Jul 25, 2011

July 25, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

The Big Boss is in Town!

Lunch: Chicken Breast, rice pilaf, asparagus
Weather: 57 degrees and overcast
S&P 1338.37

President Pierson called the meeting to order.

Pledge Star Spangled Banner: Jamie Carol, sung beautifully, following a quick commercial for the Rotaract Garage sale and Car Wash.

Invocation: Ron Pierre

Visiting Rotarians, announced by John Bartholomew:
Michael Rhodes & Helen Edwards of Mad River Rotary, Helene and Zoran Sajovic of Lafayette, LA, Patrick McCarthy & Lori Breyer of Arcata Sunrise, and District Governor Maureen Merrill of Windsor.

No student guests.

Dick Storre brought his wife Debbie.

PP Bauriedel brought Harriet Pecquot from Food For People.

Mike Cunningham brought Leslie Brough, & prospective member Nielsen.

PP Nielsen brought Yancy Bissinet.

Ted Loring brought his son Scott.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, congrats to all. There was an open seat at the head table but President Pierson let the crowd slide on a technicality.

FUN FACT: The Rotary Club of Eureka is the largest club in our district.

PP Dick Nash has been a member of our club since 1954 and this is the 50th anniversary of his club presidency. A plaque was presented, to great applause. Dick joined Rotary two years before my FATHER was born.

Extra rosters are available….for a $20 donation to Backpacks for Kids.
PP Nielsen came up to discuss the 1st Annual "Smokin' In The Redwoods Backyard Bar-B-Q Challenge" event that our club is coordinating as a benefit for Backpacks for Kids.  September 24th at Redwood Acres. Car Racing? Barbeque? Rotary? Yes please!  Team, Judge and Vendor packets are available in .pdf format on the upper, right hand margin of this blog.  More information can be found on the California BBQ Association's webpage at:  www.cbbqa.org.

Competitive Bar-B-Q'er Jason Eads chimed in. This will be an unsanctioned, non-tested, full-contact, open weight class event. Sign up and come support Rotary at Redwood Acres Fairground.  The name of the event? “Smokin' in the Redwoods.” The jokes just write themselves.

Carol Riche presented two small grants:
Jerry Simone accepted on behalf of the Humboldt Bay Rowing Association. Our grant will help the junior program. Scott Gibson, coach of the rowing team, thanked Eureka Rotary for our $800 donation. President Pierson’s daughter went to nationals at one point, which cost him $10 today. And my phone rang, costing me $10.

REMINDER: Turn off your phone!

Ed Wilson and Kay Houghton of EPD thanked the club for our $1,500 donation to help with their training for drug dog, Maggie.

Obligatory pot joke.

Hank Pierson. A photo of Sarah Palin? A photo of the Trinity Alps Alaska? Ah…a TRIP to Alaska. That, and missing your son’s first Rotary meeting as president, is $145.

ADG Bert Campton introduced District Governor Maureen Merrill, in his usual exciting style.

DG Merrill is a Rotary rock star. Founding club member, serial entrepreneur, past president, Assistant District Governor, painter, party-thrower, reformed politician, Rotarian of the year, and all around impressive lady. Standing Ovation.

DG Merrill, wearing an unbelievably stylish pair of Icon boots with a Klimt print, is impressed with our Rotary club. DG Merrill’s theme is “The Heart of Rotary,” and she believes that our club embodies that ideal.

Our district has a website!  And our President Pierson is featured prominently. (www.rotary5130.org)  DG Merrill says that Rotary is built on a tradition…of change. Partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on polio eradication, feeding children, and helping our communities. Rotarians, it seems, are superheroes. I want to be Wolverine.

PP Charlie Strope was a visionary in starting a second club in Eureka. PDG Dillon got youth exchange going in our district and hundreds of exchange students have enjoyed the program he started. PP Schallert returned from Africa, working on our Safe Blood Africa project. PP Bauriedel has done a myriad of valuable projects.

DG Merrill encourages you to fund the Foundation, the greatest humanitarian organization there is.  DG Merrill encourages you not to be cynical and to make the world a better place through Rotary.

FUN FACT: There are 46 clubs in District 5150. In Humboldt, 4.1 citizens per 1000 are Rotarians, highest in the district.

Diane Cipperley read a quote from Rotary Founder Paul Harris: “It is unconscionable that there should be destitution in this land of plenty…we must outlaw destitution within our borders.”

PP Schallert read another Harris quote on putting politics aside.  Rotary needs to update perceptions so that the public is aware of who we are and what we do in the community.  Busier schedules mean we need to find a way to keep Rotary a priority.  Rotary needs to maintain urgency to change the world.

DG Merrill pointed out our diversity in age, with president’s in our district from 29 to 70 years of age. She reminds us not to forget our older members, while still recruiting younger members into the fold.
Rotary is poised to grow in our district, eradicate polio worldwide, and we are at a pivotal moment. We just might change the world.
Touch hearts, invest in infrastructure, and have fun meetings! Standing Ovation.

$10 W.W. $10 J.A.

The DG was thanked, the library book was signed, and the meeting ended 1 minute early.
Respectfully submitted,
John Harper

Jul 22, 2011

July 18, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

(all errors, omissions, and bad jokes are solely my responsibility –j)

Lunch: Chow mein, soy sauce pork, sugar cookie
Weather: 57 degrees and overcast
S&P 1303.02

President Pierson called the meeting to order.

Pledge: Yours Truly

Invocation: Ryan Fray

Visiting Rotarians
Bob Caldwell, Bob from Fortuna, and Zoran and Helene Saiovich from Louisiana

No student guests.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, Jason Eads owes $10 for not sitting up front.

Secretary Dan Heinen was thanked for 5 years of service to our club.

Roster errors were made. Corrective labels were prepared. World Service is now Vocational service.
Extra rosters are available for a $20 Backpacks Contribution.

PP Bauriedel reminded President Pierson to note guests

Gary Todoroff brought Rob Fowler from South Africa.

Ted Loring brought his wife Anne.

Nancy Dean brought Elizabeth Schwartz, mother of Jasmine, an outbound exchange student.

Bob Green brought John and Julie Mastroni, outbound student Mitch’s parents.

Forms were distributed for front line service members our club is related to for care packages, to be distributed during President Pierson’s term. Ron Pierre will collect them.

President Elect Nancy Dean mentioned next Thursdays youth exchange meeting. The Bad-7 am. The Good-the eating is at The Chalet (omelettes!). 
Eureka Rotary will sponsor two outbound students: Imogene Carson & Mitch Mastroni. Old Town is sponsoring Jasmine Schwartz. Mitch wants to learn Italian so he can understand his relatives and implied he was second place in a two-person race for exchange student. Frontrunner Imogene is going to Norway and did not say “like,” even once. Jasmine is going on exchange to Sicily and will be joining the mob going to a science school.

Carol Riche chaired small grants last year. 5 small grants are still being awarded. Two came today-American Red Cross and KEET.  Barbara Caldwell of the Red Cross thanked us for our $1000 grant, which will go to upgrade the computers at their facility.  Sam Greene of KEET thanked us for the $300 grant which will go to homework hotline. Homework hotline is used much like the internet, but slower and more expensive  a wonderful educational opportunity.

12:44p –two rapid-fire short jokes in a row.

Fred says Dave Parris was a great Logger (high schooler), is a great fisherman, a good guy, and will be a great Rotarian. Applause.

Glen Goldan introduced Greg Siler. He loves to fish (??) and will get his blue badge shortly.

RECOGNITIONS—it’s Rotary Hard Hat Time!
PP Tom Schallert-Your daughter graduated college? The blood bank was re-accredited? You won the Upton-Hemphill Award? You brought Rotary banners from Nigeria? That’s $145 and some Nigerian money, in return for a tape measure.

Chris Freeman-California Redwood bought a company? Based in Ukiah? $145, free tape measure.

Ray Wickel-Spending time in Myers Flat? With a Dutch Top Gun? $25 for knowing him, $25 more for not bringing him.

Chuck Edwards-Traveling 6000 miles filming a documentary? Mocking the Midwest? $75.
The district governor will be here next week. President Pierson reminds you to show up and wear big boy pants.

Third short joke of the meeting, 5th of the term, at 12:53pm.

$10 Mystery Guest $10 J.H.

Ted Loring introduced Scott Loring, his son and our returning exchange student from Italy.  He attended a debunking and it turns out that even Italian Rotarians need more, younger members.  Scott will attend the University of Chicago in the fall. Here’s Scott: Lecco Italy has three Rotary clubs. Located in the north, near Switzerland, it is the largest and most important Italian state.  Scott lived on a lake, in a wealthy, conservative community.  The north is borderline separationist, its popular political movement is Lega Nord, which would like to keep all local money from flowing to Rome.  Italians are regionalists, not nationalists. Scott attended class with, based on his photographs, only attractive Italian women. School is 6 days per week, but again, his class consisted entirely of attractive Italian women. He attended an ‘art’ school, which means the same thing in Italy as it does in the US. Italians speak English well and Italian even better. All his teachers loved him and graffiti was encouraged. Silly Italians.  Scott’s school was in lousy shape, but the prestigious school nearby has much nicer facilities. Which is why you should avoid art school. Private school in Italy is easy, public school is hard.  Society is more egalitarian and monocultural than in the US.  Scott’s art aptitude, sadly, did not improve.  Italians live at home until marriage, and tend not to move away from their community ever. Scott skied all winter, and did quite a bit of travelling. Octoberfest was fun and Scott drank some good beer. A visit to Slovenia? Why not!
Scott’s Italian Life Experiences: cliff jumping, swimming with jellyfish, cheering for lousy soccer teams, hiking the alps, basic social graces, teaching English, cooking a turkey, making friends, corrupting German youth.  Scott thanks all of the Eureka Rotary club members for showing him a whole new world.

An Italian Rotary meeting.
His most memorable events included seeing Napoleon’s crown, Joe Biden’s limo, and the beautiful countryside. Italian Rotarians are formal, wearing suit coats and Rotary pins, and are not as involved in their local community.  Rotary is different from here in that they are older and richer. He was being sincere about this.  Basically, it’s Methuselah and Midas enjoying a 5-course meal together.  Applause.
 Due to the difficulty of procuring them, Rotary photos are no more.  Inspirational books are now the standard.  Scott signed the library book we donate in his honor, President Pierson thanked him, and the meeting ended 4 minutes early.

Scott Loring, return exchange student from Italy

Respectfully submitted,
John Harper

Jul 12, 2011

July 11, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Day 1 of President Pierson’s Reign of Terror: Hard Hat Monday

(All errors, misspellings, jokes poorly rendered, and inaccuracies are
mine -john)

Lunch: Salad, Pasta, Mushroom chicken, and Lacey cookies
Weather: 59 degrees and partially sunny
S&P: 1319.47

Past President Steve Justus calls the meeting to order. Will Kay led the Pledge and Greg Williston gave the invocation.
PP Justus pinned PP Nielsen with a diamond rotary pin, and gave him a district award for his distinguished year of servitude service.

PP Justus pinned current President Greg Pierson and turned the meeting over to him. Let the beatings commence!

President Pierson, looking rakish in a gray, pinstriped suit with an American flag tie, thanked his family, including his wife Sharon, son Garrett, aunt Anne, mother Donna, and her husband Daryl.

Assistant DG (and PP) Bert Campton was recognized, along with Southwest Rotary President Steve Broadhag & Rotaract President Jennifer Kinikin.

There were no other visiting Rotarians, no student guests, and no exchange student.

Past President Nielsen pinned incoming President Nancy Dean and Secretary Dan Heinen.

President Pierson called for club directors to stand. Confusion ensued, new directors eventually made it up front, and Gary Todoroff, Ron Pierre, Eric Bergel, and Anthony Antoville were met with reasonable applause.

Nancy Dean reintroduced Jennifer Kinikin, who has the distinction of being both the Lost Coast Rotaract chair and also the newly minted District Governor. Jennifer thanked Eureka Rotary for our support. Applause.

PDG Dave Dillon spoke on the history of the Paul Harris Fellowship.

FUN FACT The original Rotary Endowment was set up in 1918 and was a measly $26.17. Since this information came from PDG Dillon, I assume this is accurate and not a joke.

PDG Dillon introduced the newest Paul Harris Fellow, Sharon Pierson. Rousing standing ovation.

New Rotary Theme for 2011: “Reach within to embrace humanity.” This was followed by some modest calisthenics, and the first short joke of President Pierson’s term. It took a mere 24 minutes.

These will be compulsory going forward. The calisthenics, not the short jokes.

President Pierson’s Theme for 2011: “Building a Better Future.” I see what he did there.

The District Governor will be in town on the 25th.

Ziggy is going on vacation, and a request for raffle volunteers went largely unheeded. I’ll send a follow up email to the 1923 committee.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, congrats to all.


A sharp young man with a suit brought in the recognition binder under severe lock and key. That binder must have been 8” thick—I expect a record year for fines.

Anthony Antoville: Your daughter graduated from Reed College? That’s $100.

Sue Bosch: Vacation at Point Arena Lighthouse? $50.

PP Bill McAuley: Vacation in New Mexico? $50.

Mary Johnson: Your vacation got cancelled? $0. But Gregg Gardiner helpfully pointed out that she made the front page of the newspaper(FUN FACT: a newspaper is the internet for really old people). $50.

Alicia Cox: You got President Pierson in the paper? Apparently that’s free!

PROGRAM: Our New President

Rotary is going well, so no major changes are planned.
Please get to know the new members, there may be a test.
President Pierson would like to do care packages for front line military this year.

We have 3 major projects that will continue. They are:
  1. Backpacks for Kids
  2. Honor Flight
  3. Safe Blood Africa

The membership goal for this year is 2 new members a month.

Next week: Rotary website tutorial. First lesson topics: “What is the internet?” and “The power button-it’s the round one.”

It’s time for a craft talk! By none other than……new President Greg Pierson.

Greg was born in 1963, went to Winship & Eureka High Schools. Attended Oral Roberts University in the early 1980s, studying management and accounting. There he met his lovely wife Sharon and at this point in the talk he made a “deer” pun. Ouch.

Greg worked for Deloitte in Tulsa, moved to the Boston office, and then did projects for several large corporations.

1:20 pm: Second short joke of President Pierson’s term, this one self-imposed.

Greg’s twin children were born in 1993. He came back to Eureka and worked for the family company, eventually buying it. He now builds large portions of our charming community.

Greg loves Formula 1 racing, sailing, his family, and camping with guns.


A.C. $10, D.L. $10

President Pierson elected to use a hammer to ring the bell and ended the meeting….3 minutes early.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Harper
July 4, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

There was no meeting today in honor of the 4th of July holiday.
June 27, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka