Feb 28, 2011

February 28, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

It’s only 14 days until Daylight savings time. “Spring Forward, Fall Back”.  The plan is to spring forward just before the March 14th meeting, timing it at precisely 12:30pm. It will then be 1:30pm and we can go.  It will then be the shortest and best Rotary Meeting of President Carlton’s Rotary Year.  The only way to get a shorter meeting would be to cross the international dateline when daylight savings time is implemented.  That’s been tried only once. There was a big flash of light, and when the smoke had cleared the club was missing 6 gold crowns, two wristwatches, a pair of reading glasses, and their treasurer.  (No one liked him anyway).  I digress.   

Greg Pierson gave us the invocation.  It was noted that former Rotarian and toy store owner Bill Beasley had passed away.  Pat Folkins reminded us of the upcoming Rotary dinner and raffle.   

Eureka High students asked for money to purchase 9 banners lauding the EHS athletic accomplishments in the past.  The banners are $185 each.   

Then President Nielsen put on his fining hat, a stiff brimmed vintage Mounties model.  
Burt Campton’s birthday was today, and he was sixty, so Carlton fined him $45.   

Neil Carnam was recognized for the groundbreaking of the new 12,000 square foot Winzler and Kelly Building.  He had to pay $85 while John Winzler, sitting right up front, escaped notice.  Now that’s delegation.   

Ken Stodder’s grandson, his leg healed, scored 19 points in a recent basketball game, so Ken paid out $20.  Ken may have to re-injure his grandson before he goes broke.   

John Bradley, co-chair of the membership committee, staged “A Minute For Members”.  Each table received a paper bag that contained a phone book, a few periodicals, and an index card with a summary of what constituted an ideal prospect for Rotary.  John then asked some questions, like “How many land surveyors are there in Eureka?” and the tables competed for the answers.  At the end each group had generated 10 names of prospective members.  Chuck Edwards then tore his phone book into 3 pieces.  It was a feat of strength.  The Warfinger front office crew, whose phone book it was, were not amused.   

Former member Mac Gardner introduced our program, boy Scouts Executive Director Suzie Smelzer.  Her topic was “The Eagles of Today and Tomorrow.”  Famous people who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout include 23 of the 29 original astronauts, Gerald Ford , Jimmy Stewart, and Henry Fonda.  Then members of our club who were eagle scouts then gave a short talk on what scouting meant to them. 

Ron Pierre, Jim Davis, Dale Stockly, Mike Brown, Kim Bauriedel, Paul Brisso and Ziggy Ziggenfuss were among those august few.  She then called attention to the guilded Egg and nest she had carefully crafted for each table. “ These represent the future  of scouting.”  She said.  Unfortunately, Dave Tyson had already broken open the egg at our table. “I was looking for the instructions…” he explained.  And so the meeting ended “not with a bang, but a whimper.”

Jim Davis shared his childhood scouting stories in upstate New York.

Ron Pierre speaks about his experiences in Scouting and the influence he had from his uncle who was both a scout and a Rotarian.
Paul Brisso recalled his family's commitment to scouting, noting how it taught him teamwork, respect, pride and integrity.

Reported with a few deviations from fact
By Hank Ingham
February 21, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

There was no meeting today due to the President's Holiday.

Feb 16, 2011

February 14, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

President Carlton Nielsen receives a Valentine's Day cookie and tulip from the lovely Rotaract ladies.
Carlton Nielsen, our revered president, took the helm once again on his titanic rotary year.  The honorable (by most accounts) Mike Brown was asked to do the pledge, and then Ron Pierre came to the podium for the invocation. 
Representatives from Eureka High, wearing yellow matching shirts, announced that April 13th was “Live Strong” day and that supporters of people living with cancer would be asking for donations.

 Bob Morse updated us on the Dictionary project that Rotary sponsors.  It provides 3rd graders with books.  He singled out the aforementioned Mike Brown and his faithful companion Hank Ingham for traveling all the way to Van Duzen Elementary 20 miles past Bridgeville.  Mike related their harrowing adventures, the 10-foot snow drifts, hostile natives, and how they risked their lives crossing bottomless chasms by rope bridge to bring those 8 dictionaries to a passel of grateful ragamuffins.  Hank Ingham, at great expense, had produced a photograph of the occasion.  They then displayed bags of a mysterious green herb that had been given them by the appreciative town folk. 

On a totally unrelated note, Chuck Edwards has been appointed to a commission which will evaluate those who apply to open pot dispensaries in Eureka.   

Carlton announced that the District Assembly would be held April 2 in Ukiah.  A shared van is available for Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. 

Backpacks for Kids is switching to Grocery bags for kids because the backpacks aren’t being returned.  To donate a bale (400) of bags see Chuck Ellsworth and give him $50.   

Brian Papstein was recognized for donating the proceeds of the Trucker’s Parade, which is sponsored by KEKA.   

 Kim Bauriedel then came up and discussed happenings in Siberia.   

John Bartholomew introduced Phillip Smith Hanes, the county Administrative Officer.  He oversees the county’s $303 million dollar budget.  2/3 of that money is received from state and federal sources to support programs that are mandated by those same entities.  Only 1/3 is within county control.  The general fund is about $50 million of that.  The current sustainable level of funding covers only 92% of current expenditures.  Phillip hopes to fill the gap by employee negotiation (salary and benefit reductions) revenue enhancements (new taxes and fees) and community participation (putting up with reductions in basic services).  He noted that current county employees have 29-33% of their salaries matched by the county for their retirement.  Must be nice.

Reported by Hank Ingham.

Feb 15, 2011

February 7, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
President Carlton Nielsen clanged the opening bell, which was the high point of the meeting, as usual.  Alicia Cox was asked to do the flag salute.  Fred Whitmire then gave us the invocation.  Gabriele , our exchange student from Italy, presented the  outgoing exchange student, and then President Carlton Nielsen presented Gabriele with a classic red and green letter jacket.  Gabriele was the first exchange student to earn a varsity letter in football.  Carlton announced that we will be having a Group Study exchange team from Tokyo Japan visiting us May 1-4.  If you have a spare bedroom in your home, it will be needed to house them for 4 days.  Eureka Rotaract then came to the podium to ask for participants in their “Sweets for Swaziland” fund raiser.  For $10-15 you can get a black and white heart shaped cupcake delivered to your sweetheart.  Just don’t let your wife find out. Pat Folkins reminded us that the raffle is coming up.  If you didn’t get a ticket give him a call.  
New member Cindy Cree, owner of the Irish Shop, was introduced by Gary Philp.

PP Dennis Hunter threatened to sing a Rotary song he’d heard at a recent conference, but we were spared at the last minute.  Then the hat came out.  Carlton put on a dark brown Stetson and then asked Lane Strope and Carolyn Crnich to stand up.  Lane won the bid to print the county ballots for the next election, a $250,000 job.  Carolyn’s tip, assuming 15%, should be $37,500.  They got off with a recognition of $100 each.   

Kathleen Cloney-Gardiner’s son scored 17 points in a recent basketball game. It cost her $55.  

Susie Smelzer, the new Boy Scouts local honcho, went to Dallas, where it was so cold they closed the Boy Scout Training Center.  $50.   

Dennis Hunter then was asked to stand up because he won $750 at the Ferndale Rotary Raffle.  He also won $100 when his ticket was called, but Carlton took it for the Club.   

Matthew Owen  introduced our program, Tom Abate and Judy Hodgson of the North Coast Journal.   

Tom Abate started the NC Journal in 1990 as a monthly.  Judy and some partners bought it from him shortly thereafter when he went back to finish his degree.  In 1998 they changed to a weekly.  Now , after 20 years working for the SF Chronicle and Examiner , Tom has returned to be editor of the paper he started 31 years ago.   

Judy took a few swipes at the TS , and then cautioned everyone not to pay attention to the tempestuous  interview Tom and she had participated in at a local radio station.  Of course as soon as the meeting was over someone emailed a humorous remix of that interview to everyone in the club.  Temper, temper, Tom.   

Carlton concluded by asking anyone if they knew someone who was a mutineer, road guard, fish wrangler, or somnambulist who would make a good Rotarian.
January 31, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
Diane Cipperley led the pledge of allegiance and Lisa Slack gave the invocation--asking that evidence of God’s love might be evident around the world.

Guest of Rotarians
Dave Sharp President of St. Bernard’s School was the guest of Kurt Barthel.

Student Guests 
Two student guests from Eureka High School, Micah and Morgan Bass are in the top ten students at Eureka High. They represent the Eureka High chapter of CSF (California Scholarship Federation). They thanked the club for its support of CSF and they are hoping to raise $500 more in the near future.

Italian exchange student Gabriel Umidon is back from his ski trip.  He had fun skiing and tried snowboarding.  He is still selling Tiramisu so contact him if you want some.  Our town will be sending three outbound exchange students next year.

Carly Robbins, President of Lost Coast Rotaract, attended our meeting along with Jennifer Kinikin. They are raising money for Aids patients in Swaziland (Africa—not that mountainous country in the Alps) with a program called Sweets for Swaziland. To place an order call 502-7206 or e mail: LostCoastRotaract@gmail.com.

Pat Folkins encouraged us to attend the Luck Luau, our club’s upcoming annual Raffle.   This event is in need of good items to be auctioned. The date is March 12th at Baywood Country Club and the theme is Hawaiian. Please call Jay Bahner at J’s RV Center if you can donate an item: 443-2277.

Mike Cunningham said Friday night our club went to see My Fair Lady at the North Coast Repertory Theater. The crowd was a bit thin, but spirited.

Tom Schallert received a very encouraging e-mail from Rotary Foundation:  $19, 750 has been authorized. It should show up in our account soon!  The funds will help us improve blood transfusion services in Nigeria. Tom is working with various Roman Catholic diocese to insure this will become a sustainable project.  He is also in touch with blood bank directors in Lagos and others who are medical directors in the area: again hoping to make this sustainable.  We are hoping Rotary International will take this on as one of their projects, with the goal to insure the safety of the blood supply in Nigeria.

President Carlton put a football and T-shirt signed by the entire EHS Loggers team (at least the football) on the auction block. The package was sold to Rick Littlefield for $100 and the funds will help exchange students.  Gregg Gardiner received a nicely wrapped present from President Carlton.
Next, our club president dawned a Sherlock Holmes hat and (without a pipe) asked Corky Cornwell to stand. Corky received the Business Person of the year award from Eureka Chamber of Commerce.  What’s such an award worth? Corky said, “Name a number.” Our president let him off for $65. Congratulations and thank you, Corky.

Mary Johnson was recognized for having a daughter (Amanda) who is an all-star student and basketball player. That will be $80, thank you.

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey introduced Marco Luna and Jeff Dishmon who work with an unsung division of the Sheriff’s department called Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP).  It started in 1955 with Sheriff Albert A. Nickols.  He had a vision of a Farm Division that would help rehabilitate the inmates. Many counties across the state and nation have a SWAP type program. SWAP programs are not to be confused with Cal Trans programs. Individuals who are sentenced to jail for180 days or less can sign up for this program.  Inmates can reduce their sentences by each workday. Currently it costs $88.19 to house an inmate per day. SWAP helps cut down cost of incarceration by the money it raises and the fees: inmates have to pay a registration and per diem fee to participate in the program. 

In 1980 the current farm was established in Fortuna. At the farm in Fortuna there are beef cattle, large vegetable gardens and up to 100 pigs at any given time and 56 acres of organic pasture

In January 1991 the Sheriff’s department partnered with Humboldt Senior Resource Center to create what is known today as the Annual Senior Wood Project.  Low cost firewood goes to seniors to help them heat their homes.  Since the SWAP program began it has provided over 30,000 cords of wood to the seniors in our community.  The wood comes from various sources including private citizens and Cal Trans.
Marco never pictured himself working with pigs rather than busting criminals. But here he is—and greatly enjoying his work.

Numerous projects around the county have been helped and implemented by the SWAP program.  Selling wood is their major fundraiser.  The firewood is normally bought through the Senior Resource Center, but there may be some available that is extra at $100/ cord.  Asked if there are many injuries to the inmates, Marco said, “Yes, mostly on the wood splitter.”

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Price

January 24, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Jim Davis led the pledge of allegiance and Bill McAuley the invocation.

Visiting Rotarians: Bob Burchit (Soutwest Club, and wife Jane), Paul Knoblich from Calistoga, our District Governor Jim Flamson also from Calistoga, and Kathy Philp wife of Gary Philp.

Guests of Rotarians
Kim Bauriedel's wife Sile was present, and Gregg Gardiner's guest was Jesse Klair owner of McDonald's. 

Student Guests 
Carroth Topham and Jacob Powell were guests of Gregg Haulk. They design websites and repair computers with the Information Technology Pathway program, telling us a bit about their program from the podium.

Past President Mike Moreland was warmly welcomed by our club for his first return after a long and serious illness. He thanked the club for their prayers and cards.

DG Jim Flamson said he was happy to see we are still serving chicken for lunch, revealing to him and wife that there are at least 45 ways to serve chicken within our district. Our district conference is the first weekend in May in Reno and Rotary has hired an Amtrak train.  Rotary International conference is in New Orleans (no chicken at these conferences?).

Bob Morse said that the dictionaries are scheduled to be distributed by the end of January.

Jay Bahner announced our club's upcoming annual Raffle, which is in need of good items to be auctioned. The date is March 12th at Baywood Country Club and the theme is Hawaiian. Tickets will be available next Monday. Please call Jay at J's RV Center if you can donate an item:
# 443 2277.

Mike Cunningham said Friday night our club is going to My Fair Lady at the North Coast Repertory Theater on January 29 at 7:00pm.  Contact Mike at 441 1111 or mike@cmmtax.com.

Neil Carnam announced a Pool Party to take place February 10th at the Eureka Inn.  This is a 28th Annual Chocolate Gala to celebrate the Vector Aquatic Center returning the warm water therapy pool tour community.  For more information call 442 6463 or see their web page at www.vectorpt.org

John Bradley said the Backpack for Kids program needs volunteers to fill packs from February through the month of March every Thursday at the back door of Humboldt Moving and Storage. It begins at 4:45pm.  Sign the card if you can help.

Dennis Hunter and Dean Christensen were recognized for Coast Central Credit Union's support to our community through a generous grant.

Mike Downey is now the actual Sheriff (which drew a vigorous cowboy faƓYahoo! from former Sheriff Gary's wife Kathy. Gary was not fined but grinned from ear to ear).  Mike was fined $5.

DG Jim Flamson rose and received a Rotary Coaster with our Club's current theme. 

Bruce Emad was asked to stand and be recognized for remaining on the Planning Commission. He was fined $55, proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

Ron Pierre introduced our program.  Ron has been volunteering as the state of California Ombudsman for military veterans.  He was involved in the first Gulf War and feels keenly our responsibility to help veterans who have returned from war.  He asked if we could support local troops visibly and bodily when they return from their deployments. Next, Bob Burchit introduced Mark Klodzinski who has walked 4500 miles on behalf of Veterans.  Mark came here (hiking of course) from San Francisco to share his story.
Kevin Haynes was first to the podium; he hails from Buffalo, N.Y. describing himself as a veterans advocate first and foremost.  Kevin and Mark work for Warrior's Wish Foundation as volunteers, advocating for the needs of veterans. He told some moving stories about veterans with specific needs before they passed away here at home.  Warrior's Wish has served 183 veterans who were terminal.  Many of them have simple needs before they die.

Mark Klodzinski read A Walk Across America, by Peter Jenkins, and was so inspired by the book that he decided to walk across America himself. The stimulus came from his two brothers who were recently deployed. Mark left March 15, and hiked until a few weeks ago; the last week or so he was able to finish the journey with his brother.  As he meets people he hands out pledge cards encouraging them to see their web site and make a donation to Veterans.  He recently took 15 days hiking from San Francisco to Eureka and was very impressed with the beauty and grandeur of Northern California.  He said the walking distance from SF to Eureka was about 305 miles. 

Mark plans to write a book, and says he had a lot of help from somebody upstairs during his trek: e.g., he only had ten days of rain the entire trip.   He found help along the way, and hopes to inspire others to similar efforts. All you have to do is take that first step, said Mark. 
Next stop? Houston where he plans to walk around the beltway for veterans—and reconnect with the love of his life.   He is here a couple more days and will not hike, but fly, back to Houston.  Greatest obstacle? The first day getting started when doubts assailed him: but encouragement came soon a nice lady showered him with food after he had hiked an hour or so. He seemed nonchalant at overcoming natural obstacles like boars, bears and alligators.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Price
Jan 10, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

(All errors, misspellings, jokes poorly rendered, and inaccuracies are
mine -john)

Lunch: Salad, Beef & Pork Marsala, Rice Pilaf, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cold Weather.

President Carlton Nielsen called the meeting to order. Ken Stodder led the pledge and Bruce Rupp led prayer.

Visiting Rotarian was Sally of Napa.

No guests.

Student Guests were basketball players from Saint Bernards.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, congrats to all.

Christmas Party photographs were auctioned off--$25 a piece,

Craft Talk: Dale Warmuth, manager of Leon’s Car Care Center, discussed his business, founded in 1961. He wore a stuffed spleen on his head (or a muffler) and invited everyone to come have a cookie.

Today's Presidential Hat: Chinese? Tibetian? Round, straw and funky for sure.

Greg Pierson’s only daughter was married. 150 people, Ingomar club. He narrowly dodged a $100 fine when his father, and grandfather of the bride, Past President Hank Pierson, decided to pay it.

Matthew Owen managed some winning campaigns in the last election. $65.

Keith Crossley was in the paper and outed as a Mason. $50.

--Gambling Interlude—

$10 GW, $10 JB


Katherine Burleson from Honor Flight spoke to the club. Founded in 2005, Honor Flight takes WW II veterans, free of charge, to visit the WW II memorial in Washington DC. 26 veterans went last year.
Charles Moon went to fight for his country. He taught music at HSU, and was an artillery observer during the war. He collected some Nazi memorabilia during the Rhine campaign, and shared it with us today.

Lee Klein was from a family of 8, enlisted in the Navy in 1943, learned morse code, did aviation radio, and supplied the Aleutian Island campaign.

Honor Flight takes their next trip April 15th 2011.

After a rousing ovation, President Nielsen ended the meeting 1 minute early.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Harper

Jan 3, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Pete Vallerga led the pledge of allegiance and Rich Whitaker offered a prayer to ward off every ailment.

Visiting Rotarians
From Arcata Sunrise, Brandi Easter

Guests of Rotarians
Rich Whitaker brought a guest named Steve Cunningham.
Gabriel Umidon our exchange student from Milan, Italy had a fun time over the holidays and wished us a Happy New Year.

All red badgers were asked to stand up by President Carlton Nielsen, and there was a considerable number.  So, Diane Cipperley and Steve Justus were thanked for heading up the 1923 Committee and others were thanked for serving on our membership committee.  President Carlton said we have reached our membership goals established by the District, but not his goals for our club. Then President Carlton gave a quiz on where the respective red badgers work and most of our members passed the test.

Corky Cornwell and Wayne Wilson were pointed out as the guys to see if you want to advance from red to blue badge. Roy Frostensen as the Sergeant at arms can help them advance to blue also.

Gregg Gardiner was recognized for his efforts for Toys for Tots and immediately asked that the many who helped by serving or donating to the program would stand. About a third of our club stood and received recognition. Greg said that 3,847 children were served with around 8,000 toys.  He thanked his wife, Kathleen, and they were both recognized to the tune of $100.  

Mike Cunningham and Keith Crossly brought attention to the play, My Fair Lady, showing at the North Coast Repertory Theater on January 29 of this year. We bought the house, but friends and family are welcome to attend for the price of $20.

John Bradley reminded us that the Backpacking program is still going. They meet every Thursday at Humboldt Moving and Storage to stuff backpacks. We are doing about 100 backpacks in cooperation with other clubs.

Our dictionary project is headed up by Bob Morris who encouraged us to get the big pile of dictionaries out to the schools and the kids who need them.  Contact Bob or President Carlton if you can help out.

Mike Cunningham was supposed to have pictures of the Christmas party but excused himself due to the recent birth of his almost ten pound granddaughter: his first grand child.  Mike chose to finish up his Paul Harris contributions.

Sue Bosch has not been seen lately at our club meetings. She has been doing several things. Her husband had a stroke and now has turned over the car keys to Sue.  Her business has also moved into a nice new building on 6th street.  Sue settled for a hundred dollars.

Gary Philp stood and smiled, having left his side arm at home (or at the office). Members of our club enthusiastically thanked him for 38 years with the Sheriff's office and eight years as County Sheriff.  Nevertheless, that will be sixty dollars for 38 years of service.

Jim Howard stood and reflected on turning 95 the night of our Christmas party. He was fined $85 and offered to pay $95, which President Carlton readily accepted.

Murl Harpham is known to our club and community as the longest standing officer in the history of the Eureka Police Department.  He said he got into the prostitution side of law enforcement at the age of 22.  Murl described his early years in busting prostitutes, starting in the 1950's.  Pimps come to town in the 1960's and they were easy to identify with their Cadillacs, feathered caps and glow-in- the-dark-skin-tight clothes.  Other pimps were even more colorful!  Murl worked with red light abatement in the 60's, including an under cover cop who thought that  meant the hooker packed a dangerous gun.  Murl was quite impressed with the talents of many of the prostitutes—especially a pickpocket named Billy.&  Other tales of Murl's girls will stay in Rotary.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Price

Feb 3, 2011

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Lunch: Chinese chicken salad, Teriyaki pork, sugar cookie.

Weather: Beautiful sunshine on a very wet day.

President Carlton Nielsen called the meeting to order. Gary Todoroff led the pledge and Dan Heinen led prayer.

Visiting Rotarians were Peter Fenell & Mike Burger.

Guests included Dee Brady, David Loring, a few sons and grandsons whose names I missed, and Sile Bauriedel.

Student Guests were on Christmas break.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, congrats to all.

Peter Fenell of Fortuna Sunrise Rotary announced a Polio Walk for January 1st.

Fred Griffith led a Backpacks for Kids auction of some wine to stuff backpacks extra full for the last day of school.

Today's Presidential Hat: A classy felt top hat.

Mike Downey is officially the sheriff. $100.

Jay Hockaday hadn’t really done much, but the Chamber has a new Board of Directors, which cost him $50. President Nielsen will be Chair of the Chamber in 2012. That and failing to introduce his lovely wife are worth $100.

Russ Harris went to Costa Rica for a week. $40.


From Milan Italy, sporting an Italian flag die-job on his hair, our current exchange student, Gabriel Umidon.

Essentially, Gabriel’s presentation was this:

FUN FACT: Milan has Italy’s largest gothic cathedral, biggest train station, biggest soccer stadium, is fashion capital of the world, and also has a large glass tube in some public place. Silly Italians.

School in America is more fun, American pizza sucks, and Gabriel likes barbeque.

A Merry Christmas from the president, and the meeting ended 25 minutes early.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Harper
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Lunch: Ham, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Apple Pie

Light rain in Eureka, plastic Christmas tree at the Wharfinger, topped with a starfish.

President Carlton Nielsen called the meeting to order. Kurt Barthel led the pledge and Tom McMurray led prayer.

Visiting Rotarians were conspicuously absent.

Guests included Mike Newman, Tess Schallert, and Sile Bauriedel.

Student Guests were Carly and Gino from the Eureka High Drama Club. They need a new theatre.

Birthdays cost Fred Griffith $10, for not taking a seat of honor at the head table, which is now on the East side of the room.

Anniversaries:  John Bradley has been married 44 years. That’s worth $100. Wayne Wilson has been married 56 years. That’s worth $100. In 20 years, I still won’t be 56!

Dale Warmuth shared a photograph of “The Druids,” from 1926 in front of the Eureka Inn. He also wins my informal award for best shoes. They were psychedelic skate shoes. Sweet.

There is a 1923 Committee meeting at the Sea Grill this Thursday.

Past President Pat Folkins announced that we will serve over 2000 children with Toys for Tots this year.

Mayor Virgina Bass is now Supervisor Bass. That’s worth a badge upgrade.

Matt Messner, pastor of Four Square Church, Marathoner, and new Red Badger was welcomed to the club.

Mayor Frank Jaeger was also presented his Red Badge.

Past President Dennis Hunter gave a brief summation on the history of Rotary, reminding all of us that “Belonging Never Felt Better©.”

Today's Presidential Hat: Some sort of Hemp Flower.

In a long-running theme, Ken Stoddard was fined for his ridiculously talented grandchild, this time his grandson.

Dan Heinen is tan from a 10-day trip to Mexico where he scuba dived with sharks. Fined.

Greg Bowen’s wife is due with their second child, a daughter, in March. Fined.

Past President Burt Campton has an enclosed parking lot at his shop, and locked a car in overnight for having the audacity to park there. The jury is still out on whether this will build good will and better friendships, but it’s worth a fine nonetheless.

--Gambling Interlude—

In a blatantly rigged game, a few of the performers from today’s program won the raffle.


Without introduction or further ado, we were delighted to hear the Christmas carols in find style by Eureka High School choir, ‘Limited Edition.’

FUN FACT: All the boys in ‘Limited Edition’ wear clip-on ties.

The singing concluded, a large assortment of men in non-clip-on ties stood up to leave, and the meeting ended 4 minutes early.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Harper