Nov 10, 2017

November 6th, 2017

Meeting called to order at 12:22 by President Bruce Smith.

·         Flag Salute

·         Invocation: Nathan Nielsen.

·         Visiting Rotarians: Paul from Rotary Club of Sebastopo1. Amanda Nelson from the Rotary Club of Eureka Old Town.

·         Birthdays, anniversaries and club anniversaries announced.



·         Carly Robbins gave an updated on Backpacks for Kids. Packing is ongoing every Thursday at Humboldt Bay Moving and Storage at 4PM. Carly shared quotes from recent Backpack for Kids survey. “I’m grateful for the food. My family doesn’t always have enough money for food.” And “I don’t always eat after school but on Fridays I do.”

·         Matthew Owen announced our next Done in a Day Project is scheduled for this Saturday, November 11 at Highland Park at 9:00 AM should take two hours please bring tools (gloves, wheelbarrow, rakes etc.)

·         Klark Swan and Amanda Nelson announced the Foundation Celebration North will be held on Sunday the 19th at 2:00 PM at the Elks Lodge. It is a cook your own steak event. Everyone is encouraged to come and represent our club. You can also buy tickets for the raffle they are $20 apiece or $100 for six.  Funds from the raffle go to the Foundation and will go towards you Paul Harris Fellow. You can register online via the email that was sent out to everyone. Each link is personalized so do not forward on to someone else. If you need someone to resend the link please contact Amanda Nelson or Klark Swan. President Bruce pledged to buy six tickets and encourages all members to purchase raffle tickets as well.

·         President Bruce spoke about the Hurricane Haiti Relief Effort.  Funds are being raised to provide clean water to areas that were affected by the hurricane. This project will provide for wells this year. Rotarian Greg Hanson has pledged to match funds given towards the project.  Bruce has pledged $100 of his own to kickoff donations and encourages members to participate as well.

·         Our club has a new website thanks to Miguel Garcia and 360 Design. They have added upcoming events, the Burl, press content and hope to continually update with club information.  Looks great! Good job Miguel! Website is still the same


Spangler raffle held:

·         Silver Dollar - John Winzler

·         McDonald’s gift certificate - Steve Lafferty

·         Hamilton - Carly Robbins

·         Black Lightning Cafe gift certificate - Ken Stoddard

·         Card drawing (not the Joker) - Jennifer Budwig


Program: President Bruce introduced Tom Throssel of Redwood Teen Challenge:

·         Teen Challenge was established in 1961. They now have 200 centers across the USA. Our local chapter has four residential centers and beds for 101 students. Their bills are paid through work in the community which also allows students gain skills to go on and getting permanent work. Students do landscaping, painting, cleaning, and more with in the community. Funding also comes from community donations and grants. Students entering the program commit to one year. The four residential centers included separate men’s and women’s facilities, as well as new transitional housing for both men and women. They also have a Club 5:17 “All Things Are Made New” which is a book and coffee shop run by the women where they get the chance to learn customer service skills. The mission of the Redwood to Challenge is to rescue people from destructive lifestyles. They are newly partnering with the jail for student referrals.  The Teen Challenge works to rebuild students spiritually, mentally, and physically. They focus on discipline as a part of the program. Even though it is called “Teen Challenge” it is not just for teenagers the average age is 25 to 26. Their goal is to return students to their family and community, get them jobs, and get them back in the Society. If you are looking to have Redwood Teen Challenge do work for you call Steve at their office, 268-8727. Success rates- of the most recent national numbers they have- are 85% stay sober for the next five years.  Tom says those numbers are a bit out of date he thinks the local numbers are closer to 50% of participates are sober five years out. They will take someone back if they relapse out of the program, they call it their Restoration Program, which is a six months long. Teen Challenge Representative Josh spoke. He has been through the program himself three times. He says it restores faith, gives structure and work ethic. Redwood Teen Challenge has 17 employees only two of which have not been through the program themselves. They also have many community volunteers to serve as mentors and teachers. More information can be found at their website:


Meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM and the club went outside to take video for District 5130 purposes.

Oct 31, 2017

October 30, 2017

The menu was fried chicken, tortillas, a meat mixture, beans and stewed chicken.  There were tortilla chips, salsa, cheese, hot sauce and sour cream there for those who wished to make a taco. Finally there were tater tots for those who didn’t care what they ate as long as it was a carbohydrate.  
Miguel Garcia led us in the flag salute.  Bill McAuley gave the invocation.  Bruce Smith presided.  The first topic of discussion was the club’s need for a president-elect.  Apparently no one has stepped forward to fill Bruce’s shoes when his term runs out in June 2018.  It’s an easy job-all you have to do is show up at meetings and tell bad jokes. It helps to know people’s names.  Seriously, we need someone soon.  The PETS conference is coming up.  Speaking of jokes- Bill McAuley told a knock  knock  joke directed at Dennis Hunter, who is a huge SF 49ers fan.  It goes “knock knock..who’s there?  Owen… Owen who? Owen eight”  (the team’s record so far this year) After the laughter had died down, Bruce lauded Rick Littlefield  for having been a Rotarian for 14 years.

Our speaker was State Assemblyman Jim Wood.  He has the 5th largest district in California.  He talked about the continuing need for donations for fire victims of the Santa Rosa and Napa fires.  Over 200,000 acres were burned along with 6,000 structures.  There is a real need for housing.  He also spoke briefly in support of a single payer health system and redundancy in broadband.  Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm.

Succinctly scribed by Hank Ingham

Oct 24, 2017

October 16, 2017

·         The meeting was called to order at 12:20 by President Bruce. 
·         Flag Salute was led by Ken Stodder
·         The Invocation was provided by Matt Messner and he ask that we keep Gary Todoroff in our prayers as his wife Joanne passed away last week.
·         President Bruce had all of the Elks volunteers come out and gave them an apology for not letting them know we were meeting off site last week.  The club gave them a standing ovation for all of their hard work and great meals they provide us weekly
·         Visiting Rotarians:  Dan Johnson from Arcata Sunrise
·         Guests of Rotarians:  N/A
·         Birthdays, Anniversaries and Rotary anniversaries were all announced.  Rick Littlefield just celebrated his 42nd wedding anniversary with a road trip to Colorado so he donated $42 accordingly.
·         Bruce directed everyone to the flyers on the table which provided information on the LARCA group which is a Rotary organization that is collecting donations for all of the fire victims.  There was also information sent out via email but it is a great organization that will help the people and businesses that have been impacted by the fires.  Donation options will be discussed further at the board meeting tomorrow.
·         Carly Robbins announced that the backpack program meets weekly at Humboldt Moving and Storage and they are still looking for volunteers to sign up to help stuff the back packs.  If you are interested, contact Mindy Bussman who is coordinating this.
·         We do not have any Done In A Day projects coming up soon, but Bruce had everyone stand up that has participated in one of these and a big round of applause was given for all that have donated their time for this event. 
·         Raffle:
o   Silver Dollar:  Annalise von Borstel
o   McDonald’s gift certificate:  Paul Brisso
o   $10 – Bruce Rupp
o   Black Lightning Café GC – John Fullerton
o   Drawing – Paul Brisso did NOT draw the joker
·         The speaker, Dan Johnson, President of Danco was introduced as the premier construction and property management company on the north coast.  He is also a 25 year Rotarian of the Arcata Sunrise club.  Dan provided an overview of some of the projects he and his company are working on. 
o   The Town of Samoa is 270 acres and was the first company town to ever be created in the US back in the late 1800’s.  Six different groups have owned the town over the years until the Samoa Pacific Group bought it in 2001.  It includes 99 houses, the Heritage Museum, a gym, post office, Samoa Cookhouse, etc.   They are just completing a $1MM gym renovation project.  It has taken them 9 years to get their project permitted through the Coastal Commission but they are now done and have their entitlements.  They have a full tsunami site/evacuation plan in place because of their location.   The first phase of development will include an 80 unit affordable housing complex (Samoa Coast Townhomes).  He talked a bit about the affordable housing projects they have constructed and operate which includes 1500 units statewide.  Rents range from $50/mth to $350/mth dependent upon the size of the unit.  They are in the process of creating a Community Service District (CSD) that will be combined with a small fire district which is a new model.   This needs to be voted upon, but not certain if will pass because some people fear they will lose their homes.  But if it goes through, they will either sell, or rent the homes back to the tenants. If it doesn’t pass, they will need to create something similar to a Home Owner’s Association.  The second building phase will be 300 more units in the form of a subdivision.  In 2018, they are also looking at building phase I of an alcohol and drug rehab center (5 bed facility).  If is the hope that eventually, the final buildout of the community which will house approximately 1200 people, will be completely drug and alcohol free with the intent of the tenants being rehabilitated. The new master tentative map approval is in process and they are starting with Phase 1 next fall.  It will be a $55MM project over the next 4-5 years. 
o   Other projects he discussed were 1) the Lodge (Old Towner) near the Eureka Inn which is a 50 unit senior housing project. They have 160 people on the waiting list.  Of the 50 units, 15 of the seniors they have placed had been homeless for over a year.  The integration has been very good.  2)  Eureka Homeless and Veterans Housing which will be located on 108 4th Street.  It is a 51 unit, 3 story building that will house veterans.  The renderings were very nice with an indoor courtyard.  They are reapplying for funding in the March round and if approved, should be under construction by Spring, 2019.  3)  They are working on another phase of the Astor Place off Myrtle to help with homeless housing.
o   They have seven other projects going on in other counties through homeless housing initiatives.  One is in Gilroy that came about by Kirk Girard contacting Dan and asking if he would do something there.   It’s a 75 unit project with 28 units for housing homeless.  They are the first for profit entity pursuing this type of project. 
o   He talked about the company and that he is at a point in his life where one of the focuses is making positive changes in many people’s lives which has been the inspiration behind the homeless housing projects and the ‘safe and sober’ project in Samoa.  That is the dream right now but it will be market driven so demand will determine if that comes to fruition.
·         President Bruce reminded the club about the importance of bringing prospective members to meetings and getting our membership up.  He gave a special acknowledgement to women and is hoping to increase our female members.   
·         The meeting was adjourned at 12:15.

October 2 2017

The October 2, 2017 Rotary meeting was called to order at 12:20 by President Bruce
James Dement led us in the flag salute
Mike Cunningham provided the invocation
Birthdays, Anniversaries and Club anniversaries were all acknowledged
Guests of Rotarians were introduced:
o   Dan Heinen introduced Jennifer Lynch of Sunny Brea Super Chick and her partner David
o   Carlton Nielsen introduced our program Scott Bauer from Dept of Fish and Wildlife as well as our Interactors including Jim and Amy Robbins
o   Arny King introduced our exchange student from Denmark, Jakub Hendrickson, who talked about his successes on the football field. 
Visiting Rotarian Lori Bryer, Assistant District Governor, was introduced.
·         Carly Robbins announced the backpack for kids program is kicking off this Thursday at Humboldt Moving & Storage.   It will start between 4:00 – 4:15 so whoever can help out, it would be appreciated.  This is a joint effort with the two other clubs.  She also mentioned there was another ad published (buy a square) to raise money for this program and the Old Town club Is ahead of us!
·         Don Leonard announced that the Sign Smith deadline is 11/1 so let your non profit organizations know the application process is happening and they can be forwarded to Nancy Dean
·         Matthew Owen talked about the Done In A Day project last Saturday at the Boys and Girls Club.  The clean up helped tremendously and they will work on maintaining it so it stays in good shape.  Thanks to Jess Klair for donating the food. 
·         Phil Nicklaus said the Boys and Girls Club dinner held Saturday, where they honored member Dale Warmuth, was a great event and they raised a lot of money.
·         James Dement announced there will be a dinner held by the HC and Pacific Rivers District Boy Scouts of America honoring our Mayor Frank Jager who has been a Scout leader for 48 years.  The dinner will be held on October 26th and he has RSVP cards available. 
·         Pat Folkins reported that the Toys for Tots kickoff dinner was held at the Blue Lake Casino on Saturday night and it was a nice event. 
·         Tom Shallart spoke about the shooting situation in Las Vegas and there were many donors already lined up at the local blood bank before the doors were opened to donate.   They will not be sending blood to the victims but he reminded everyone that they are always in need of blood and platelets so all donations are appreciated.  The club used to donate ~150 pints/year but now we’re down to ~20 units.  It takes 1 hour to donate blood and 90 minutes for platelets.  He will have an upcoming program in November to provide more information. 
·         Nancy Dean introduced Jamie Robbins, the President of Eureka High School Interact Club.  She gave a brief announcement that their upcoming events will center on a local project of the homeless in Humboldt by working with the Food Bank and Betty Chin.  For their international project, they will help get necessities to the recent disaster victims including Texas, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 
The drawing was held and winners follow:
·         Silver $ - Jakub Hendrickson
·         McDonalds Value Meal GC – Mark Murgia
·         Hamilton – Dave Dillon
·         Black Lightening Café GC – Sue Bosch
·         Humboldt Pet Supply CG – Craig Hansen
·         Drawing – Jennifer Lynch; didn’t draw the joker
Our program Scott Bower was introduced.  He is the Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor for Fish and Wildlife.  His topic of discussion was Cannabis Cultivation in Humboldt County:  The Changing Landscape.  CDFS protects public trust resources, enforces codes, enforces state laws, and works with state agencies surrounding this issue.  There have been ~500 permits approved so far between HC and Mendo County with another ~1000 to be processed in HC.  The Natural resource impact includes the following:  Water diversion; pond and water storage issues; pollutants; noise pollution (generators); light pollution (greenhouses); conversion of habitat (fragmentation of lands); more endangered species listed as animals eliminated which will lead to more restrictions for other businesses; public and employee safety.   He cited some examples showing the dramatic increase in grows over the last several years.   He spoke about how they try to deal with it in a construction way by working closely with state agencies to enforce rules, regulations and ordinances via heavy fines.  Questions followed.
The next meeting will be held at the Sequoia Zoo
The meeting was adjourned at 1:20.
The information contained in this message is proprietary and/or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, please: (i) delete the message and all copies; (ii) do not disclose, distribute or use the message in any manner; and (iii) notify the sender immediately. In addition, please be aware that any message addressed to our domain is subject to archiving and review by persons other than the intended recipient. Thank you.
Reported by Jennifer Budwig

Sep 27, 2017

September 25, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 12:20 by President Bruce.  

·         Flag Salute:  Julie Denbo

·         Chuck Ellsworth announced that Jim Hoff (previous Rotarian) is undergoing cancer treatment so keep him in our prayers.  

·         Invocation:  Mike Cunningham

·         Visiting Rotarians:  Scott Pesch Southwest Rotary; Chris Hartley Mad River Rotary; Amanda Nelson; Old Town Eureka

·         Guests:  None

·         Birthdays, anniversaries and club anniversaries were all announced

·         Announcements:

o   President Bruce announced that our club donated $4,361 to the Pedal for Polio cause which met the goal of $35/member

o   Phil Nicklas announced there will be a Done In a Day project this Saturday at the Boys and Girls club teen center (J & Harris) from 9:00 to noon.  Bring gloves and round up if you have it.

o   President Bruce announced there was a Friday social at the Ingomar Club.  There were approximately 10 Rotarians from our club that attended and 7 Lost Coast Rotaract members.  The social will be every other month and he encouraged folks to attend to promote fellowship and because they ‘had a grand old time’.

o   Dale Warmuth had multiple announcements:  There was a Eureka Cruise over the weekend he was involved with that raised $20K; his sister has come back to work at the business; this Saturday the Boys and Girls Club will be holding a dinner/auction from 6:00 – 9:00 (5:30 libations) at the Elks Club where they will be honoring a ‘champion of youth’ which happens to be Dale.  He made a $100 donation for all of these recent accomplishments.

·         Chuck Ellsworth addressed the recent Hurricane Harvey devastation in Texas.  He has a house on a neighboring island so has ties to the rotary clubs in that area.  He asked that people leave money on the table if they would like to donate to the Rotary Club of Rockport and the Rotary Club of Port Aransas.  He will make sure these two clubs receive the direct contributions. 

·         Mike Cunningham attended Bruce’s daughter’s wedding and they attended two Rotary meetings while in the Middle East, bringing back two flags for our banner. 

·         Drawing: 

o   Silver Dollar – Elan Firpo

o   McDonald’s GC – Miguel Garcia

o   Hamilton – Ted Loring

o   Black Lightning Café GC – Jay Reed

o   Card drawing (king of spades) – Jay Reed


·         President Bruce introduced the program as our guest speaker Dr Chris Hartley who is the new HCOE Superintendent, replacing Gary Eagles.  Dr Hartley provided some background information on himself including he is from Coalinga (school mascot horntoad), and is a 1991 graduate of HSU.  He has been in education for 23 years with 21 years being in the northern HC districts and the most recent being  5 years as the Superintendent for the Northern County School District.  He discussed multiple topics including: Key shifts in education; the pendulum swing within education; emerging technology and the significant changes they’re trying to take advantage of; language and information available to the kids is increasing excessively; and one of their primary focuses being how to help students make the transition from school to the workforce.  They are currently training students for jobs that don’t exist yet because of the rapid expansion of technology.   They participate in some great programs including the Innovate Challenge which is students participating for prizes based on business models and ideas they present.  The second program he discussed is the Youth Ambassador program through Eureka Chamber where kids learn speaking skills and work closely with business leaders.   He also discussed Gen Z (student generational reference) and what they want, who they are, and what they will be like to employ.  Some of the key initiatives for HCOE will be addressing the teacher shortage and working closely with law enforcement.  He answered several questions and was provided his Rotarian trophy.


·         President Bruce challenged all Rotarians to bring at least one guest over the next 9 months with the goal being to increase club membership. 


The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.
Jennifer Budwig

Sep 19, 2017

September 18, 2017

The menu was sweet and sour pork or roast beef, vegetable medley and salad chorus, rolls and mashed potatoes with gravy.  There was cake also, but you  couldn’t eat it and have it too. Past President Matthew Owen stood in for Bruce Smith, who had to go back in the hospital.  Visiting Rotarian-Shelly Wilson from the South West club. Keith Crossley announced that the 6 day bike ride from Crescent City to Napa raised $3800 for Polio Plus.   He also brought up Dan Heinen, who completed his requirements for being a Paul Harris Fellow.  During the “Roast Boast and Toast” session Dennis Hunter said that he went to a Giants game that started at 5pm but was rain delayed.  The Giants eventually won, but the game lasted until 3 am.  Our presenter was Jonas Anderson, an exchange student who had just returned from Paraguay. Paraguay officially the Republic of Paraguay (Spanish: República del Paraguay; Guarani Tetã Paraguái), is a landlocked country in central South America bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. Paraguay lies on both banks of the Paraguay river which runs through the center of the country from north to south. Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as Corazón de Sudamérica ("Heart of South America"). Paraguay is one of the two landlocked countries (the other is Bolivia) outside Afro-eurasia, and is the smallest landlocked country in the Americas.

The indigenous Guarani had been living in Paraguay for at least a millennium before the Spanish conquered the territory in the 16th century. Spanish settlers and Jesuit missions introduced Christianity and Spanish culture to the region. Paraguay was a peripheral colony of the Spanish Empire with few urban centers and settlers. Following independence from Spain in 1811, Paraguay was ruled by a series of dictators who generally implemented isolationist and protectionist policies. Jonas sang a song he had composed, accompanying himself on guitar.  The lyrics were a mixture of Spanish and Guarani.  Jonas spent most of his time in a town near Asuncion, the largest city in Paraguay.

Escrito by Hank Ingham

Sep 12, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka September 10, 2017 Meeting

The meeting was held offsite at the Eureka Theatre and was called to order by Carlton Nielsen at 12:15 PM. 

Flag Salute – led by Ziggy Ziegenfuss-  Invocation – Carlton Nielsen  Visiting Rotarians – Maggie Kraft from Arcata Sunrise

 A brief break was taken for members to get lunch Guests – Larissa Tokay (sp?); previous exchange student from Germany in 2012-2013.  She gave a brief update to the club about what she has been doing since leaving the states

 Birthdays, anniversaries, and club anniversaries were announced


 Phil Nicklas announced that our next ‘done in a day’ project will be at the Boys and Girls Club teen center on 9/30/17 at 9:00 AM.  We will be helping with they’re gardening project by replacing mulch and matting.

Carlton announced that next week the board of director’s nominations will be provided to the club.

Raffle drawing:

Silver dollar – Nancy Dean

 Jitter Bean coffee card – Nathan Nilsen

 $10 – Ziggy Ziegenfuss

 Black Lightning Café – Maggie Kraft

 Card drawing – Wendy Petty


Greg Williston was recognized for a recent Alaska cruise he took with his 18 family members.  The highlight of his trip was a helicopter ride from Juno to the glaciers.  He was fined $60 for this venture.

Pat Folkins attended his grandson’s state championship baseball game in Yountville and the two age brackets he played in both placed second.  From there they drove to San Diego where he vacationed with family and had a visit from a stingray that got him on his instep.  For this venture, he paid $51.

 Program:  Wendy Peggy, Chairman of the Board for the Eureka Theatre provided the history of the theatre as well as what work has been done on the building since their non profit has taken over the facility which includes:  Restoring main lobby, renovating bathrooms, enlarging the stage, adding a new screen, improved sound system, better lighting and a cocktail bar.  Their future plans include a new neon sign, cosmetic improvements to the auditorium, new seats (via ‘buy a seat’ program through HAF), and restoring the large apartment on top of the building that will be converted to a vacation rental.  They host concerts, films, class reunions, etc and their October calendar includes four frightful Friday night flicks to celebrate Halloween.  The meeting ended at 1:15, but she provided a guided tour of the facility for all those able to stay. 


Penned by Jennifer Budwig

Aug 29, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka August 28 2017 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 12:17 by Paul Brisso. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ken Stodder. The invocation was given by Bill McAuley.

No visitors or students but J Hockaday, David Wells, Tom McMurray and Bill McAuley had birthdays.

Announcements included a reminder to give to Polio Plus and from Matt Owen a reminder to show up Saturday 9/9 at 9 AM behind the Lost Coast Brewery on 4th street to help clean up the City.

Paul Brisso used his position to “stroll down memory lane” and recognize four Rotarians that were instrumental in starting his career in Eureka. First was Dick Storey, CPA for Paul’s law firm when Paul started. Bill McAuley, CPA when Dick retired. Pat Folkins Rotary President when Paul first joined Rotary and John Winzler who Paul knew even before he was an attorney.

Spengler-Howard Raffle:

Silver Dollar went to Tom Schallert, a Past President of Rotary and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

In lieu of a Jitter Bean Certificate, Chuck Ellsworth donated a $5 bill which went to Bob Palmrose.

$10 went to George Owren, Black Lightning $20 went to Sean McLaughin, and the Gold ingot did not go to Matthew Owen.

Our speaker was Lori Dengler, Professor Emeritus HSU, earthquake and tsunami expert. She reminded us that it’s been 25 years since our last “real” earthquake, so let’s prepare. The number one act of preparation is “talk about it”. Talk with friends, familiy, co-workers. Just talk. Nothing happens unless we talk.

Remember to drop, cover, and hold. Do not run.

And visit their earthquake exhibit at the Humboldt County Fair.

Don Smullin reporting