chief Gillespie will be our speakers.  Cost is $15.00.  Sign up today for Pedals for Polio.  Sponsor sheets are on the table.  Board meeting tomorrow at the Ingomar Club at noon.  A basket of goodies was auctioned off by District Governor for a whopping $300. Past President Jay Bahner had the winning bid. SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Silver Dollar: Matthew Owen, Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Sue Bosch, $10 Nancy Dean, Black Lightning Café: Ziggy. Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Matthew Owen…. The card drawn was… not the joker. 
 GUEST SPEAKER  INTRODUCTION BY: Ross Rowley.  District Governor Bob Rogers became a Rotarian in 2007 in Sebastopol Rotary.  He was an airline pilot who retired from US Airlines.  He is also a polio survivor.  GUEST SPEAKER:  Bob Rogers talked about Paul Harris Fellows (PHF).  For every $1,000 donated to the Foundation a Rotarian receives a PHF.  When a second thousand is donated it is called a PHF +1 and so on.  He talked about the many things a $1,000 can do to help others and said that for every $250 donated you can figure that one life is saved.  So when you donate $1,000 you’ve in effect saved 4 lives.  He announced the following PHF:  Steve Allen, John Bartholomew and Jeff Leonard all received their first PHF.  The following people were awarded the following awards: Sue Bosch PHF +1, Brad Mettam PHF +2, Lane Strope and Ted Loring PHF +3, Bruce Smith PHF +4, Nancy Dean PHF +9!  A standing ovation was given to all. 
 District Governor Bob Rogers talked about Polio.  Only 8 cases have been recorded since January of this year.  4 years ago we were elated because there were only 400 cases.  We are truly closing in on eradicating this disease but it is estimated that it will take 1.6 billion to finish the eradication.  This is because for the next 3 years every child born will need to be inoculated.  We are no longer able to do oral inoculations so each child needs to be injected which means employing higher skilled workers and paying more for the medication.  Bob emphasized that we need to not give up.  One child with polio can spread the virus to many people.  We have to continue to move forward.  Bob moved on to talk about Rotary.  He said change is about one person having an idea, a dream, and that’s how the polio eradication started.  A Rotarian in the Philippines envisioned the power Rotary had to effect this change.  He encouraged us all to go out and make a difference.  The 2018 Rotary District Conference will be May 18-20 at McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento.  The theme this year, Where Dreams Take Flight! MEETING ADJOURNED: 1:25pm.
Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox