Jun 26, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Burl 6-24-2017

Ken Stodder led us in the flag salute and Tom McMurray gave the invocation, mentioning that he thought God is a hound dog and so was our president.  He liked that.   It was Matthew Owen’s last meeting. Keith Crossley came forward to accept a Paul Harris donation from Virginia Bass. There were awards for Nancy Dean and Carlton Nielsen, Rotarians of the Year. 

Matt Murrish got a plaque for delivering  200 Dictionaries single-handedly.  We cruised down memory lane together, remembering the 10.000 we gave To Betty Kwan Chin, the 110 frozen turkeys we gave to the Rescue Mission, and the 40 bunk beds we had put together for The Rescue Mission and Betty. 

Then the Debunking began, led by Jay Bahner.  Will Kay , as Comey, and Paul Brisso as himself accused Matt of not following the four-way test.  Owen was escorted out of the room and came back dressed as Hillary Clinton, the candidate for whom he had guaranteed a win last November.  Chuck Ellsworth had a Trump mask on, and repeatedly demanded that Hillary be jailed. The assembled Rotarians voted him guilty, and he was handcuffed and left the Elks Lodge in the back of a police car, sirens and lights going.

That was it in a Nutshell.

Hank Ingham

Matt Owen dressed as Hilary walks to the waiting Police Cruiser.

Jun 20, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka June 19, 2017

Boys and Girls Club check

Brad Mettam, loser.

Our Presenters

Matt's Daughter Molly

Paul Harris Fellows

Jun 13, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka June 12th meeting

Three meetings remain (including this one) in the tenure of our esteemed President Matt Owen. Such a pity: we won’t be having another program about the Rose Parade. Jim Davis led us in the flag salute and Carlton Nielsen gave the invocation.
Dennis Hunter

Greg Seiler was recognized for having attended the meeting. We obviously have lowered the bar on recognitions - and attendance for that matter. Al Crnich was celebrating his 69th Wedding Anniversary, John McBeth his 50th, and Alicia Cox was honored for her 15th year in Rotary. “I love Rotary” she exclaimed. Keith Crossley came to the podium to award some Paul Harris Fellowships. Neil Carnam got his 3rd PHF. Michael Cunningham got his 8th. Then Michael’s mother Mary Cunningham got her first. Carly Robbins said that Food For People’s Produce Market is starting up this Thursday. It’s like the farmer’s market, except that the vegetables are free to low income folks. Food For People is located at 14th and Summer Streets in Eureka.
PHF recipients

Recognitions: Ken Stodder $100 for his 3rd great grandson and 3rd great granddaughter, Dennis Hunter $100 for his grandson. Jay Bahner won $50,000 at Blue lake Casino and sold 13 RV’s last week. Not a bad week. Hank Pierson is celebrating his 80th birthday and his son Greg got married -$120. Ilan Firpo brought in a filled change canister. Good for her.

Rosa and Milia
Our presenters were Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando childhood best friends and the owners of Natural Decadence, a wholesale bakery specializing in Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, peanut free, non GMO desserts.

 They started the business because their children had allergies and problems with gluten, and they have been quite successful. 8 months after they opened Whole Foods approached them and asked to carry their pies. Now they have 28 products and distribute to half of the country. Last year business more than doubled. Apparently there is a strong market for gluten free vegan pies, their best sellers. They brought in some samples of their cookies, which were great.

Alicia Loves Rotary
Submitted by Hank Ingham
Captain Hank

Jun 6, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka June 5 th 2017 Meeting

Matthew Owen is down to his last four meetings. Thought you would want to know. Marine Corps staff Sergeant Jason Wattle led us in the flag salute. Dan Heinen gave the invocation. Lots of people have birthdays this month. Wayne Wilson, Frank Yeager, Keith Crosby, and Greg Pierson, to name a few. Keith Crosby, speaking for Paul Harris, thanked Paul Brisso, Don Smullin, and Jay Bahner for completing additional Paul Harris Fellowships.

Clara says goodbye.

Our exchange student Clara from Italy is going on her Western Safari trip soon and then hops on a plane to Italy. She’ll be back to attend college. Matthew is having another “Done In A Day” project this Saturday. 9am at 14th and Williams. Bring a lawn mower. Jack Reike finally picked up his NCAA winnings-$125.00 –for a $1200 investment. Gregg Gardiner came from Hawaii for a rare visit. His wife Cathy is in remission and doing well. Dan Heinen boasted that he had been in Mexico.
Sergeant Wattle

Our presenter was Staff Sergeant Jason Wattle, local Marine Corps recruiter and son of Virginia Bass.(our president’s main squeeze). Sergeant Wattle has spent the last 16 years in 32 different countries including Afghanistan in 2009. He talked about the Afghanis making their own home-made explosives and the various anti-personnel devices they created. He was happy to be stateside and doing recruiting. He said his biggest challenge was getting applicants to pass the urinalysis test. What a pisser. A celebration of Ray Wickel’s life will be held this Saturday 1-3pm at Baywood Golf and Country Club.

Penned by Hank Ingham
Would someone wake Don?