Feb 25, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
February 25, 2013

Lunch: "Man Stew," Chinese Chicken Salad, chocolate chip cookies Dale Warmuth led the Flag Salute. Todays invocation was delivered by Past President Bill McAuley. 

Guests of Rotarians
Past President Pierson introduced Joyce Lopes from HSU, Craig Ruck from HSU, and Dr. Ted Welton. Nathan Nilsen was also a guest, along with Ashley Bott, our outbound exchange student, and Frank her Grandfather. Student Guests ​​Franco walked up to the front and spoke, much to the delight of the club. Standing ovation. Emilio and Claudia, his parents, came to the meeting, with Bruce interpreting. Claudia said she felt like she was amongst family, and wanted to thank each and every member of the club for making her feel like she is home. She is looking forward to getting home to Chile and her four other boys. Emilio thanked the club for their generosity, companionship and for acting like family. He feels he can never say enough thanks, and that his house in Chile is open to all of you. Banners were exchanged between the Chile Rotary Club and our own, and a few joyous tears were shed. Larissa and Bibi came up and discussed how happy they were to see Franco up and walking around. Larissa stayed in Eureka over break and Bibi and her hung out together the whole time. Oh yeah, by the way, they are going to Hawaii next week. The club raised $405 from torrone candy made by Julie Mastroni on Feb. 11th and Eureka High School raised $962.71 from two bake sales for Franco. Thanks were given to Jason Eads for suggesting idea of using Rotary Club of Eureka 1923 non-profit to accept funds for Franco with the gift being tax deductible. Thanks to Jason and Mike Cunningham for following up and ensuring that we could justifiably accept these gifts for Franco and have them to tax deductible. Write checks to: Eureka 1923 Public Benefit Corporation and in the memo line, Calleja-Lorenzini Support Fund. Mail checks to: Calleja-Lorenzini Family Support Fund, c/o Rotary Club of Eureka, PO Box 65, Eureka CA 95502. Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book. Thank you notes were on the tables from Mrs. Walsh’s 3rd grade class at Cutten School for dictionaries given through our dictionary project. 

Nathan Nilsen was brought into the club. Craig Hansen is his sponsor. Craig made a government employee joke about President Dean. I sense a serious fine coming on, once the forms are filled out in triplicate. Bert Campton, past-president, gave Nathan some words of wisdom. Steve Allen gave his Craft Talk. He's a third generation Humboldt County native. He grew up in Eureka on a street named after his family, because his father built it. At ten, Steve wanted to be a BMX racer, so he became a Times-Standard paperboy. Steve went to CR and HSU, eventually earning an engineering degree. He's been a sous chef, pulled chain, and is now an engineer at GHD. Steve enjoys seeing projects actually get built, has worked on projects as far away as the Marianas Islands. Steve helped design and build his own home in Cutten and likes to ride motorcycles, cook, and travel. Well done Steve, and welcome. Dave Tyson was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow. Standing ovation. Recognitions Tom McMurray went to Norway last summer. Since that was too long ago, President Dean hit him up for this years trip to Norway, which is coming up. But he's tapped out, so Tom gave up George Orwen, who went to Africa and shot a one-ton Cape Buffalo. 17 days in Africa wins you a rainmaker. Raffle The Spengler " Science Fair" Raffle Ticket winners were: $10 Matt Messner $10​​​​ Don Leonard 

Our Speaker today was Gabrielle Parkinson, of the United Way of the Wine Country. She is the Regional Manager for Humboldt & Del Norte Counties. She is speaking today on the 2-1-1 Program. Gabrielle discussed the merger of Humboldt County's United Way and the greater wine country in 2009. The move was made to save administrative costs and build a sustainable, well functioning regional office. The new model focuses on identifying community needs and expanding community benefits. They are working to create funding for Schools of Hope, an early age reading program. In addition, United Way is launching 2-1-1 this month for Humboldt County. They are looking to cut the number of children who drop out of high school in half, help low income families achieve financial stability, and increase the general health of people in the community. What does the United Way add to Humboldt County? National money flows back into numerous local charities from the national organization. 27 schools have had reading tutors come in and work with students on literacy this past year through Schools of Hope. This program has been running in Humboldt County now for three years. Club members are encouraged to volunteer. 2-1-1 launched this month on the 11th. 2-1-1 is like 9-1-1 for non-emergencies. A trained call specialist will listen to your needs and put you in touch with services and people that can help you with your needs, from child and elder care to immigration assistance. If you need to get in touch with 2-1-1, pick up your phone and call...wait for it...wait for it...2-1-1. No phone? No problem. Go online to: 211humboldt.org 2-1-1 also helps with overflow to 9-1-1 during natural disaster events. FUN FACT: There are 915 nonprofit agencies in Humboldt County The guest was thanked, the library book was signed, and the meeting ended on time.

Respectfully submitted,
John Harper

Feb 18, 2013