Nov 29, 2011

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
November 28, 2011

Chuck Ellsworth

Ron Pierre

Visiting Rotarians
Jill Hanson from Old Town

Christmas Party
The club has reserved the Ingomar Club for the night of December 16th for our annual Holiday Party.  No-host cocktails start at 5pm, with dinner starting at 6pm.  Eureka High's Limited Edition Choir will perform at 6:45pm. For reservations, please contact Mike Cunningham at 441.1111.

Other Business
Greg Gardiner spoke about the need for more support for Toys For Tots. Times are tough and sponsors have been reducing their donations. On a good note, Rotaract members collected 600 toys over the weekend. 

Diane Cipperley was recognized for her son’s recent wedding and for her retirement from Humboldt Area Foundation at the end of the year.

Dave Dillon went to Hawaii and then was given the option of waiving the fine for performing a hula. Let’s just say that the entire group was relieved when he opted to pay the fine instead.

Jim Hunter has celebrated 5 years at his Eureka location.

Gary Phelp went to the Hawaii with the family for a week.

Ziggy Ziegenfuss went to Santa Cruz with a side trip to Boston.

President Greg Pierson was caught slipping the fact that he went to the Boston area for Thanksgiving. This prompted Past President Bert Campton to fine President Greg $50.00 for Polio Plus.  President Greg in return pointed out that Past President Bert Campton went to Palm Springs for a Rotary meeting, but he was not fined since it was official Rotary business.

Guest Speaker
Eric Bergel gave a speech about the current Youth Exchange program and then introduced our speaker Marina, our inbound exchange student from Brazil. She ran a PowerPoint presentation about Brazil.

Yours in Service,
Aaron Tilch

The girls of Lost Coast Rotaract.

Susie Smelser

Student guests from FFA, Future Farmers of America.

John Bartholomew

Jim Howard.

President Elect, Nancy Dean.
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
November 21, 2011

Larona Farnum

Craig Hansen

Visiting Rotarians
Nancy and Mark from Southwest Eureka

Dennis Hunter introduced his guest Danielle Tegarden from Coast Central Credit Union and was promptly fined $10.00 for advertising for CCCU.  He then was fined another $10.00 for saying this advertising was cheaper than on KINS. 

Carlton Nielson brought Christen Jones as a visitor.

New Members 
Carlton sponsored two new members Tim Jones and Brad Gibson who were introduced into the club.

Christmas Party 
The club has reserved the Ingomar Club for the night of December 16th for our annual Holiday Party.  No-host cocktails start at 5pm, with dinner starting at 6pm.  Eureka High's Limited Edition Choir will perform at 6:45pm. For reservations, please contact Mike Cunningham at 441.1111.

Other Business
Assistant Governor Bert Campton talked about the foundation fund.  Steve Justus talked about the current status of revenue generation.  Alice Birney School presented the club with thank you cards and art work for our work on Backpacks for Kids.

Many items were auctioned out of the Rotary archive such as the stool used by President Greg Pierson in order to be seen by the crowd, which of course was bought by our next President-in-waiting Nancy Dean.  Baseballs from a previous president were bought by Carlton Nielson and Greg Seiler.  

Next was the Rotary bell from the Southwest Eureka club.  It was promptly auctioned off to Nancy Kay who was in attendance from Southwest, but John Harper stepped in and paid the auction price for Southwest as a token of goodwill.

Brian Papstein was recognized for taking KINS to FM 106.3.

Larona Farnum went to Cabo and took her youngest granddaughter to Disneyland.

Bruce Emad traveled to Italy for two weeks.

John Harper bought himself a new Chrysler 300 before quitting his job and starting his own business.

Guest Speaker
Will Kay introduced our speaker Public Defender Kevin Robinson. 

He spoke on the many aspects of the Public Defender’s office than many people do not know about. They represent people in the justice system that may be charged with crimes, incarcerated and in the mental institutions. The option of having an appointed public defender is a relative new right for people not accused of capital offenses. Before 1963 the option of a public defender was not offered.

Yours in Service
Aaron Tilch

Nov 18, 2011

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
November 14, 2011

The pledge was performed by Richard Borough

The invocation was performed by Greg Williston

Visiting Rotarians 
Liana Simpson and Lee Cunningham

John Berger was fined for not sitting at front table on his actual birthday.  President Greg Pierson tried to enlist the help of fellow Rotarians in sing Happy Birthday to him, but someone paid in order for the privilege of the group not signing.

Special Recognition

President Greg Pierson wanted to recognize the members that served for our wonderful country in the armed services.  We had a standing ovation paying tribute to their service from all members.  Then we heard each member’s story of their time and place that they served.

Small Grant 
A $950 grant was given to the Redwood Community Action Agency for the purchase of helmets for their bike rodeo at Alice Birney School. 

Student Guests
Members of the Eureka High School FFA Club updated the club on their activities both locally and statewide.

Induction as Paul Harris Fellow
The club recognized Eureka Police Officer Chris Jenkins, who holds the position of Eureka City Schools Resource Officer.  His induction as a Paul Harris Fellow was the direct result of his on-going help and support with our children in the Eureka City Schools.  Many people from Eureka City Schools were in attendance to show support for Officer Jenkins.  He was very moved and honored to accept the award. 

Guest Speaker  
Greg Foster introduced our Guest Speaker- Headwaters Fund Coordinator Dawn Elsbree.  Also presenting were Zach Zwerdling – Headwaters Fund Board Chair and Liegh Pierre-Oetker – Headwaters Fund Board Vice Chair.

The Headwaters Fund was created in 2003 to help fund economic development with our local community.  They discussed the various projects that have helped produce local jobs and stimulate our local youth into fields that our community can grow into.  Their charter was also discussed to help us understand their mission within the community.

Yours in service,
Aaron Tilch

Nov 15, 2011

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
November 7, 2011

Pledge and Invocation
Mike Downey led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The invocation was performed by Matt Messner

Guests of Rotarians
Charlie Bussman brought his daughter Mindy.

EHS Homecoming
Erin Knight (one of our clubs picks for Youth Exchange next year) and Katherine gave us a short run down of homecoming celebrations this year.  Over half the school attended the bon-fire this year with the juniors winning the hall contest this year, which, Erin and Katherine were not very enthusiastic about since they are seniors.

Exchange Students
Tonya and Marina discussed the recent international dinner that was auctioned off by our president to benefit their fundraising. Five of our local exchange students arrived at Greg Pierson’s to prepare a full meal for six diners. I was personally there and diner was excellent, especially the drink made by Marina out of Brazilian Rum and Beef Stock! We had an appetizer from Norway (ask Greg Pierson on the pronunciation) then we had empanadas from the exchange student from Argentina, main dish was from Germany, and dessert was a combined effort from Switzerland and Brazil.

John McBeth and Tom Mulder were recognized for not being at the front table for $10.

There were quite a few cryptic IOU notes from the previous meeting. The best being that Greg Pierson evidently wrote an IOU to himself even though he was exempt from the fine.

Christmas Party
This year’s Christmas party will be held at the Ingomar on December 16th at 6 pm.

Plea for help
Gregg Gardiner pleaded for help from the club for funding for the Logger Classic this year since funding is short by a considerable amount.

Greg actually remembered the raffle this time. Winners were Hank Ingham and Mike Downey.

Greg Pierson called on Paul Brisso to discuss his recent trip and 38th wedding anniversary. His response was not very forthcoming but to make a long story short, he went hunting and came back tired and skunked.

Next was Pat Folkins, he was fined for $10 for not showing up last week, which was then changed to $15 after a debate.  Pat censured Greg $15 for trying to fine Scott Guild for not being at the front table even though he was sitting right next to Greg.  Pat eventually was recognized for his cruise in the Mediterranean for 2 weeks.

Scott Guild was called upon to discuss his trip through the Panama Canal, even though he never actually went on the trip.   But he had discussed this with Carol Riche who actually went on the cruise from San Francisco to New York.

Craig Hansen was not very forth coming on his recent trip to England to find a successor for his business at Oxford University. Many people were interview but he decided on his first grandson Benjamin, who was recently born, to succeed him.

Pete Vallerga went on a cruise with his wife on a river in France for two weeks.

Guest Speaker
Tom McMurray introduced our speaker for the day – Jim Hale from Hagadone Directories.  

Jim spoke about the relevance of print ads in phone books versus the internet and other media. Also he discussed his attachment to this area because it reminds him of his home in Idaho and his commitment to our community.

Respectfully submitted,
Aaron Tilch

Nov 11, 2011

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
October 31, 2011
Happy Halloween!  

Rhinestone Cowgirl, Sally Arnot.
Eric Bergel....need I say more?

The Wizard of Oz, aka, Dennis Hunter.

After a stunning introduction by our kilt-wearing Sgt-At-Arms, Anthony Antonville, President Pierson, or should I say Sir Pierson, made his grand entrance through the crowd of cheering onlookers to take his post behind the royal podium and start the meeting.

Pledge and Invocation
Jay Reed led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, while Pastor Dan Price said the invocation.

Visiting Rotarians
Visiting Rotarians today included Liana Simpson from Old Town Rotary, Lee Cunningham from Cupertino Rotary and Jim Mayer from Arcata Sunrise Rotary.

Guests of Rotarians
Charlie Bussman brought his lovely daughter Mindy, who works alongside him at George Petersen Insurance in Eureka.  Craig Hansen brought Rob McLaughlin of Eureka Ready Mix.

Tonya and Marina were our student guests today, this being their first American Halloween celebration.  Tonya said they celebrate a similar holiday in Norway, but only when they are very young.  She said she hadn’t dressed up since she was six or so.  Marina said they don’t celebrate how we do, but was reminded by an audience member that she does celebrate a little festival the Brazilians like to call Carnival!  They attended a Halloween party at the host-home of the German exchange student on Saturday night and had a great time.  Marina celebrated her birthday recently and Tonya was wearing a knitted hat she recently received from the Bergel family. 

Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations
Birthdays this week include Dick Nash, Sue Bosch, Al Crnich and Ray Wickle.  Upcoming anniversary celebrations include the Deans, the Captain and his bride and the Littlefields

Sir Greg started the announcements by asking everyone in costume to stand up.  Then he asked everyone who was wearing their Rotary lapel pin to stand up.  Those who remained seated were then asked to reach under the front of their chair and pull out the colored post-it note.  Those who pulled orange were asked to pay $5….those who pulled green were asked to pay $10.  An IOU with your name on it was acceptable if you don’t have cash.  The next time we have a meeting on Halloween….wear a costume!

Sir Greg then asked Mike Martin to come to the podium to share his story on his recent trip to the UK.  Mike is an avid hunter of anything that can be found via metal detector.  This most recent trip to the UK provided a cache of very unique and rare items, including a Roman brooch from 100BC, a 1272 Edward I (aka Edward Longshanks) penny and a plethora of Roman bronze coins from approximately 100-300 AD.  A recent trip to Alaska produced a remarkably large gold nugget, which Mike was wearing on a chain around his neck.  Thanks for sharing your great adventures, Mike…we look forward to hearing stories from your next trip!

Next, two small grants were given to Amy Chase from Alice Birney School for new library books ($500) and to Susan Seaman for the Children’s Author Festival ($1,000).  Literacy is incredibly important; let’s keep our kids interested in reading and books!

John Bartholomew is taking on the formation of a Vocational Services Committee – one of the five Rotary Service Areas.  The 4-way test adopted in 1934 is from this service area. He also reviewed the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions.  One of the projects being considered is youth mentoring in conjunction with and existing Eureka High programs


George Peterson Insurance, aka Charlie Bussman or his apparition, recently completed an acquisition of the Northwest Insurance Agency, based in Santa Rosa, with offices throughout Northern California and Oregon.  $145 to you

Our own Ron Pierre used his connections for a free flight to Europe with his wife on a C17 to Venice, via Germany.  Ron, I know the price was right, but how were the seats?  Ron also mentioned that he met a bomb sniffing dog from the 4th Infantry who had just completed a 13 month tour of duty.  What a neat experience!  Although Ron was fined $75 by Sir Pierson, he did present Greg with an Operation Iraqi Freedom coin, passing along a unique military tradition.  Very cool, Ron!

Mike Martin, thanks for the great slide show on your trip to the UK and the playful measuring of your Alaskan gold nugget.  That will cost you $145, but on the upside, you are now the owner of a new blue measuring tape!

Today’s winners were Tom Schallert and Gary TodoroffMary Johnson, boy was Gary lucky you left early and we had to draw a third ticket! 

Today’s guest speaker was Heidi Moore of the Decade of Difference initiative through the Humboldt County Office of Education.  Before joining the Decade of Difference, Heidi served as a counselor and Vice Principal at Eureka High School, and most recently, as the Principal of Zane Junior High School.  The Decade of Difference 2020 Initiative has goals of:

  • 100% of 4th grade students will demonstrate grade level mastery in Reading and Math;
  • 95% of entering high school freshman will graduate with a high school diploma; and,
  • 90% of high school graduates will continue their education and enroll in a post-secondary educational program.

Impact Areas/Strategies include:

  • Kindergarten Readiness/Early Literacy
  • Middle and High School Intervention
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy, Planning and Savings
  • Career Awareness and College Planning
  • Workforce Preparation/Career Mentorship
  • Parent and Community Engagement
  • Professional Development

Heidi’s presentation focused primarily on the Workforce Preparation/Career Mentorship Program of the Initiative, and how, in conjunction with Rotary International Vocation Service Month, student mentorship through the program dovetails with the ideals of Rotary.  The overarching goal of this strategy is to have local youth recognize that there are current and future opportunities to successfully work and live in Humboldt County.  Objectives of the Mentorship Program include providing 475 quality mentorships over the next 5 years and developing an E-Mentoring Program.  Identified targets of opportunity include:

  • Diversified Health Care
  • Building, Systems Construction and Maintenance
  • Specialty Agriculture, Food and Beverages
  • Investment Support Services
  • Management and Innovation Services
  • Niche Manufacturing

Particular interest is in providing mentors in the Diversified Health Care and Niche Manufacturing industries.  With time drawing to a close, Heidi asked the group to consider participating as a student mentor.  If you are interested in participating in the program as a mentor, please feel free to contact Heidi directly at 707-445-4502 or  Further information ca be found on the Humboldt County Office of Education website at

Sir Pierson reminded the Board that there would be a quick meeting in the corner after the final bell.  With that, the book was signed and the meeting was adjourned at 1:26pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Stacy Lane