Aug 26, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
August 26, 2013

Lunch Menu: Salad bar, fresh fruit, pork ribs, Swiss chicken, vegetables, scalloped potatoes, rolls and cheesecake.

Called to order by President Ziggy at 12:30pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Gary Todoroff.

The Invocation was led by Eric Bergel.

Visiting Rotarians
Liana Simpson – Old Town Rotary, Les Merrill- Southwest Rotary

Guests of Rotarians
Kim Bauriedel introduced his guest Patrick Cleary, Executive Director of Humboldt Area Foundation.  Jim Davis introduced Kathy Smith, President/Superintendent of College of the Redwoods. Gregg Gardiner brought two guests- Dr. Ziggy Poterak, a new Pediatrician in Eureka and Arnold Klein, Attorney at Law.

Tim Gallagher, J Hockaday, Jill Macdonald, David Wells, Steve McHaney

Aaron and Jennifer Tilch, Donald and Ruth Ziegenfuss

Two new Rotarians were welcomed to the Rotary Club of Eureka... Dr. Bauriedel introduced Patrick Cleary who moved to Humboldt County from New York City 17 years ago.  Patrick is the owner of Lost Coast Communications as well as being the Executive Director of Humboldt Area Foundation. He and his wife own 3 horses, 4 dogs and 1 cat.  Patrick is a talented musician.

Jim Davis introduced Kathy Smith, President/Superintendent of College of the Redwoods. Kathy moved here about a year ago from Ukiah and is former President of the Rotary Club of Ukiah.  According to Jim, Kathy is probably the only Rotary member who gave her craft talk prior to joining the club. (Kathy was the guest speaker at a previous meeting.) He noted the impact and positive changes Kathy has made at College of the Redwoods.

Former President Tim Gallagher, provided words of wisdom to our new Rotarians.

President Ziggy asked Gregg Gardiner to give the club an update on the Winship project, after first noting that after power washing and cleaning Zane over the past 5 weeks our President feels that chewing gum and skateboarding on the yellow curbs at Zane should be a capital offense.

Gregg noted that at 8pm last night the finishing touches were made to the project.  The only thing left to do is install the basketball backboards, which will be here in a week.  He reminded the club that at 2:30pm today, is the grand reopening of Winship. He hopes that many Rotarians can attend.  In just 5 weeks volunteers installed 7,400 feet of irrigation, rehabbed 4 baseball fields, resurfaced and repaired all of the 2,200 square feet of asphalt, repainted the building and more. He again thanked all of the volunteers and especially the amazing donations made by Jack Rieke at Shafer’s Ace Hardware who donated all of the paint to repaint the entire school in addition to many other supplies.  Teen Challenge, Sheriff Downey’s SWAP crew, Faith Center and of course volunteers from the Rotary Club of Eureka worked together to create an amazing project.  Safeway and Jay Bahner from J’s RV Center made sure that there were 600 cupcakes to celebrate the ribbon cutting.  He said there were a couple of mishaps… he lost the key’s and gas cap to the tractor that Jay Bahner loaned him for the project.  Eureka Floor Carpet One had loaned him a dump truck and they managed to bend the tailgate on the first use. Lee Cunningham at Bay Tank fixed the tailgate. On the second use of the dump truck a hydraulic cylinder broke on the truck.  He’s hoping that the Sign Smith committee approves a grant application for an LED sign that would be used to communicate to parents of Winship students.  The majority of the $40,000 costs are being donated so the sign would end up costing $15,000.  He asked for help to write thank you letters to the many volunteers and individuals/businesses who donated goods to the project.  In summary this was a $300,00 to $400,00 dollar project that was accomplished by an amazing group effort.

Nick Bertel was signed $50 for the new addition to his family. A little girl, 6 lb.,10 oz. named Kate Bella.

Mindy was fined $50 for her new addition, a 3-year-old Cocker Spaniel that she recently adopted.

Craig Hansen was fined $50 for his recent vacation to England to visit his grandson and from there he and his wife toured Prague and Budapest.  He tried to claim it was a work trip but Ziggy wasn’t duped.

Jason Eads was fined $50 for moving his office across the street from Ziggy’s house and potentially bringing down property prices. 

Spengler Raffle
$10 to Richard Storre and $10 to Greg Seiler

Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker was Rob Arkley from Security National. Rob commended the club on a magnificent, impressive project in regards to Winship Middle School. 

He said in his opinion the economy is healing.  What we experienced was called an economic shock.  An Economic Shock leaves long-term consequences and long-term debt.  It can devalue currency.  However, slowly we are seeing growth. 

Security National processes loans from all over the United States.  They are seeing people going back to work. On the retail side their office building and mall leasing side has never been busier.  He feels good about the economy and is planning accordingly. 

He and Cherie have changed their residency to Louisiana which will save them millions of dollars a year in taxes.  He said tax policy should maximize returns not drive policy but unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening in California.  He feels optimistic about the future.  He does feel that the systematic attacks on big banks doesn’t help the rebuilding effort and is in fact destructive.  As landlords and a mortgage servicer they see a lot of angry people out there.

In northern California our influence is limited.  We cost the State money and don’t have a lot of votes. 

He wishes that the Rotary Club of Eureka’s next project would be writing and attending City and County workshops to address the issues of homelessness and drugs in our community.  He wants to know why we have so many people with these issues in our community.  He’s asked a number of people but nobody seems to have answers.  He feels that we are allowing these issues to destroy our community. He has people visit from out of town and there are people sleeping in his doorway on 5th Street. To him this should be project #1 for all business people.

He said Humboldt County has an undeveloped port and developing that port can generate an extraordinary rate of return.  He questioned the recent purchase by the Harbor District of a toxic site. He said they purchased no insurance and the State Water Board is all over it.  He feels that we will be paying out money we don’t have for many years because of this purchase.

He said regarding the viability of the railroad… he and Cherie have significant holdings in Omaha and significant connections with Union Pacific. He said they are working on bringing the railroad here. They know what the costs are and it is a fraction of what is being reported. They feel it is viable. The biggest obstacle is the timeline.  New members are coming on the Coastal Commission board that will give us a fair hearing. He feels there are great opportunities ahead.

His daughter recently graduated law school and is now an attorney.  She also recently became engaged to Mike Holland, the son of a local dentist.  She and her fiancĂ© will be moving back to Eureka.

We need to make Eureka attractive.  We need to deal with our homeless and drug addict issues to help all businesses.  He is optimistic about the future of Humboldt County and California. 

He then answered a few questions. He was asked if the Arkley Center would reopen and he said it would at some point.  He just was tired of losing ½ a million a year.  He said I understand that the ballet won’t be profitable but I know that the theater itself can be profitable. He’s not focused on it at the moment because he has so many other things going on but they will reopen at some point.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted, 
Alicia Cox

Aug 19, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

August 19, 2013

Lunch Menu: salad bar, rice pilaf, sweet and sour pork, fried chicken tenders, mojos, assorted vegetables, rolls, bread pudding.

Called to order by President Ziggy at 12:30pm

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Palmrose.

The Invocation was led by Greg Williston.

Visiting Rotarians
Retired Judge Mike Brown

Guests of Rotarians
Greg Williston introduced his wife, Laura Williston

Barbara Horvitz

Richard & Vivien Borough, Dick & Jeanne Nash, Carlton & Michelle Nielsen.

Lisa Slack announced that the Timber Heritage Museum and Clarke Museum’s 3rd Annual joint Fundraiser, ‘Salmon, Oysters, Ales & Rails w/ Speeder Rides’ is this Saturday, August 24th from 11:30 to 4:30pm next to the Samoa Cookhouse. (Speeder rides will run from 9am to 4pm).  There will be live music, vendor booths and tours of the Samoa Shops. Tickets are $20 and are available at the Roundhouse located below the Samoa Cookhouse.

Gregg Gardiner announced that the Winship project is moving along.  School opens Monday.  Team Challenge has 25 volunteers at Winship today (Monday) painting, etc.  SWAP has 12 people out working on the project.  Saturday is the last big workday.  There are 78 windows left to paint, 40 doors, 48 door trims.  Faith Center will be bringing a big crowd of people to help.  Renner Petroleum donated a bunch of 55 gallon barrels for trash cans that need to be painted blue and gold.  A driver is needed for a small dump truck, a person is needed to run errands, pick up lunch, etc.  Gregg is begging for all volunteers who can help to come help. Gregg recognized Jack Rieke for his immense contributions to the project including all of the paint, landscaping materials, expertise, etc. Gregg reported that to date almost $400,000 in materials and time have been donated to the project.  Congressman Huffman will be flying to Eureka from Washington, D.C. on Monday to attend the grand reopening and ribbon cutting on Monday at 2:30pm. Gregg asked all Rotarians to consider attending the grand reopening on Monday following the Rotary meeting.

Ashley Diehl from Lost Coast Rotaract talked about upcoming fundraisers that Rotaract has planned.  In October the Spirit and Spirits Event including a Haunted Ghost tour of Old Town, Eureka. In March bowl for Kid’s Sake is coming up, In the Spring of 2014 a Softball Tournament will be held.  They are actively working on community projects - helping Jefferson School and beautification of highway 101 and beach cleanups.  Their goal this year is to raise $2,000 to go towards Youth Advocacy.  The money will be donated to CASA, Northcoast Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Backpacks for Kids.

Greg Williston introduced our new exchange Student from Russia, Dan.  He spoke to the club and announced that America is a very different country from Russia.  He said he doesn’t speak English very well yet but he is eager to learn.  He is happy to be here.

Bob Morse was fined $50 for attending a seminar and not gambling very much at the casino.

Bruce Smith was fined $50 for traveling all summer.  He offered to increase the fine to $100.  President Ziggy countered with $150 and a Rotary t-shirt. 

Greg Williston was fined $51.  $50 for doing such a great job chairing the Eureka Chamber of Commerce mixer the other night where he introduced Dan Heinen and $1 for forgetting to mention that Dan was a member of the Rotary Club of Eureka. That omission forced Ziggy to spend $1 of his own money to get up and explain to the crowd what a dud Greg was for forgetting to mention the Rotary Club of Eureka connection.

Ziggy pleaded with all Rotarians to please pay their dues and threatened to make 5am phone calls to those that didn’t pay.

Spengler Raffle
$10 to Carol Rische and $10 to Ray Wickel.

Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker was introduced by Matt Owen.  Hank Seeman with the County of Humboldt discussed the possible purchase of the McKay Tract from Green Diamond.

Hank is from Humboldt County. He attended Eureka City Schools and was a member of Key Club and was involved with Kiwanis through that.  He didn’t have a lot of contact with Rotary in high school except meeting Rotary exchange students who excelled in soccer, a sport he liked to play.  He laughingly said he had mixed feelings about Rotary as their exchange students raised the competition level.

He works for the Public Works Department.  Public Works is responsible for County roads (1,200 miles) and bridges (165), motor pool, heavy equipment garage, County airport system (6); prepares engineered plans and specifications; inspects construction projects; manages County properties and right-of-ways; prepares environmental documents; obtains regulatory permits; administers solid waste franchises and facilities; maintains County levee systems (3); and administers County parks (10), review planning submittals for subdivisions. They are directed by the Board of Supervisors.

Green Diamond is interested in selling 1,000 acres of land southwest of Eureka. They contacted Trust for Public Lands (TPL) who specializes in helping to facilitate these types of purchases.  TPL is raising funds for this purchase from the State and Federal Government.  They have already secured two $1,000,000 grants and hope to have the third grant secured in November for $4.5 million dollars. The 1,000 acres begins north of Myrtle Ave., wraps around Redwood Acres, East of Cutten to around the Rhine Creek area.  It goes past Winship Middle School all the way to the Ridgewood Heights area.

There’s a potential 2nd phase of 67 acres that would wrap around Ridgewood Heights to Sequoia Park. 
The benefits would include convenient, accessible recreation such as horseback riding and hiking for residents, education for school children, attraction to tourists, etc. Statistically property values tend to increase for homes located close to community owned forests.

Public Works is looking at the costs to maintain and run a community forest including security patrols versus potential income from timber harvests, etc. Arcata has been very generous about sharing information regarding their experiences in managing a community forest. 
Public Works is communicating with the City of Eureka on this project as the land is outside of the city limits but very close to those limits, so they want to include the city on decisions. They are exploring options like a back road through the forest to help offset traffic problems for Eureka/Cutten. They hope to make a decision by the end of December 2013 on the purchase. 

Questions and answers followed.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:30pm

Respectfully submitted, 
Alicia Cox

Aug 12, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka 
August 12, 2013

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, fresh fruit, stuffed bell peppers, fried fish, hush puppies, rolls, cheesecake

Called to order by President Ziggy at 12:31pm

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dave Parris

The Invocation was led by Bruce Rupp.  Special prayers for Wendy Purnell whose husband, Terry Dickinson recently passed away.  Special prayers for Ziggy’s wife Ruth Ziegenfuss who has been ill.

Visiting Rotarians: Dax Williamson was introduced by Rich Whitaker.  Dax recently purchased part of Rich’s practice when Rich retired. Bill Morrill from Southwest Rotary Club.

Guests of Rotarians: Steve Lafferty introduced Bill Gillespie, Assistant Fire Chief at Humboldt Bay Fire.

Birthdays: Dave Dillon, Rick Littlefield, Gary Todoroff

Anniversaries: Matthew Owen, Dave Dillon, Kim Bauriedel, Walt Shimasaki, Ken Stodder

Announcements: Carlton announced that our inbound exchange student, Daniel from Vladivostok Russia is arriving this very night.  He will stay with Carlton and his family for a few days and then move on to his first host family, Greg Williston and family. A third host family is still needed.  If you can host Daniel please contact Carlton.

Stacy Lane presented a $5 gift card to Steve Lafferty.  Steve was the first person to guess who the most searched Rotary Club of Eureka person was, that had led people to our Rotary Blog.  Nobody guessed the right person but Steve was the first to guess so he was deemed the winner. The answer was… Lane Strope. 

Gregg Gardiner reported that the Winship project is moving along. There was 2,200 square feet of asphalt that needed resurfacing.  Slurry needed to be applied to all 100,000 square feet of asphalt.  Humboldt Bay Fire came and cleaned the entire surface over the weekend with their giant hoses.  Teen Challenge has donated thousands of hours to the project.  Our Rotary Club has purchased all of the sports equipment and a scoreboard. Bert Campton from Campton Electric Supply donated the cable to help install the scoreboard. Jack Rieke at Shafer’s Ace Hardware donated all plants and the paint.  Sheriff Downey’s SWAP program came in and did a lot of work including irrigation and clearing of the forest. Steve Jackson from Western Web donated a Winship T-Shirt for each student on opening day!   A number of individual Rotarians donated time to do various labor. There are just too many to mention everybody. All of this has happened in just 5 weeks.  The total value of donated time and materials is now up to over $300,000.  At this point- The power washing still needs to be finished up. There are seven 55 gallon drums that need to be painted blue and gold.  There will be a fundraiser in September to help pay for the costs incurred on some of the purchases.  The Grand Re-Opening will take place on August 26th at 2:30pm.  All Rotarians are invited and it is hoped all will attend. Gregg is taking donations to help pay for 600 cupcakes on opening day.  The cupcakes must come from a commercial kitchen for legal reasons.  Please contact Gregg if you can help.
Nick Bertell was fined for having his picture in the paper too much. 

Tim Foster and Bob Morris would have been fined but they weren’t there.  Does that mean an increase in fines next week? 

Gregg Gardiner was fined $200 for fining his wife $200 two weeks ago.  Gregg received a Rotary Club of Eureka Key to Success T-Shirt which helped ease his pain.

Spengler Raffle:  $10 to Gary Todoroff and $10 to Dick Storre

Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker was Rotary District Governor 2013-2014, Helene Campbell. Helene has been a Rotarian for 23 years.  She’s a member of the Rotary Club of Sebastopol. She’s traveled to 12 international conventions, been involved in numerous Rotary committees, etc. and in 2010 toured Vietnam and worked on a clean water project there. She was Assistant District Governor in 2010.  She has been married for 51 years to past District Governor, Bruce Campbell.  They have 3 children and 11 grandchildren.  She is a registered nurse with a degree in hospital administration. (Standing ovation)

Helene said she had just attended a board meeting previous to this meeting and was exhausted from hearing about how much Rotary Club of Eureka does in their community. She thanked the club for their work.

She talked about the meaning of being a Rotarian. It’s a commitment to attendance, participating in club service events, joining a committee and using your knowledge or talent to carry out the principles of Rotary.  Rotary brings people of diverse backgrounds and interests together and together they can implement projects that better their communities locally and nationally. 
She went on to say all Rotarians are members of the membership committee.  We all have the responsibility of inviting others to Rotary. She told us a story about a young girl who was 11 years old whose first experience with Rotary made her think, “what a bunch of nice men” (this was prior to women being allowed to join).  Then her father-in-law, a Rotarian, came to live with her and she went to some Rotary meetings with him and some various events.  In 1979 her husband joined Rotary and she helped out at his side at a variety or Rotary events and fundraisers, etc.  Then she became a business owner, was president of the Chamber of Commerce and in 1990, 40 years later, she was asked to be a Rotarian. She is so proud to be a Rotarian, proud of the power and achievements of Rotary.  Please don’t make anybody wait 40 years. Ask somebody today to join Rotary.
This year’s Rotary theme is “Engage Rotary, Change Lives” Ask yourself- are you involved in Rotary?  Are you actively involved in a committee, do you attend fundraising and service events.  Do you attend District functions?  She asked president-elects from all over the district why do you attend Rotary and the answer was fellowship.  Fellowship is available to everybody all over the world.  She encouraged all Rotarians to make up at other clubs. When you travel, attend Rotary meetings. You will make new friends, be amazed at the diversity of Rotary and she guaranteed that you will experience the best meeting of your life, outside of your club environment. 
Upcoming district events:
  • November 9, 2013 – Rotary Foundation Dinner at Fortuna River Lodge
  • May 16-18, 2014 – Rotary District 5130 Conference Doubletree Hotel, Rohnert Park
She asked us to remember that each project we participate in changes lives.  Look at all of the lives being changed with the Winship project our club is involved in. She gave some examples of projects she has been involved in that changed lives.
Her club cooks an annual Christmas dinner for the community on Christmas day.  One year a mom and two daughters came and after a Christmas feast the children were invited to pick out presents from under the tree.  The family was very grateful and it was the only Christmas the children would have that year.
The Gates Foundation is now donating $2 for every $1 donated by Rotarians to eradicate polio. When Helene was a freshman in high school she toured a hospital and walked through a ward of children who could only breathe with the help of an iron lung.  Later the student who gave her the tour came down with polio herself.  Polio alters people’s lives. Helene is proud to be part of an organization that is helping to eradicate polio.  She talked about one man, Dr. Santos from the Philippines who had the idea to end Polio and it was his idea that grew and launched the worldwide effort that Rotary has undertaken.  Today Polio is almost eliminated.  We are very close but we need Rotarians to continue to donate to polio so we can fully eradicate this disease. She asked us to remember the power of each individual to make significant changes in the world.
At the district level Helene is making changes to the organization so that it runs like a business as it is a non-profit business.  The District 5130 has been incorporated.  A data system is being incorporated to help the district to communicate to individuals more easily.  She asked members, what changes do you want to see? What can we do to help you? Let us know.
She has asked each club to take on a River project this year as Rotary’s commitment to being green. Our Winship and Boy Scout projects qualify.
She said publicize what you do. Let the community know about the work you do.  Tell your Assistant Governor, Carlton Nielsen and Bert Campton know so they can communicate to the District.
Achieving and meeting goals is up to each individual. It’s important to be open to new ideas, participate and know that the person’s life who will change the most, is your own. 
(Standing ovation).

President Ziggy presented Helene with a Key to Success T-Shirt and reminded all Rotarians to invite a prospective Rotarian to a meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:18pm

Respectfully submitted, 
Alicia Cox

Aug 5, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
August 5, 2013

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, Swiss Chicken, Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, peas, carrots, corn, rolls and assorted desserts.

Called to order by President Ziggy at 12:29pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was let by Pat Folkins.

The Invocation was led by Greg Pierson.

President Ziggy announced that he had been properly decontaminated following his volunteer efforts at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.  He reported that it took 3 days for his clothes to air out and a week for him to quit smelling like garlic.  He commented that he heard Gregg Gardiner ran amok at the last meeting and fined numerous Rotarians, so he would try to take it easy on people today.  He did hold up a beautiful Rotary Club of Eureka t-shirt and said that when you had been recognized to the full extent of the Rotary law, you too would receive your very own t-shirt.

Visiting Rotarians: Joyce Lopes, Sandy Scott and Sue Ringwald, all of the Arcata noon club; Liana Simpson from Old Town Rotary.

The lovely ladies of the Arcata noon club

Guests of Rotarians:  Jim Davis introduced Kathy Smith, President of College of the Redwoods, as well as a prospective Rotary member.

Bert Campton introduced his father-in-law, Paul Pavlich, from Palm Springs.  Paul turned 95 last Saturday!

Tom McMurray introduced his niece, Ainsley Duncan.  Ainsley and her husband recently opened Duncan Chiropractic.  They are sharing an office on Myrtle Avenue with Wennerholm Chiropractic.  Tom receives a 10% commission on all Rotary referrals, so please advise the office when you visit!

Birthdays:  Steve Justus & Pat Folkins, this week.

Anniversaries:  Chuck and Jennie Edwards.  Two Rotarians also stood up to proclaim that their anniversaries hadn’t been noted:  Richard and Joan Whitaker and Pat and Sheila Folkins.  President Ziggy duly noted that those events were also taking place.

Announcements:  Steve Lafferty announced that half a dozen Rotarians made it to Winship Middle School at 8am last Saturday and sprayed down the walking areas at the school with power washers.  They were able to clean about ½ of the walking area.  The fire department is coming to finish the blacktop area by spraying with their ultra strong hoses.  This reporter couldn’t follow the technical data regarding the amount of water per second, but it sounded impressive.  There will be another work party this coming Saturday at 8am.  Those who would like to find out what it’s like to spray water from the ultimate strong hose should definitely attend. 

Eric Bergel introduced outbound exchange student, Ashley, who is preparing to leave for Sweden within the next couple of weeks.

Recognitions:  Dale Warmuth was fined $50 for the Chamber Mixer Leon’s Care Car Center held in May.  Dale announced visitors totaled about 150 and that Captain Leon made an appearance.  An indoor BBQ was enjoyed by all.

Richard Whittaker was fined $50 because he retired.  His grandson lives in the local area so he and his wife are trying to decide where they want to reside so that they can be close enough to visit.

Richard then turned in his attorney, Paul Brisso, who handled the paperwork on the retirement.  Paul graciously thanked Richard for the honor of being recognized $50.  It was noted that Paul is preparing for his next hunting trip, this time to Mozambique in Southeast Africa.  President Ziggy noted that another fine would be in order upon his return.

Greg Pierson was fined $50 because President Ziggy has seen numerous signs around town with the Pierson Company logo on them.  Although Gregg attempted to claim that they were all “for lease” lease, Ziggy did not relent ad the fine stayed in place.  Greg asked if he would receive a t-shirt if he was fined in full, but declined, waiting until Ziggy walked out to his car.

John McBeth was fined $50 for retiring, although it sounds like he’s still spending quite a bit of time at O&M Industries (although, he’s being forced to use the customer entrance instead of the employee entrance).  He said he’s not spending a lot of time in a rocking chair.  Somebody gave him a motor and he had to buy a boat.

Dave Parris did not receive a fine for getting married, as he was fined last week.

Russ Harris had to stand, but was not fined since he had been fined last Monday.

Spengler Raffle:  $10 to Ted Loring & $10 to Steve Lafferty

Guest Speaker:  Our guest speaker did not arrive as scheduled, so the meeting ended early.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Cox