Apr 27, 2016

Watch our own club member, Linda Wise, become a "Reporter for a Day," a prize she won at our 2016 annual fundraiser!

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 18, 2016

Ken Stodder led us in the pledge.  Tom McMurray gave the invocation. 

The “Sunshine Report” was rather lengthy: Walt Shimasaki was ill and Dale Warmuth had two black eyes.  He was racing his motorcycle on the beach when a sneaker wave separated him from his conveyance. Hank’s wife, Kathy Pierson, also had two black eyes.  She tripped in a dust hole while trying to pick up her favorite chicken and hit her head on the roof of the chicken coop.  The roof then fell down and she broke her crown.  The chicken was collateral damage.  Now you’re nodding to yourself and saying “That happens all the time!”  Mike Murgia’s mother is ill.  Ziggy’s wife, Ruth, is doing better. 

Kim Bauriedel scolded the club for not attending Rotaract’s Dinner by the Black Sea last Saturday.  He said there were lots of people from South West Rotary there and they could recruit new Rotarians from the Rotaractors.  President Jay pointed out that it had been scheduled on the same night as the Nepal Earthquake relief Fundraiser.  Jay and Nancy Dean bought tickets to both.  It raised over $20,000. Kim was fined $25 for his impertinence.  

A cake was wheeled out for Ken Stodder, who will celebrate his 90th birthday on 4/21.  He was born in 1926.  The club blew whistles, and sang Happy Birthday.  He was the voice of the Lumberjacks for 40 years and Principal of Eureka Adult School.  He’s also a Red Sox fan, so Jay got him a Red Sox hat. 

It was also Paul Harris’s birthday.  He would be 160 years old, almost as old as Jim Howard.  He became an attorney and moved to Chicago.  Missing the intimacy of small town life he formed a club for socialization and business contacts.  His first service project was buying a horse for an itinerant preacher whose mount was crushed to death by a falling roof when someone hit their head on a chicken coop while tripping in a dust hole.   

Our presenter was Ryan Smith, manager of Planet Fitness in the Bayshore Mall.  He said that the facility caters to average people and discouraged weight training accompanied by grunting and dropping barbells.  They have all sorts of fitness equipment.  They also have massage beds and chairs and tanning booths.  Membership is $10 a month for a year, plus a $39.99 initiation fee.  For $20 a month you get to bring a guest anytime you come.  They offer free fitness training in small groups.  They are open 24 hours Mon-through Friday and 7a-9p on Saturdays and Sundays.  They have 4,500 members and are shooting for 6000 by the end of the year. 

The program ended early, so Jay had Will Kay and Steve Allen stand up and give brief craft talks. 

Gleefully submitted by Hank Ingham
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 11, 2016

President Jay Bahner rang the bell and announced that he only had 10 more meetings to go.  Will Kay led us in the pledge.  Greg Williston gave the invocation.  He noted that former Rotarian Bill McClendon lost his wife, Pam.  Special prayers for Ziggy Zigenfuss’s wife, Ruth, also who is in ill health.

Mindy Bussman reminded everyone of next week’s fireside meetings with president elect Matthew Owen.

Neil Carnam’s special fundraiser for Nepal, co-sponsored by Mad River Rotary, is this Saturday night at the Elk’s Lodge and there are still some tickets available. 

Christian Hill announced the winners of the March Madness fundraiser.  Charlie Bussman was the big winner at $1,168.50.  Mindy Bussman was awarded $250.  Mark Murgia took home $400 and Pat Folkins snagged $300.  Matthew Owen and Greg Pierson each made $200.  Nancy Dean got a measly $100. 

Kim Bauriedel announced that anyone who brings in a new member before the end of the year gets $100 put in his Paul Harris Fellowship.  We have about 130 members right now but need more due to attrition. 

Matthew Owen was fined $30 for making up on a Catamaran with no shoes on while he was in Hawaii. 

Bruce Rupp went fishing in the bay with his 7 year old grandson, and the boy caught his first fish.  Bruce was hooked for $50. 

The Pot goes back to $30 next week, because Tom Schallert drew the joker and walked away with $390 in prize money! 

Our speaker, club member Patrick Cleary, is the Executive Director of the Humboldt Area Foundation.  HAF has over $100,000,000 in assets.  Last year HAF gave out 2,000 grants and awarded 400 scholarships.  They have also made investments in local projects, including The Carson Block Building, Open Door Clinic in Fortuna, and the new Arcata Fire Department Building.  They pay the overhead by charging 1-2% on the funds they manage.  Patrick was asked what HAF is doing about the homeless problem.  He said they were looking into it, but that there are 12 different groups tackling the problem and they don’t always talk to each other.  Jay thanked Patrick for having substituted at the last minute for another program that was cancelled.  He got a plaque, a Rotary hourglass, and a neon orange baseball cap.  I’m sure it was the highlight of his day. 

Faithfully submitted by Hank Ingham

Apr 4, 2016

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 4, 2016

President Jay Bahner asked Nathan Nilsen to lead us in the pledge.  Then he called up Carlton Nielsen to give the invocation.  Then he opened a tin of lutefisk and said his name was Jan Bahnerson.  Luckily, he realized there was no reason to go all Nordic on us and settled down.   

Next week is “Fine me if I’m not wearing a Rotary Pin” week.  It’s also $10 if you have a birthday in April and are not sitting at the head table. 

Neil Carnam’s fundraiser for Nepal is on the 16th and there are still tickets available. 

The North Coast Junior Giants needed $700 so Jay pitched in $100 and Craig Hansen, Carlton Nielson, John McBeth, Christian Hill and Hank Pierson also stepped up to the plate. 

The Rotaract Fundraiser, Black Sea Bash, has been rescheduled.  It’s now on the 16th, the same day as Neil Carnam’s Fundraiser. 

Matthew Owen sent a picture from Hawaii showing him making up a meeting on a Catamaran.  That will cost him. 

Our presenter was Attorney Kevin Robinson.  He’s a department head in the Public Defender’s Office.  He said that the “right to have an attorney present and if you can not afford one, one will be provided” was a relatively recent thing.   The idea was first advanced by Clara Foltz in 1893 but not acted on until the 1930’s and then, only for capital cases and for the feeble minded.  The  law in its present form was enabled in 1963.  It does not apply to civil cases, or to misdemeanors.   The poor are still not represented in cases that involve fines like unpaid child support and overdue parking tickets.  He said that the main increase in incarcerated people was the fault of Prosecutors who tend to treat offences more seriously in order to scare the perp into a plea bargain.  He is retiring this year. 

Attendance was sparse so if you’re reading this, come next week but be sure to wear your Rotary Pin!

Submitted by Hank Ingham