Jun 27, 2011

June 20, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Gary Philp was called upon to do the flag salute and Dan Heinen gave the invocation.   

President Carlton Nielsen announced that this was his last official meeting.  There was a smattering of applause.  Then he asked that the debunking committee notify him in advance if they were going throw him in the bay at the next meeting.  Apparently he had noticed the anchor chain and cinder blocks over by the badge box.   
This was our exchange student Gabriele’s last meeting and he came to the podium to thank everyone for a life-changing experience.  He thanked all of his host families and said he would never forget what’s-his-name, our president.   

Matt Messner, red-badger and pastor of the Faith Center, gave his craft talk.  He was a track star in high school and had the choice of going to Dartmouth or an un-credited Bible school in LA, but felt his calling was to be a pastor.  He later returned to running as a hobby and ran in the Olympic trials.  He was a long distance runner, but found he could sprint when he had to in some of the dicier parts of Los Angeles.   

Bill McAuley and Carlton were the sponsors of two new Rotarians, Erin Tilch and Greg Seiler, numbers 20 and 21 of the year.  Pat Folkins gave them some unforgettable advice, but I don’t remember what it was.   

President Carlton then put on his final fining hat of the year.  It belonged to his Uncle Kimble, and was festooned (one of my favorite words) with buttons.  Kimble lived to be 100 and was the only person torpedoed by the Germans in both world wars.  This gave the debunking committee another idea.  He then called on Burt Campton, Paul Brisso, Bruce Emad, Ron Pierre, Will Kay, Matt Messner, John McBeth, Al Crnich, Mike Cunningham, and Sid Anderson to stand, along with Craig Hansen.  All of them had helped Craig in some way to accomplish his charitable project. $20 each.   Paul Brisso remained standing and was called to account for ventilating eight animals in South Africa.  He flew 26 hours one-way to get there, so he must have been itching to shoot something when he arrived.  He was fined $65 and gave an extra $100 to Gary Todoroff’s Orphanage in Africa.  Fred Griffith came back from Hawkins Bar to find his house in Eureka had been burgled. “The Mercedes was gone…” He intoned.  Yeah, and someone took my Lamborghini.  Murl Harpham recovered most of the loot, and coincidentally Gabriele cancelled his garage sale.  In a continuing disaster theme, Dave Dillon was recognized for encountering four tornadoes on a recent cross-country tour.  The tornadoes escaped unharmed.  Dale Warmuth and Joan Davies won the Spengler raffle.   

Our program was given by two returnees from a Group Study Exchange in Japan, Jillian Kerby and Craig Reed.  They went to four cities in four weeks in fall 2010.  The toured the birthplace of Hello Kitty! They went to Yamanashi, where they also make Sake and wine.  The saw Mount Fuji in Mishima, went to a glass museum and snack factory in Hamamatsi.  They visited Tokyo.  The received a friendly greeting in Hawaru and a more casual reception in Hawzitgoan.  They saw many shrines, and wore kimonos, and ate many strange foods, like live squid and deep fried spaghetti.  Rotary is different there.  Everyone wears a black business suit and white shirt.  Fines are in the hundreds of dollars.  No women are members. Carlton’s debunking is next week.  Wear a hat.

Submitted by Hank Ingham

Jun 17, 2011

June 13, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Red Badger Jay Reed was called upon to recite the flag salute.  President elect Greg Pierson did the invocation.   

There were lots of guests, as today’s program was to be dedicated to the late Charlie StropeEric Bergel announced that Youth Exchange is in need of two host families, one for January to March, and one for April thru July.  He also needs people to be on the committee.   

Chuck Ellsworth was then called upon to do his craft talk.  He had a power point presentation, but the battery on his computer died, so the sign maker had no visuals.  Then we went to our program.

Charlie Strope was born on Valentine’s Day 1923 and passed away on Memorial Day 2011.  He was a Rotarian for 54 years, President of the club in 1968-69 , District Governor from 1971-72 and was the first Rotarian in our club to get a Paul Harris Fellowship.  He was a great supporter of Rotary International.  He established the Rotary Southwest club in 1969.  He described himself as “Just an average Rotarian” but he was very special.  He served in the military as a pilot in WWII. He acquired Times Printing in 1954.  He was a life master at Contract Bridge.  Rotarians who had known him came to the Podium to speak.  Dave Dillon described him as an extraordinary person.  Dick Nash remembered that Charlie did the first Rotary Roster with photos.  John Winzler loved to hear him talk, and said he was a truly funny guy.  He commented that though Charlie was opposed to women joining Rotary, he accepted it graciously, and did not resign.  He was among the first to nominate women to be club members.  Terri Clark said she was lucky to have known him.  Pete Vallerga said he was a complete Rotarian and mentor. He said one of Charlie’s dreams was to be a Director for RI.  A video made in the 1960’s honoring Charlie was shown.  It was narrated by St. Clair Adams.  It was very entertaining.

Respectfully submitted by Hank Ingham

Jun 5, 2011

June 6, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Keith Crossley was chosen to do the pledge. Lisa Slack came up to do the invocation, and reminded us that long time Rotarian, past president and former District Governor Charlie Strope passed away last week.

Lisa announced a going away dinner for exchange student Gabriele. It’s at her home 4232 Campton Rd. 5-8pm on June 24th.

President Carlton asked Will Kay about his recent trip to New Orleans for the Rotary International convention.  Also there was Nancy Dean.  A good time was had by all, and Will produced a fantastic hat for Carlton, similar to the one Pharaoh Tutankhamen wore.

President elect Greg Pierson had some handouts on the tables for the mini assembly on 6/17. If you missed the district assembly, this Bud’s for you.

Ceci Cree and Dale Warmuth got their blue badges.   


Jay Reed then gave his craft talk with some trepidation. It turns out that Scott Guild had told him that he had to sing a song about himself.  He and his wife Nicole have a daughter, doo dah, doo dah, and he likes to cook and is a CPA, oh the doo dah day.

The year’s 19th new member was introduced, Nick Bertel who is a financial broker with Summit Brokerage in Eureka.

Tom Schallert, in his PP role, related some advice given to him by Charlie Strope. “The secret to a happy marriage,” Charlie said “is to leave the day to day decisions to your wife-so you can make the important decisions.”  He said that after 50 years he was still waiting for an important decision to come along.  Steve Justus donated his fourth Paul Harris fellowship in the name of his daughter Kristen. Will Kay was recognized for the recent arrival of his third grandchild, Leah.

Our program was Jon Sapper, Assistant Superintendent at the County Office of Education.  His topic: “A Decade of Difference”.  Local businesses can’t find a ready and willing workforce.  Reasons include an economy in transition, fewer youth, the marijuana industry, school drop out rates, and too few high school grads pursuing higher education. “Decade of Difference” has as its goal a well prepared workforce, less reliance on social services and decreased criminal behavior.  They have set up 9 community workgroups, a leadership operations team, and are identifying key areas of strategy, drafting an evaluation framework of key indicators, and a navigator program for comprehensive professional development.  4000 people have registered for their on-line career tool website.  180 teachers are being given key administrative strategies.  65 literacy tutors are helping 190 high needs children.  Notable recent programs include Lemonade Day and the Guy Fieri Pretzel Cart.  He then showed a perky music video and concluded with “we know what needs to be done but it won’t be easy” and the enigmatic “Success redefined – we are all responsible”  There was no time for questions.

Respectfully submitted by Hank Ingham
May 30, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

There was no meeting today in honor of the Memorial Day holiday.
May 23, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

(All errors, misspellings, jokes poorly rendered, and inaccuracies are
mine -john)

Lunch: Green salad, potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches

54 degrees and overcast at meeting time. Dow at 12,399.

President Carlton called the meeting to order. Ron Schoenherr led the Pledge and Gary Todoroff led prayer.

There were no visiting Rotarians, no student guests, and no exchange students.

Mary Johnson brought a guest, Steve Buckingham of Skilled Healthcare.  Bill McAuley brought Greg Siler of Morgan Stanley.Mandy Nash   brought the local head of the Girl Scouts.  Don Smullin brought his eldest daughter, Analisa, heading off to college at UC Davis.  John Bradley brought Nicky Gribi of Food for People. Joe Mark brought Tom Muller of Humboldt Medical Specialists.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, congrats to all.

President Elect Greg Pierson announced the District Assembly on June 17th at the River Lodge in Fortuna, the Institute for Leadership seminar in June, A business directory in the next roster, and reminds you to keep your email current.

Past Presidents Don Leonard and Craig Hansen presented an $18,000 donation to the Eureka Rescue Mission from the Sign Smith Fund.

Past President Steve Justus reminded us of the Honor Flight fundraiser this Thursday.

Past President John Bradley introduced Nicki Gribi of Food for People. Backpacks for Kids is currently serving 402 families, and  

George Orwen reminds us that packing of backpacks takes place on Thursdays at 4:45pm at Humboldt Moving & Storage.

Thomas Mulder was introduced as the newest member. Congratulations Thomas.

Today's Presidential Hat:  STAPLES hat.

President Carlton also donned his high school letterman's jacket....that he said he could still button!

Ken Stodder’s grandchildren remain talented at all sports, and Greg Foster picked up his $20 recognition.  

Greg Haulk (who drives a very nice BMW) was recognized for Eureka High’s winning baseball team and great test scores. $80.

--Gambling Interlude—


Peter Pennekamp is a member of our club, and runs the Humboldt Area Foundation. Founded in 1973-4, HAF was started by Lynn and Vera Vietor. HAF has $84 million under management, and distributed $6 million to the community in 2010, and $54 million over the last 10 years.

Recent projects include buying and reselling the Easter Seals pool and expanding into Del Norte County.

HAF manages Eureka Rotary funds, notably the Sign Smith fund. Peter sees less national funding and more local responsibility in coming years. $1.4 billion of inter-generational wealth transfer is expected in the next 10 years nationally.

Peter introduced Chris Whitt, Director of Donor Services at HAF. She encourages you to do estate planning.

HAF maintains a low expense ratio relative to similar organizations.

If you know a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker invite them to join our club. The library book was signed, the bell was rung, and the meeting ended 3 minutes early.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Harper