Mar 29, 2011

March 28, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

New member Mandy Nash was asked to lead the pledge.  Ryan Fray did the invocation.   He noted that internet pioneer and advocate Chris Crawford had died.  

Eric Bergel announced that the search had begun for six families who would be willing to host the 2 exchange students that will be coming shortly.   

George Owren will be heading up the Backpacks for Kids Program.  He needs volunteers too.   

NCAA update:  Nobody bought VCU, so it belongs to the club.  Scott Guild bought Butler for $25 (but spent $400 on other teams)  Corky Cornwell bought Kentucky at $175.  Carlton Nielsen bought Uconn for $150 but invested a total of $800 in the contest.   

Stacy Lane came up to the podium to refresh the club’s memory about, which is the latest step in the evolution of the Burl.  Each week is available on the web.  Bookmark the address to keep up on meetings you have missed.  Printed copies will now be available next to the badge box for those who are internet challenged.  It is read by people all over the world, from Siberia to Senegal.  If you wish to be a Burl writer, there are openings.  No one, of course, is as talented as I am, but don’t let that stop you.   

Carol Riesch plugged the Senior Resource Center’s home delivered meals program.  As a fund raiser, three local restaurants have pledged 15-25% of their sales on certain dates to “Meals on Wheels”.  On April 5th 5-9pm it’s Las Cazuelas in Fortuna.  On April 10, 4-9pm it’s the Plaza Grill in Arcata, and on April 20 5-9pm Hurricane Kate’s in Eureka.   

Two blue badges were recently awarded to Mandy Nash and Anthony Antoville.   

Carlton donned his fining hat, an ill-fitting homburg that once belonged to Hobart Brown and proceeded to honor six Rotarians who had been members for 50+ years.  Jack Morton, Dick Nash, Charlie Strope, Walt Shimasaki, Al Crnich and John Winzler.  If you assume that they attended every meeting and adjust for inflation, that’s $44,200 each for meals.  Add 21,600 lame jokes by the presidents of the club and throw in $7500 in fines and it’s a wonder that they didn’t defect to the Elk’s Club (which I understand has very good food).  He then held up a Rotary banner from Denmark and said that Martin, last year’s exchange student sent it because his relatives had all joined Rotary Clubs as a result of his experience here.  Then he announced that next week’s meal will be lutefisk in honor of Martin.   

Tom McMurray introduced our program speaker, Dr. Elias Malki.  He was born in Lebanon and became a US Citizen by choice.  He speaks Arabic, Hebrew, and obviously, English.  He hosts a Christian television program that is broadcast from Cyprus and reaches 20 million viewers.  As a result of the program he is very well know in the middle east and has talked with many world leaders.  He is an expert on the politics of the region.  95% of those living in the “fertile crescent” are now Muslim.  Christians are discriminated against, even sent to “reservations” (Iraq) . Iraqi Christians have declined from 2 million to 500,000.  He has written a book called “Ambassador of a Higher Power."  Call Tom McMurray to order a copy.   

Carlton then closed the meeting by reminding us of the following classifications are unfilled:  Sturgeon wrangler, Cleavage Instructor, Dervish, Wheelwright, and Assassin.

Lutefisk:  A dried whitefish prepared in lye.  Lutefisk is made from cod is notorious in Scandinavia for its powerful and offensive odor.

Respectfully submitted by 
Hank Ingham

Mar 21, 2011

March 21, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

Harley Smith was chosen to lead the pledge.  Being a head taller, he was hard to miss.  Greg Williston did the invocation beginning with “Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.”

 It was noted that long time Rotarian Bob Dedikam had passed away just short of his 82nd birthday. Paul Brisso came up to the podium to recall Dedikam’s skills as a business attorney, and then asked for a moment of silence in remembrance. 

Saturday March 26 is a workday for volunteer Rotarians –getting Cloney Field ready for baseball season.  Call Gregg Gardiner for details. 

Eureka High Students students (and cousins) Sunny & Betty spoke to the group about the school's AVID program.

Former Rotary exchange student, Paula Willi, returned for a visit.  She thanked the club for allowing her the opportunity to live in our community and stated how the improvements she made here with her English has now allowed her become an international flight attendant with Swiss Air.....a very delightful girl indeed.

Carlton (yes, he’s still president) became a ‘cheese head’, donning the yellow plastic chapeau particular to Green Bay Packer fans.  It was no surprise to the crowd, who thought he’d been a cheese head all along. 

Larona (La’ Raw’ Nah) Farnum was recognized for recent favorable press about Timber Ridge in the Times Standard. $55. 

John Winzler was finally recognized for his firm’s new building.  He asked for mercy, because the firm was moving out a building he owned into one built by someone else.  Awww-let’s take up a collection.   He added that he was about to be recognized as Boy Scout Citizen of the Year.  Carlton sold him DVD worth $130. 

Then it was time for the drawing, which goes to fund the Humboldt County Science Fair.  Nancy Dean attended the annual ceremonies, and learned that our county has the highest number of science fair winners per capita in the state.  Money well spent. 

Our program speaker was Brent Ferguson of the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.  He said the shelter was built in 2004 when the Sequoia Humane Society got out of the animal control business.  They have housed 14,703 animals since them, and only euthanized 3%  (441).  That’s an excellent track record, especially since the facility is located next to a shooting range. Volunteers keep the rate down, moving animals to other shelters if the pound gets too full.  Stray animals and adoptable animals are featured on  If your dog is missing, check the site.  Adopting a pet from the shelter is simple....a few pages of paperwork, an ok from your landlord, and $65-148 for a dog, $65-100 for a cat.  That includes spaying or neutering, de-worming, micro chipping, and a temperament test. Then they do the same thing to the your pet.  Remember, “Teaching a child not to step in dog doo is as valuable to the child as it is to your carpet…”

Faithfully submitted
By Hank Ingham

Mar 15, 2011

March 14, 2011
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

President Carlton and yet another interesting hat!

Don Smullin led the pledge of allegiance and Dan Price the invocation encouraging us to remember our friends in Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

Matt Messner  introduced Gary Hays from Rotary club Thailand and Kelly Lehman was the guest of Greg Bowen

Tim Gallagher introduced James Barnett and Nicole Castanzo with Youth Relay for Life (May 21-22).  They urged us to make donations to the event which has raised many thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society. 
President Elect Greg Pierson said our District Assembly is coming up April 1st (no joke). Greg also encouraged us to sign up for Fireside Chats so that he can receive input for his term as president.

Steve Justus’ wife Deborah is recovering well from a stroke and broken wrist.  Steve commended St. Joseph Hospital for its compassionate care. Steve offered to pay another $190 toward another Paul Harris Fellowship.

Ken Stoddard’s grandson is going to send him to the poor house for winning the St. Bernard’s MVP for football and basketball and maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  Ken earned a Rotary coaster.

Brian Papstein took the podium and began the bidding for the NCAA tournament, which proved fun and went a bit slower than usual due to a few empty seats in the middle of the Wharfinger Building.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Price