Sep 24, 2012

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
September 24, 2012

President-Elect Ziggy was standing in (no stool needed) for President Nancy who was out of town. 

The Flag salute was lead by Ken Stodder and the invocation was offered by Bill McAuley.

Visiting Rotarians
John Cramer from Washington, Indiana and, with politics on the program, we had plenty of guests including elected officials Marian Brady, Mike Newman, Richard Marx and Melinda Ciarbellini.  Other guests included Gabrielle Long, Nathan Nilson, Steve Jackson, Fred Van Vleck and Dick Storre’s wife, Debbie.

Sid Anderson, Dan Heinen, Stacy Lane and Mike Martin.

No Weddings but Club Anniversaries celebrated this week for Chuck Ellsworth , Wendy Purnell, Kathy Cloney-Gardiner, Tim Foster and Dale Warmuth.
Ziggy read a letter to the Club from the Ismet, Turkey Rotary Club offering condolences to US Rotarians for the recent terrorist attacks on our Embassy in Libya.

Tickets still available for the Foundation Dinner Saturday Oct. 13, see Pat Folkins for yours.

October is Vocational Awareness Month and we’ll be giving an award at the end of the month to a club member.

Backpack for Kids – first packing day is Oct. 4 – See Mindy Bussman to sign up for a shift or two this school year.  Thanks to John Gierek of Humboldt Moving and Storage for providing a place to pack for all these years.

No Board Election held today – apparently not enough willing candidates.  Will vote later after getting a few more Yes’s.

Bob and Steve were the Raffle Winners

The program was a candidate forum, moderated by the Humboldt County League of Women Voters featuring the folks running for the 2nd Ward seat on the Eureka City Council in November.   

Incumbent Linda Atkins and her two challengers, Joe Bonino and Charlie Bean answered questions submitted from the club and talked about their priorities if elected and vision for the future of the City.   

Linda Atkins

Charlie Bean

Joe Bonino

Some of the topics touched on included the proposed Marina Center, Eureka’s Homeless issue, tourism, medical marijuana and if it was important to get along with fellow council members.  Each candidate also was given time for a brief opening and closing statement.

Respectfully submitted,
Roy Frostenson

Sep 17, 2012

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
September 17, 2012

President Nancy called the 11th meeting of the Rotary year to order and Lane Strope, a member for 41 years, a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and past President in 1991-92 lead us in the flag salute, humorously aided by his blank page of notes!  The invocation was given by Mike Leggins.

Visiting Rotarians

Guests of Rotarians
Christine Parris, guest of John Bradley and Dick Storre brought his wife Debbie
We hosted student guests from Eureka HS and our exchange students Larrisa and Franco also joined us for lunch.  Franco was on crutches due to a recent soccer injury.

Steve Beckman (9/18), Ken Daer and Lowell Maffia (9/19), Matthew Owen (9/20) and Stacy Lane (9/23)

Club Anniversary
Chuck Ellsworth has now been a member of Eureka Rotary for two years.

Steve Justus reminded us that applications for this year’s Sign Smith grants are due by Sept. 30th – if you know of a deserving non-profit with a major need or project get an application today.

October is Vocational Awareness Month

The Lost Coast Rotaract Softball Tournament is set for Sunday Sept. 30th and they’re looking for a team from Eureka Rotary – minimum 8 players needed, need not be club members.

Foundation dinner is Saturday Oct. 13 in Fortuna.  Tickets are $50 and Pat Folkins has them.  You can also register online by clicking here.

It’s Backpacks for Kids time again – October 4 is our first packing day and sign up sheets were on the tables.  Mindy Bussman is coordinating the packing crews this year and needs your help.  Packing is done every Thursday during the school year at 4:30pm at Humboldt Moving and Storage.  The backpacks are filled with healthy, nutritional food and snacks for the weekends for kids whose families may not otherwise be able to provide it.

Once again President Nancy donned her sunshine hat and handed out the coveted recognition rain stick to deserving members:   
Matthew Owen got his rain stick for his recent trip to Washington, DC.

Dave Tyson was recognized for his recently being honored by the College of the Redwoods for his long ago athletic exploits as a collegiate swimmer.  Dave threatened to model is speedos but mercifully did not and spared the club.

Jason and Steve won the raffle

Assemblyman Wes Chesbro was our guest speaker and updated the club on a whole range of political topics currently facing  the state including:

  1. Recently enacted SRA fire fees
  2. Efforts to curb marijuana cultivation on state forest lands
  3. The State’s continuing budget woes :  Chesbro “You can’t spend money you don’t have”
  4. Prop. 30 Governor Browns tax package on the November ballot
  5. Pension reform
  6. Timber regulations and the new 1% assessment on retail lumber

Note:  President Nancy will be out of town next week and miss the meeting but you still have to come – Ziggy will be presiding in her place.

Respectfully submitted,
Roy Frostensen

Sep 16, 2012

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
September 10, 2012

The tenth meeting of the current Rotary Year was graveled to order by President Nancy.  The Flag Salute was lead by Tim Gallagher, Past President 1978-79 and a Paul Harris Fellow.  Eric Bergel gave the invocation.

Visiting Rotarians
Liana Simpson of Old Town

Guests of Rotarians
Nathan Nielson, guest of Scott Guild.  Craig Harter, guest of Rick Littlefield.

Student Guests
Our Exchange students, Larrisa Toelke from Germany and Franco Calleja from Chile, attended the meeting and President Nancy showed a video clip of a News Channel 3 news story on the Cruzin’ Eureka car show in which Franco was interviewed – a star is born!

Welcome to Larrisa & Franco!

Jesse Klair on the 14th and Brian Papstein’s was today (9/10) – President Nancy spotted Brian in the audience and not at the head table and doubled his fine to $20 since it was actually his birthday today, how’s that for a present, Brian?

Corky and Ann Cornwell (11th) and Greg and Jenny Bowen (13th) celebrate wedding anniversaries this week and Art Nielsen has now been in the Club for a year Sept. 12th.

Don Leonard reminded us the deadline for submitting a Sign Smith Grant application is Sept. 30.  Don says we have approximately $30,000 to award to local non-profits this year.  Grant applications will be reviewed in October by the past presidents and the awards announced at a later date.

October is Vocational Awareness Month and we need nominations for our new Vocational Service Award, which will be given to a Club Member who has made a contribution to vocational development in our community.  Nominations can be made to President Nancy or any Board Member . . . and speaking of Board Members, we need 4 new ones to replace members whose board terms are expiring.  Nomination sheets were on the table.

The Lost Coast Rotaract Softball Tournament has been rescheduled for Sunday Sept. 30th.  The Rotary Foundation Dinner in Fortuna is Saturday October 13, tickets available now.

John Bradley encouraged us all to think and act on membership, having us take Post-It notes as reminders of our continuing need for new members.

President Nancy donned her Sunshine Hat and Steve Allen and Craig Hansen were recognized for their overseas travels.   

Steve to Panama (saw the Canal) and Venezuela (saw Angel Falls), Craig to England, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands.  Each received the coveted Rotary weather stick.

Our Exchange students (with perhaps an assist from generous members) won the Spengler raffle

Don Ehnebuske, Executive Director of the Redwood Regional Economic Development Commission (RREDC) was our guest speaker and outlined the case for why Humboldt County needs a second airline and why public monies should be used to recruit that airline here.   

Don told the Club that the County has received a $750,000 Federal Grant which will be matched by a $125,000 Headwaters Fund Grant and another $125,000 raised from the community to make up a one million dollar MRG or minimum revenue guarantee to entice another airline to come to our airport.  Says Don, “we’re buying a service, not giving away money.”

Sep 4, 2012

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
September 3, 2012

The club was dark in honor of Labor Day.