Aug 15, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka August 14, 2017 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by Nancy Dean at 12:26 filling in for President Bruce Smith.  Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Palmrose. Invocation was led by Nathan Nilsen who cautioned us to always listen to that “tiny” voice inside us.

Birthday celebrations were Dave Dillon, Rick Littlefield, Phil Nicklas, Jay Hockaday and David Wells.

Dave Dillon also made it on to the anniversary list with him and Carol celebrating 67 years of marriage!

Rotary Membership anniversaries were recognized for Brad Gibson for 6 years, Matthew Owen 11 years, Ted Loring 17 years, Joan Davies 25 years and Ken Stoddard 45 years. Ken pointed out that if you counted his Arcata time, which we don’t, he has been a Rotarian for 57 years.


A new film about WWII aviators called the “Eleven” will air this Friday at 1:00 at the Clarke Museum.

Toys for Tots kick off is September 30th. Prepare to give generously.

Rick Littlefield was thanked for his role in the annual Coast Guard appreciation dinner.

Pedal for Polio started today in Crescent City and finishes August 19 in Petaluma. District Governor Bob made a personal video appeal for pledges of $35 per member or 35 cents per mile for a rider.

World Community Service Committee met today at the Blood Bank.

This Thursday night 8/17, Jakob our exchange student from Denmark, will arrive at the airport around midnight, after the Eureka Chamber’s mixer, 5:30 at the Lost Coast Brewery.

Backpacks for Kids has started again. Remember to include them in your donations.

Spengler-Howard Raffle:

Silver Dollar went to Gregg Gardiner, Jitter Bean Gift Certificate $10 to James Dement, $20 Black Lightning Cafe to Carly Robbins and a Gold Nugget was lost to Dan Heinen.

Our speaker was Captain Brian Stephens of the EPD reporting on their all-volunteer vehicle abatement team. He introduced their 4 members- Debbie Brantley, Roger Miller, Al Tracy and Bob Brantly plus Dave Startare – one of the founding members. Roger is a past Rotarian.

Captain Stephens reported a series of impressive statistics for which we are all thankful. Yay!

In 2016 they tagged 612 cars and 469 so far in 2017 – 469. They towed 307 vehicles in 2016 and 207 so far this year. They have put in over 2,508 volunteer hours, the equivalent of 62 full time work weeks! And remember, these are volunteers!

Our next meeting will have Pat Folkins as our leader. Not only is he a Past President of Rotary but a Past President of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

See you next week.
Don Smullin

Aug 8, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka August 7 2017 Meeting

Special offsite meeting at the Humboldt Bay Fire Station.

Lunch: was catered by Chapala. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Nathan Nilsen. The Invocation was led by: Dan Heinen. Dan spoke of the passing of Eris McCarthy, wife of past Eureka Rotarian Royal McCarthy, and past Eureka Rotary member Dr. May Beth Wolford. We bowed our head and had a moment of silence in memory or Eris and Mary Beth.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie (also the presenter for the meeting). GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Lisa Slack brought her daughter Erica and Erica’s friend Dylan Hurt. Klark Swan brought her daughter Charlie and sister Taylor Depew. Tom Schallert brought his wife Tess, daughter Monica, son-in-law Steven, and granddaughter Lily. Annalise von Borstel bought Ben Brown, ED of the Clark Museum. BIRTHDAYS: Dave Dillon, Rick Littlefield, Phil Nicklas, J Hockaday, and David Wells. ANNIVERSARIES: Matthew Owen & Virginia Bass, Dave & Carol Dillon, Kim & Sheila Bauriedel, Ken & Kay Stodder, Carlton & Michelle Nielsen, Bill & Cynthia McAuley, and Richard & Vivien Borough.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Pedal for Polio – President Bruce Smith has asked everyone to donate $35. These funds will be matched towards your PHF for the year. They're still looking for people to host riders. Coast Guard Dinner will be this Thursday August 10th Elks Lodge. It's a $20 cook your own steak event, sponsored by the local Rotary clubs as well as the Elks club. Bruce is still looking for volunteers. There will be a meeting of the World Community Service (WSC) on August 14th at the Blood Bank at 4pm.  Tom Schallert spoke to the past WSC projects: last year our Rotary club dedicated $7,000 towards a new bloodmobile to send to Nigeria. We have already sent two bloodmobiles in past years. The WSC will be meeting to discuss future projects and the need for an additional $5,000 in funds to purchase the bloodmobile. The bloodmobile will be in partnership with Rotary club of Trans Amadi.  This rotary club will be taking on the running of its own blood bank center that is separate from the government. Tom has worked closely with Safe Blood Africa in the past and has now been elected as a new board president, and may be asking for members to join his new board of directors.  Gregg Gardiner expressed his debt of gratitude to Tom Schallert for his leadership, vision, and foresight. Tens of thousands of lives have been saved thanks to Tom’s efforts and we owe him a big debt  of gratitude.  Keith Crossley  introduced our latest Paul Harris Fellow: Tom Schallert was recognized for a PHF +5 for donating over $6,000 to the Foundation. Tom named his son-in-law Steven and granddaughter Lily as honorary part of Paul Harris Fellows. His wife Tess and daughter Monica are already recognized as Paul Harris Fellow's. Greg Gardiner announced that the Toys for Tots fundraiser will be held on September 30th at the Blue Lake Casino. Toys for Tots serves more than 6,000 local kids annually. They purchased toys post-holiday season to save money.

SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Silver Dollar: Joan Davies, Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Jennifer Budwig, $10 Jennifer Budwig, Black Lightning Café: Chuck Ellsworth (donated it back to the raffle). Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Ted Loring drew a 8 of diamonds. . 

GUEST SPEAKER INTRODUCTION: Matthew Owen introduced our guest speaker for the day: Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Bill Gillespie who has been a Rotarian for a year-and-a-half with the Rotary club of Southwest Eureka. He also recognized that Bill showed up to volunteer at our last Done in a Day project at the library. GUEST SPEAKER: Bill Gillespie noted that Humboldt Bay fire has 57 firefighters.  Humboldt Bay Fire was formed out of the consolidation of Eureka Fire and Humboldt Fire in January 2016. Prior to the consolidation Eureka Fire, which was established in 1864, served the Eureka area and Humboldt fire served the outlining areas. Humboldt Bay fire operates from Indianola down to the CR and includes fice fire stations. Our local fire department provides fire suppression, hazmat services, and medical aid. They are often first responders to the scene. Call volume: in 2016 they answered more than 6,000 calls -an average of 18 calls a day. Chief Gillespie spoke to the high health concerns for firefighters -cancer is a large concern as it is now presumptive that firefighters will get cancer is at some time in their life. The fire station is taking steps to prevent cancer in firefighters including a system to suck out exhaust from the fire station that is produced by fire trucks. Chief Gillespie opened up the floor for questions:   He was asked about butane hash oil (BHO) concerns in the area. Local firefighter Chris, who is in attendance, spoke to community education being highly important. Fall and winter are the BHO season. Chief Gillespie answered questions about concerns of transients and homeless in the area, he did acknowledge that many abandoned buildings and vegetation fires are a high concern. He also acknowledged that 911 is now the main entry into the healthcare system for many people in our area. This is driving up call volume for firefighters and emergency personnel. Chief Gillespie  spoke about the funding for Humboldt Bay Fire, 65% comes from the City of Eureka, 35% comes from Humboldt #1 Fire District. This breakdown is based on a calculation of population, personal, and call volume.  Meeting concluded at 1:14 PM. 
Respectfully submitted by Carly Robbins

Jul 31, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka July 31, 2017 Meeting

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, spaghetti, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, garlic bread, mixed vegetables, dessert. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim (aka John) Davis. The Invocation was led by: Pat Folkins. Pat talked about Rotarian Jack Morton who recently passed away.  He was in Rotary for 50 years and had been active member up until health issues prevented him from attending.  He was a Marine, owned Hornbrook shoes for many years and later became a partner with Cunningham, Morton and Malone.  We bowed our head and had a moment of silence in Jack’s memory. Jack’s service will be at Ocean View Cemetery on Wednesday August 2 at 12:30pm.
VISITING ROTARIANS: Barb Spangler, District Governor Elect; Ross Rowley, Assistant District Governor; District Governor Bob Rogers and his wife Peggy (also a Rotarian). GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Marley from Lost Coast Rotaract BIRTHDAYS: Jennifer Budwig, Tom Schallert, Hank Pierson, Don Smullin, Kurt Barthel, Pat Folkins ANNIVERSARIES: Bert Campton, Craig Hansen, George Owren, Gregg Sparks, Tom McMurray, Pat Folkins.  Multiple Rotary anniversaries including 45 years for Ken Stoddard!
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Matthew Owen said that the Done in a Day project at the Humboldt County Library was a huge success.  Rotary Club of Eureka partnered with the other Eureka Rotary Clubs and Keep Eureka Beautiful to clean up the landscaping at the library.  President Bruce reminded everyone to sign up to help at the Coast Guard Steak Dinner. Today is the last day to sign up. There will be a meeting of the World Community Service on August 14th at the Blood Bank at 4pm.  President Bruce said that next Monday’s meeting on August 7th will be an off site meeting at the Fire Department located at 7th and C Streets in Eureka. Chief Gillespie will be our speakers.  Cost is $15.00.  Sign up today for Pedals for Polio.  Sponsor sheets are on the table.  Board meeting tomorrow at the Ingomar Club at noon.  A basket of goodies was auctioned off by District Governor for a whopping $300. Past President Jay Bahner had the winning bid. SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Silver Dollar: Matthew Owen, Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Sue Bosch, $10 Nancy Dean, Black Lightning Café: Ziggy. Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Matthew Owen…. The card drawn was… not the joker. 
 GUEST SPEAKER  INTRODUCTION BY: Ross Rowley.  District Governor Bob Rogers became a Rotarian in 2007 in Sebastopol Rotary.  He was an airline pilot who retired from US Airlines.  He is also a polio survivor.  GUEST SPEAKER:  Bob Rogers talked about Paul Harris Fellows (PHF).  For every $1,000 donated to the Foundation a Rotarian receives a PHF.  When a second thousand is donated it is called a PHF +1 and so on.  He talked about the many things a $1,000 can do to help others and said that for every $250 donated you can figure that one life is saved.  So when you donate $1,000 you’ve in effect saved 4 lives.  He announced the following PHF:  Steve Allen, John Bartholomew and Jeff Leonard all received their first PHF.  The following people were awarded the following awards: Sue Bosch PHF +1, Brad Mettam PHF +2, Lane Strope and Ted Loring PHF +3, Bruce Smith PHF +4, Nancy Dean PHF +9!  A standing ovation was given to all. 
 District Governor Bob Rogers talked about Polio.  Only 8 cases have been recorded since January of this year.  4 years ago we were elated because there were only 400 cases.  We are truly closing in on eradicating this disease but it is estimated that it will take 1.6 billion to finish the eradication.  This is because for the next 3 years every child born will need to be inoculated.  We are no longer able to do oral inoculations so each child needs to be injected which means employing higher skilled workers and paying more for the medication.  Bob emphasized that we need to not give up.  One child with polio can spread the virus to many people.  We have to continue to move forward.  Bob moved on to talk about Rotary.  He said change is about one person having an idea, a dream, and that’s how the polio eradication started.  A Rotarian in the Philippines envisioned the power Rotary had to effect this change.  He encouraged us all to go out and make a difference.  The 2018 Rotary District Conference will be May 18-20 at McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento.  The theme this year, Where Dreams Take Flight! MEETING ADJOURNED: 1:25pm.
Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

Jul 25, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka July 24 2017 Meeting

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, beans, rice, tacos, enchiladas. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm.  This was a special offsite meeting at the Eagle House in Eureka. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mark Murgia. The Invocation was led by Mike Cunningham.  Mike conveyed the sad news that Jack Morton passed away at the age of 96 over the weekend.  He talked about Jack and the many years he had been in the club and contributions he made. A moment of silence was observed.
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Carlton introduced Karen Meynell, the Executive Director of Headwaters Fund. BIRTHDAYS: Gregg Gardiner, Carly Robbins, Fred Sundquist, Jennifer Budwig, Tom Schallert, Hank Pierson.  President Bruce noted that $5 fines will begin today for those not seated at the head table during their birthday month. There was a quick stampede to the front table. ANNIVERSARIES:

Bert and Susanne Campton.  President Bruce recognized numerous Rotary anniversaries in the month of July.  ANNOUNCEMENTS: Gregg Gardiner said that the 2nd annual Toys for Tots fundraiser is coming up in September. Tom Schallert updated us on the Nigeria Project and said they are short a few thousand to meet their goal but he will provide more details in August. President Bruce said there will be a Done in a Day project at the Humboldt County Library this Saturday the 29th from 9am – noon.  He hopes everybody will be able to participate.  Rotary and the Elk’s Club are teaming up to provide a steak dinner for the Coast Guard, they need sign ups. Pedal for Polio is happening…  looking for a $35 donation from each Rotarian.  If you can put up a rider in your home please let President Bruce know.  Your donation will count double with Paul Harris Fellow points. Past President Matthew Owen presented the Rotaractor of the Year award to Rotaractors Megan McAllister and Matt Cendejas who recently returned from a trip to Bangladesh and Uganda.  They received a standing ovation from the club.
SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Silver Dollar: Matt (Rotaractor). Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Matt Cendejas $10 Ken Stodder. Black Lightning Café: Nancy Dean. Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot: Megan McAllister (Rotaractor). The card drawn was a 6 of Clubs.

GUEST SPEAKER: Dennis Rael, owner of Los Bagels was our guest speaker.  He started his talk by donating $100 to the Rotaractor’s project in Uganda and challenging others to do the same.  In total approximately $600 was raised.  Los Bagels was founded 34 years ago.  Dennis was raised in Southern California and majored in community studies at UC Santa Cruz.  After graduation he moved to the Netherlands and with a partner opened a Mexican Restaurant which they ran successfully for a few years.  His partner continued opening restaurants throughout Europe and he decided to return to the United States, settling in Humboldt County which he had visited on a backpacking trip.  He felt that Humboldt County had everything he wanted… it was close to a university, the ocean and his brother Greg Rael (a criminal attorney in Eureka), lived here.  He formed a partnership with 2 other individuals and hired 2 employees to start their first location in Arcata.  Today they have 47 employees and 3 locations (Eureka, HSU and Arcata) as well as 15 wholesale accounts and online sales.  Along the way he needed a reliable smoked fish supplier so he helped start Fish Brothers and later a reliable local jam supplier and he helped found Mad River Jams.  He’s been involved in Arcata Sister City projects through Rotary in Arcata and in the last 30 years they have sent over 1,000 people to work on projects in Mexico.  He believes that success includes being invested in the community you live in.  Dennis’s cultural heritage includes Jewish and Mexican heritage and he has combined that in the products he bakes for his business.  They also promote certain holidays like Day of the Dead as a way to educate the public about other cultures beliefs.   

MEETING ADJOURNED: 1:15pm by President Bruce Smith.  Closing words: ‘He or she who serves benefits more than those who are served.’ He reminded us to invite a prospective Rotarian to lunch.
Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

Jul 18, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka July 17, 2017 Meeting

Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, beef stroganoff, noodles, scalloped potatoes, ham, mixed vegetables, rolls, dessert. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Davis. The Invocation was led by Greg Williston who announced the sad news that Southwest Rotarian Sam Kennedy, DDS passed away today and President-Elect Sam Owori of Rotary International recently passed away as well.

VISITING ROTARIANS: None GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Greg Gardiner introduced his stepdaughter Kate who just graduated from Sonoma State; Frank Jager and Betty Chinn were introduced by President Bruce Smith, Sue Bosch introduced visitor (former member) Sally Arnot and Bruce Smith also introduced our speaker today, Kelly Sanders. STUDENT GUESTS: None. BIRTHDAYS: Elan Firpo, Al Abrahamson, Gregg Gardiner, Carly Robbins, Fred Sundquist.  A word of warning from Bruce…  all people in their birthday month are expected to sit at the head table or else…  ANNIVERSARIES: The Papstein, Ambronisi, Nielsen and Campton couples are all celebrating anniversaries in the next week.  Many people are celebrating a July anniversary in Rotary.
Paul Harris Fellows

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Keith Crossley introduced our latest Paul Harris Fellows (PHF): Patrick Cleary and Captain Hank Pierson who received his PHF + 4! They received a standing ovation. Mayor Frank Jager and Supervisor Virginia Bass read a proclamation thanking Chief Andy Mills for his years of service 2013-2017.  He is leaving for a new position in Santa Cruz.  Chief Mills received an enthusiastic standing ovation for the difference he has made in our community. President Bruce presented Past President Matthew Owen with a plaque of recognition for his service over the past year. 

Betty Chinn received the $2,000 she received at the last meeting again except in the form of a non-cashable $2,000 giant check this time. President Bruce said that next Monday, July 24, we will meet off site at the Eagle House.  Lunch will be $20.  ($15 for lunch plus $5 for the facility rental).  The annual Coast Guard steak dinner is coming up.  The Elks Lodge and Rotary Club of Eureka will team up to provide free steak dinners in recognition of the Coast Guard’s service.  Volunteers are needed!  Dale Warmuth was called upon to report on the latest about the Boys and Girls Club remodel.  Dale said thanks to John McBeth and the Humboldt Builder’s Exchange new windows will be going in soon, the bathrooms are being remodeled, electrical is being finished up and the communication network is being put in.  Pedal for Polio is happening August 14-19. Sign ups are on the tables.  Please contribute $35 to help eradicate polio. 

Check for Chin

SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE:  Silver Dollar: Mark Murgia.  Jitterbean Gift Certificate: Captain Hank Pierson. $10 George Owren. Black Lightning Café: Dennis Hunter.  Drawing for the joker with the grand prize being a Gold Ingot:  Virginia Bass.  The card drawn was not the joker. 
Kelly Sanders County Clerk

GUEST SPEAKER  INTRODUCTION BY:  President Bruce Smith.  Kelly Sanders is the elected Humboldt County County Clerk, Recorder, and Registrar of Voters. GUEST SPEAKER:  Kelly started out talking about her day on June 7th.  Driving to work she heard on NPR that there had been a hacking of election records by the Russian military.  She arrived at work to find a message from a Representative of the Secretary of State. 122 counties had received phishing emails and Humboldt County was on the list of possible counties who all used Diebold as their provider. The Secretary of State’s office assisted Humboldt County and together they were able to confirm there was no evidence of phishing or hacking.  Later Kelly discovered that the provider knew about the problem in November of 2016 but didn’t alert their customers until June when a news reporter uncovered the story. 

Diebold is no longer the vendor for Humboldt County.  Kelly talked about changes in the law that were voted on in 2012.  Voters can register up to the day of the election under a conditional voter registration.  Eventually when a DMV license is issued residents will automatically be registered to vote at that time.  Kelly said a lot of people want to know why it takes so long to count the vote following an election.  She said the timeframe is according to the law. They have up to 30 days to report results.  Following an election there is a lot of auditing and vetting that goes on that is time consuming. Questions and answer follows. President Bruce Smith closed the meeting at 1:12pm reminding members to invite somebody to lunch.  The more members our club has the more we can do.

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

Jul 11, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Meetiing July 10, 2017

. Lunch Menu: Salad bar, roast beef, chicken cordon bleu, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables, rolls, dessert. Called to order by President Bruce Smith at 12:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Kim Bauriedel. The Invocation was led by Tom McMurray.

VISITING ROTARIANS: Assistant District Governor Lori Breyer was present for Bruce’s first meeting. GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Dick Storre introduced his wife Debbie. STUDENT GUESTS: Today was Clary our exchange student’s last Rotary meeting as she is heading back to Italy on Wednesday. She thanked the club for sponsoring her. BIRTHDAYS: President Bruce had all people with birthdays in the first 2 weeks of July stand and he also recognized the spouses of those who had birthdays in that same time period. ANNIVERSARIES: No wedding anniversaries but many Rotary anniversaries. Miguel Garcia, Carly Robbins, Klark Swan, John Bartholomew, Jennifer Budwig, Elan Firpo, Mark Murgia, Linda Wise, Brad Mettam, Jerry Reece, Pete Vallerga, Bob Prior and Patrick Cleary.

 ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Bruce plans to hold the meetings from 12:15 to 1:15 this year, acknowledging that occasionally we may go to 1:30. He announced that polio is almost eradicated with only 5 cases recorded in the past year. Rotary’s goal is to raise 1.5 billion in the next 5 years with the matching funds from the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation that means that Rotary International is asking that each Rotarian contribute just $35 this year from our district. There is a board meeting on Tuesday (tomorrow) noon at the Ingomar Club. President Bruce said that his son was married last Friday and his daughter is getting married in August. He introduced his directors this year and gave them each a director pin. He also introduced his officers and awarded their pins. Each committee chair was asked to stand and received a red ribbon to apply to their name badge. Carly announced that the annual Backpacks for Kids fundraiser is underway. Please purchase a square in the free ad that Paula Patton has generously donated in the Times-Standard. We are now serving 5 schools and over 400 students. Julie Benbow invited everyone to purchase tickets to Zootini at the Zoo. $100 per ticket. The Hilfiker family will be honored this year.

SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Rotary Coin: Mike Martin. Jitterbean Gift Card: Anthony. $10 Bruce Smith (he donated it back to the Science Fund), $20 Black Lightning gift certificate: Carly Robbins. Lisa Slack drew a card for the gold but didn’t draw the joker. GUEST SPEAKER: Bruce Smith talked about his plans for the coming year. His vision for his theme, “Empowering the Next Generation” includes empowering youth and empowering the next generation of leaders and women in the club. It includes empowering the community through financial and literacy education, backpacks for kids, the dictionary projects are good examples. He has a goal to increase membership and would like to add more women and younger people. He talked about a mountain climbing accident he had when he was 15 years old and fell off of a 100 foot cliff. He broke his back, jaw, teeth and more. He was a boy scout and his leaders had been educated about first aid and were able to help him. He feels that what came out of that for him is that it’s about we not me. He feels that it is important that we recognize the need to give back to the community.

He closed his meeting with a quote from St. Francis of Assisi: Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

MEETING ADJOURNED at 1pm. Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

Jun 26, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Burl 6-24-2017

Ken Stodder led us in the flag salute and Tom McMurray gave the invocation, mentioning that he thought God is a hound dog and so was our president.  He liked that.   It was Matthew Owen’s last meeting. Keith Crossley came forward to accept a Paul Harris donation from Virginia Bass. There were awards for Nancy Dean and Carlton Nielsen, Rotarians of the Year. 

Matt Murrish got a plaque for delivering  200 Dictionaries single-handedly.  We cruised down memory lane together, remembering the 10.000 we gave To Betty Kwan Chin, the 110 frozen turkeys we gave to the Rescue Mission, and the 40 bunk beds we had put together for The Rescue Mission and Betty. 

Then the Debunking began, led by Jay Bahner.  Will Kay , as Comey, and Paul Brisso as himself accused Matt of not following the four-way test.  Owen was escorted out of the room and came back dressed as Hillary Clinton, the candidate for whom he had guaranteed a win last November.  Chuck Ellsworth had a Trump mask on, and repeatedly demanded that Hillary be jailed. The assembled Rotarians voted him guilty, and he was handcuffed and left the Elks Lodge in the back of a police car, sirens and lights going.

That was it in a Nutshell.

Hank Ingham

Matt Owen dressed as Hilary walks to the waiting Police Cruiser.

Jun 20, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka June 19, 2017

Boys and Girls Club check

Brad Mettam, loser.

Our Presenters

Matt's Daughter Molly

Paul Harris Fellows

Jun 13, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka June 12th meeting

Three meetings remain (including this one) in the tenure of our esteemed President Matt Owen. Such a pity: we won’t be having another program about the Rose Parade. Jim Davis led us in the flag salute and Carlton Nielsen gave the invocation.
Dennis Hunter

Greg Seiler was recognized for having attended the meeting. We obviously have lowered the bar on recognitions - and attendance for that matter. Al Crnich was celebrating his 69th Wedding Anniversary, John McBeth his 50th, and Alicia Cox was honored for her 15th year in Rotary. “I love Rotary” she exclaimed. Keith Crossley came to the podium to award some Paul Harris Fellowships. Neil Carnam got his 3rd PHF. Michael Cunningham got his 8th. Then Michael’s mother Mary Cunningham got her first. Carly Robbins said that Food For People’s Produce Market is starting up this Thursday. It’s like the farmer’s market, except that the vegetables are free to low income folks. Food For People is located at 14th and Summer Streets in Eureka.
PHF recipients

Recognitions: Ken Stodder $100 for his 3rd great grandson and 3rd great granddaughter, Dennis Hunter $100 for his grandson. Jay Bahner won $50,000 at Blue lake Casino and sold 13 RV’s last week. Not a bad week. Hank Pierson is celebrating his 80th birthday and his son Greg got married -$120. Ilan Firpo brought in a filled change canister. Good for her.

Rosa and Milia
Our presenters were Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando childhood best friends and the owners of Natural Decadence, a wholesale bakery specializing in Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, peanut free, non GMO desserts.

 They started the business because their children had allergies and problems with gluten, and they have been quite successful. 8 months after they opened Whole Foods approached them and asked to carry their pies. Now they have 28 products and distribute to half of the country. Last year business more than doubled. Apparently there is a strong market for gluten free vegan pies, their best sellers. They brought in some samples of their cookies, which were great.

Alicia Loves Rotary
Submitted by Hank Ingham
Captain Hank

Jun 6, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka June 5 th 2017 Meeting

Matthew Owen is down to his last four meetings. Thought you would want to know. Marine Corps staff Sergeant Jason Wattle led us in the flag salute. Dan Heinen gave the invocation. Lots of people have birthdays this month. Wayne Wilson, Frank Yeager, Keith Crosby, and Greg Pierson, to name a few. Keith Crosby, speaking for Paul Harris, thanked Paul Brisso, Don Smullin, and Jay Bahner for completing additional Paul Harris Fellowships.

Clara says goodbye.

Our exchange student Clara from Italy is going on her Western Safari trip soon and then hops on a plane to Italy. She’ll be back to attend college. Matthew is having another “Done In A Day” project this Saturday. 9am at 14th and Williams. Bring a lawn mower. Jack Reike finally picked up his NCAA winnings-$125.00 –for a $1200 investment. Gregg Gardiner came from Hawaii for a rare visit. His wife Cathy is in remission and doing well. Dan Heinen boasted that he had been in Mexico.
Sergeant Wattle

Our presenter was Staff Sergeant Jason Wattle, local Marine Corps recruiter and son of Virginia Bass.(our president’s main squeeze). Sergeant Wattle has spent the last 16 years in 32 different countries including Afghanistan in 2009. He talked about the Afghanis making their own home-made explosives and the various anti-personnel devices they created. He was happy to be stateside and doing recruiting. He said his biggest challenge was getting applicants to pass the urinalysis test. What a pisser. A celebration of Ray Wickel’s life will be held this Saturday 1-3pm at Baywood Golf and Country Club.

Penned by Hank Ingham
Would someone wake Don?

May 24, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Meeting May 22, 2017

. Lunch Menu: salad bar, chicken thighs, tri-tip, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, rolls, dessert. Called to order by President Matthew Owen at 12:15pm. Our speaker Rob Arkley led the Pledge of Allegiance. The Invocation was led by Mike Cunningham. BIRTHDAYS: Larona Farnum, Robert McLaughlin, Matt Murrish

ANNIVERSARIES: Jennifer Budwig (Robert), Chris Freeman (Diana). ROTARY   ANNIVERSARIES: J Hockaday 15 years, Greg Pierson 17 years, Neal Carnum 25 years, Mike Martin 28 years, Bill McAuley 29 years, Craig Hansen 30 years, Al Abrahamson 38 years, Dave Dillon 50 years.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jay Bahne announced a meeting after the meeting for all Past Presidents in preparation for Matthew’s last meeting. Almost President Bruce Smith said that the social last Friday at the Ingomar Club was a great event with 15 people attending.  He’s planning on doing a social every other month and would like more people to attend.  President Matthew reminded everybody that Guido (aka Matthew) will be calling soon if you have not yet given $120 to the Foundation and Polio fund for this year.  They are hoping to have 100% participation.  If you have questions call or email Keith Crossley. Bruce Smith and Carly urged all Rotarians to review the email asking for corrections/updates for the roster.
RECOGNITIONS: Annalise Von Borstel has officially changed professions from banking to … Real Estate.  She is now a broker with Ming Tree Realty.  Dennis Hunter recently returned from an Elks convention in Pam Springs.  President Matthew noted that his wounds from a recent fall were healing nicely.  John Burger commented that Eureka High School’s team recently won the Big 5 and is now going to the next level!  Bruce Rupp plugged the Eureka Symphony’s recent performance.
SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE:  1. Silver dollar to jay Bahne, Jitterbean Gift Certificate to Mike Cunningham, $10 in cash to Anthony, Motorcycle Care gift card to ???, Jim Davis- Chance to win a gold ingot ($203 value) but he drew a 2 of hearts. 
GUEST SPEAKER: Our guest speaker was Rob Arkley from Security National. Rob spoke about 3 topics… state of affairs nationally, at the state level, and locally.  Nationally he said it’s interesting to see the truth vs what is being reported.  Consequential achievements are being made by the Trump administration although he said the country is brewing for a civil war. The democrats are being forced to the left by their activist base.  Trump is getting things done administratively. He’s making changes at the judiciary level that should last for a generation.  He’s dealing with the deficit and dealing with entitlements. Trump’s own party is challenging him. It’s not a friendly group.  The economy is doing well.  He doesn’t see the recession others are forecasting.
The economy seems stable.  He was in a meeting that forecasted that over 5,000,000 truck drivers will be losing their jobs because of automation. Those are big numbers of people who will need re-training. Change is happening rapidly in today’s world.  He feels that Trump is cutting back on regulation which is needed. He would compare the relationship Trump has with the press to the Nixon era.  California is having a hard time. The deficit is huge and there are problems.  He decided to skip to the local area.  Locally Rob sees opportunity.  His daughter and other young people are choosing to relocate here.  He said it’s a myth that all kids want to live in an urban environment.
The reality is that 80% like small town environment. He’d like to see more home ownership locally.  Will see homes torn down locally due to infrastructure aging. He moved to Baton Rouge to make money and he did.  He’s now selling Baton Rouge off and is investing locally as well as a few other states he feels are economically poised for growth. He likes College of the Redwood’s program. Pot industry is a problem. The Feds will be dealing with it. It’s illegal, you can’t ignore the laws.  Homeless he’s seen some good changes. Chief Andy Mills is doing a good job. The Oyster industry here will be bigger than anyone here realizes.  150 jobs expected.  They will be building 60,000 to 100,000 feet of space at the Balloon track. Office/Warehouse most likely as that is what is in demand.  Questions and answers followed. President Matthew Owen closed the meeting at 1:16pm with a reminder that we will be dark next week for Memorial Day weekend.
Respectfully submitted,  Alicia Cox

May 16, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Meeting May 15, 2017

Only 7 meetings left in the term of our exalted leader, Matthew Owen. Fixin’s for lunch included Chicken casserole, beef hash, fried chicken wings, and lemon cake for dessert. Guest John Harper led us in the flag salute. Bruce Rupp gave the invocation. It was Carlton Nielsen’s birthday, so we sang the Happy Birthday song. Then it was revealed that our exchange student Clara turned 18 today, so we had to sing again.
Clara is 18
Our exalted leader
President Elect Bruce Smith reminded us of the opportunity for fellowship this Friday March 18 at the Ingomar Club main floor bar. It starts at 5:15pm and Bruce is buying the hors de oeuvres. You’re on your own for drinks. During the “Boast, roast, and toast” segment, Pat Folkins said that the Eureka High baseball team won the Big Five Championship. Nancy Dean and Carlton Nielsen had just returned from a District Conference for Rotary exchange students in Lake Tahoe. They took 38 exchange students with them. Glenn Goldan received a check for $630, his winnings from the Rotary NCAA raffle. Ilan Firpo and Jason Chand announced that they just got married, and also that Jason had the leading role in a local production of Beauty and the Beast at Ferndale Repertory Theater. George Owren and Greg Williston saw the play and gave it two thumbs up.
Ilan Firpo and Jason Chand

Glenn gets his check

Our presenters were Rotaract members Matt Zendejas and Megan McCallister. They talked about Rotoplast, a team of doctors, nurses and volunteers who do clinics in underdeveloped countries. They had recently returned from Bangladesh. They spent two weeks there helping the team do reconstructive surgery on burn victims and repairing cleft palates. There were 70 surgeries in that 2 week period. They worked from 7am to 8pm. They were distressed by all the people who they had to turn down. Finally Past President Jay Bahner announced that there would be a past presidents’ meeting next week to make some plans for Matthew’s debunking. Meeting adjourned.
Matt and Megan talk about Rotoplast

Submitted by Hank Ingham

May 9, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Meeting May 8, 2017

There are Seven meetings to go in the presidency of Matthew Owen. Sue Bosch led us in the flag salute. Matt Messner gave the invocation.

Matt Murrish needs some help delivering the Dictionaries we give to 3rd graders every year. Active weeks are 5/22 and 5/29. It was Alicia Cox’s birthday. Craig Hansen won $75 in the NCAA raffle and immediately signed it over to the Rotary Polio Plus fund. President-elect Bruce Smith announced that Fireside Meetings were coming up. Then, in unusual move, President Owen retired from the room and Rotarians at each table formed groups to express their opinions about the club and how things were going. That took about 15 minutes. Bruce Smith announced that there would be a Club Social Friday May 19th at 5:30pm.

Finally, after the drawing, Matthew told us our scheduled program presenter couldn’t make it . So no program about Rotoplast in Bangladesh. Instead we were treated to a re-run- The history of the tournament of Roses parade. Someone asked how much the early leaver fine would be, and Matthew raised it to $20. everybody stayed.

Briefly recorded by Hank Ingham

May 1, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Meeting May 1 2017

President Matthew Owen gleefully reported that he had only 8 weeks left on his term.  Don Leonard led us in the flag salute.  Greg Pierson gave the invocation, reminding us how lucky we are to live in Humboldt County with its magnificent rivers, trees, and verdant hills.  Never mind what makes the hills so verdant.
Fred Van Vleck gave a Rotary Scholarship report.  We have distributed $24,500 in scholarships to Eureka High school, CR, and Humboldt State students. Guest Al Costaldi announced that there would be a celebration of the life  of Ray Wickel, Green Beret, aviator and long time Rotarian on June 11th 1-3pm at Baywood Golf Club. The done in a day project at Food for People is this weekend, not last weekend Show up at 9am and bring gardening gloves. Matthew presented a check for $1,000 to Tom Faso of Redwood Teen Challenge.  They help adults 17 and older with substance abuse problems.
During the Boast Roast and Toast interval, Tom Schallert was recognized for attending a Blood Centers of America conference in Florida.  He caught a Sheep’s Head, and ugly but delicious fish.  Owner of 5 local McDonald’s locations Jessie Klair gave his craft talk.  He came from India to the U.S. at age 14. He worked at a McDonalds and learned English, then kept giving 150% as he continued to be promoted from cook to store Manager, then Supervisor.  16 years later he bought his first McDonald’s Franchise. He reminded us that you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. Jessie brought some new sandwiches with him for us to try out. They were good. 
Clara Pazzaglia
Don Leonard introduced our exchange student from Italy, Clara Pazzaglia.  She comes to us from Milan, where she lives in an apartment with her parents and a dog.  She shared pictures of her family and scenes of Italy.  She said her hosts were like a second family to her.  She’s having a fundraiser this Friday from 5:30-7pm at the Faith Center in Eureka. There will be two kinds of pasta and two Finnish Desserts.  Tickets are $30. The money is to help defray the costs of a cross country trip exchange students go on.  While this was going on Don Smullin’s phone rang and he was fined $100.  Jack MacDonald’s phone rang three times.  He was nicked for $300.  Not a good time for phone calls.

Penned by Hank Ingham

Apr 24, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka April 24, 2017 meeting

Our presenter Carol Vander Meer was asked to lead the flag salute.  Bill McAuley gave the invocation asking the entire assemblage to pray for the Giants.  He then quoted Vince Lombardi “ Winning isn’t everything, it’s wanting to win.”
Carol Vander Meer
 Our exchange student Clara mentioned that she’s having a fund raiser this week at the Faith Center to help pay for a cross country tour with her host family. It’s $30 a head but she didn’t say what time it started.  President Matthew Owen touted his “Done in a Day” work project this Saturday at Food for People.  You can go and help them re-landscape the grounds.  Weak coffee and turnips will be served afterwards.

Our exchange student from Milan
The 11th annual Brew at the Zoo is happening Saturday May 6th.  It’s a 21 and over Beer Tasting.  You get a souvenir beer glass and there are three Pub Grub venues plus live bands.  Tickets are $30 for zoo members and $20 for designated drivers. Tickets are available at the Zoo gift shop, The Works, and Wildberries.
Linda Wise donated 6 tickets plus a parking pass to tomorrow night’s game.  Matthew tried to auction them off, but there were no bids. It was short notice and more difficult to get to San Francisco with 101 out.  Plus the Giants are 6 and 13 as Dennis Hunter observed when Matthew noticed him wearing his Giants jacket.  The final straw was that Bumgartner the scheduled pitcher fell off his dirt bike and is out for 8 weeks.  Bill McAuley was fined $150 for taking a vacation in Maui. CPAs Jay Reed and John Fullerton were welcomed back for returning after tax season. Matthew then did a blatant commercial for Leon’s Mufflers.  Dale can do warranty work on cars and trucks.

Rick Littlefield introduced our guest speaker Carol Vander Mere who gave us an update on the Humboldt Bay Trail.  When complete the 13 mile-long trail will run from south Eureka through Arcata.  This non-motorized trail will increase road safety, provide a low cost travel alternative, and promote healthy active transportation. The Humboldt Bay fund was established at HAF to provide a mechanism for private donors to assist in the continued development of the HBT by focusing on the critical need for trail maintenance funds.  All donations up to $25,000 will be matched by a $25,000 donation by Eureka Natural Foods. Send your checks to HAF. The menu for today’s fascinating meeting was scalloped potatoes, ham slices, manicotti, corn, muffins with black specks in them, and salad bar.  Dessert was fruit cobbler.

Submitted by Hank Ingham

Apr 11, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka April 10 2017 Meeting

The menu was spaghetti, meatballs in gravy, chicken Cacciatori , bread and salad bar. President Matthew Owen called the meeting to order.  Past President Greg Pierson led us in the flag salute.  Matt Murrish gave the invocation.  There was a larger than usual crowd because State Senator Mike McGuire was scheduled to speak.  Owen had a picture of Dale Warmuth’s outfit for the the fundraiser High Heels for Healing.  He came dressed as Dorothy in an outfit that would make the Wicked Witch of the West pour water on herself.  Christian Hill announced the winners of March Madness.  Jack Reike and Jay Bahner fared the worst.  They invested $1400 each and got checks for $125.  Greg Bowen was recognized for coming to the meeting.

Our speaker was California State Senator Mike McGuire.  He grew up in Healdsburg and was a Sonoma State graduate.  At 19 years of age he won his first election-to the School board- and was subsequently elected the youngest mayor ever (of Healdsburg).  He became a senator in 2014.  He said his grandma’s helpful hints were 1.  Work Hard.  2.  Assume everyone is smarter than you. 3. Never take “no” for an answer.  He said spending is up because lower income people are making more money but they can’t afford to save.  California leads the nation in job creation.  Our schools need additional funding. The state has 22% of the country’s homeless and a quarter of them are veterans.  He’s going to bring back the nursing program to Humboldt State. Things to be proud of: Humboldt Del Norte, Lake and Mendocino counties account for 60% of the pot grown in the US.

Early Rotary Wheel. Past Presidents with Red Badger
Penned by Hank Ingham.

Apr 4, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka April 3 2017 meeting

Our Speaker for the day, Dennis Scott, President of the McLean Foundation, led us in the flag salute. Dan Heinen followed with the invocation. President Owen called Scoutmaster James Dement to the podium to present him with his red badge. By the informality of the exchange I can only guess that he had had his membership ceremony last week and Matthew forgot to give him the badge. Carlton Nielsen reported that our exchange student in Paraguay is unaffected by the recent riots and attempts by protesters to set fire to the parliament building. Of course no one had heard about riots or knew where Paraguay was. Some thought it was a big bird that lived in the jungle. Nancy Dean and Carlton had just returned from the District Conference in Ukiah, where they taught classes about youth exchange. It was hat day for baseball fans. Dennis Hunter in his Giants cap announced that the Giants were 0-1 in spite of the fact that their pitcher hit two home runs. Pat Folkins also had a Giants hat on. Ken Stodder had a Boston Red Sox hat on and his team was up 5 runs. Christian Hill didn’t have a hat but he said the NCAA raffle raised $9,015 for Rotary. Klark Swan reminded us of the Rotaract Fundraiser April 22 at the Women’s Club in Eureka. Tickets are $50.

Then it was time for Boasts, Toasts, and Roasts. Jay Bahner roasted Matthew Owen for calling him on his cell phone at ten o’clock at night and asking him “where’s the party”. He’d intended to call Carlton Nielsen, but got his numbers wrong. We never found out where the party was. Other notable events: Annalise ran her first 5 K.. Matthew took his daughter Molly to her first wine tasting in Sonoma. It used to be free, but now it costs $80 a head.

Our presenters for the day were Dennis Scott and his fund raiser Sabrina Delashma from theMcLean Foundation. The Foundation was started by Mel and Grace McLean. They owned a chain of grocery stores and Eel River Sawmills. He left 20,000,000 to the foundation. The latest project that they are providing seen money for is the Fortuna Community Health Center. It will open in June of 2018. 30,000 square feet of Health care space. It will be under the aegis of Open Door Clinic, which has 660 employees. They will add 9 new physicians and a Dental Clinic. They still need money, so they are asking for donations. For more information call 707 725-1722 x 103.
Penned by Hank Ingham

Mar 20, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka March 20, 2017 meeting

Menu: Turkey Rolls, pork cutlets, mashed potatoes, ménage of vegetables, and chocolate cake. Matthew Owen opened the meeting by asking Jim Davis to lead us in the flag salute. Craig Hansen followed with the invocation. He asked for a moment of silence for long time Rotarian Ray Wickel, who passed away recently. Ray was an ex green Beret Army Ranger as well as a civilian pilot and instructor with 5700 hours in the air. He’d been active in Rotary for 50 years. Will the exchange student outbound for Belgium said he had cupcakes to sell to raise funds for his trip. Glenn Goldan was recognized for a ringing cell phone during the meeting…

Other guests included Mayor Virginia Bass and Jim Christenson of the Ink People . Christian Hill had raised $8,000 the previous week and still had six squares to sell for the NCAA March Madness fundraiser. President elect Bruce Smith was recognized for his photo in the TS presenting a check to the science fair. Alicia Cox got a big thank you from Pat Folkins on behalf of the club for garnering so much publicity for our Rotary club that the other clubs were jealous. Nancy Dean returned from Calgary in Canada for a Rotary Student Exchange convention. President Owen reminded us of the Rotary District Convention to be held April 1st at Mendocino College in Ukiah. Dale Warmuth drew the joker in the Spengler Howard Raffle and won 430 dollars, which partially recompensed him for having bought Duke for $800 only to see them lose in the 2nd round.

Our Speaker was John Henry Ford Planning and Building Department Director. He started off defending his staff, saying they were not incompetent as a recent newspaper article suggested. He said the deluge of Cannabis Cultivation Permits was taking time away from other projects. There were 2300 applications, but only 18 of them were completed and approved. He’s going to restructure the department and get a new computer program to keep track of things. The General Plan is 50 days away from being put out for public comment. Matthew said there were 12,000 growers in Humboldt County, and 11,982 were out of compliance. Craig Hansen said we should spend more time going after the growers and less time nitpicking timber harvest plans. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Penned by Hank Ingham

Mar 14, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka Meeting March 13, 2017

Lunch Menu: salad bar, corned beef, potatoes, swiss steak, boiled cabbage, steamed carrots, rolls, dessert. Called to order by President Matthew Owen at 12:15pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Assistant District Governor, Lori Breyer. The Invocation was led by Tom McMurray (special prayers for Ray Wickel who passed away recently). VISITING ROTARIANS: Pat Tracy, Brian Lovel, Lisa Fryrear-incoming president for Arcata Rotary, Matt Nielsen- incoming President for Southwest Rotary, Lori Bryear Assistant District Governor. GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Greg Pierson introduced John Day from Pierson Co., Linda Wise introduced Jim Christiansen from the Ink People.

ROTARACTORS: Jamie Carroll, Matthew, Ray, Christine Tyson. It is Rotaractor week. Our Rotaractors told us that Rotactors was founded in 2010 and the Rotary Club of Eureka founded Lost Coast Rotaractors in 2010. They have a food and wine fundraiser coming up at the Eureka Women’s Club on 4/22. Proceeds will benefit Ugandon Women. They also brough St. Patrick’s Day cookies for $5 a bag. STUDENT GUESTS: Claire, our exchange student from Italy is doing some fundraising for a Western Safari Trip with dinner and silent auction. They are looking for auction items. Please let her know if you can help. ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Matthew Owen showed photos and talked about the Done in a Day project that took place on West Wabash last Saturday. It was a huge eyesore that has now been cleaned up thanks to the 10 Rotarians that showed up. A special thank you to John Day from Pierson Co. who ran the bobcat that saved a lot of time and energy. John was presented with $100 in gift certificates from Jesse Claire at McDonalds and a $100 gift certificate from the Rotary Club of Eureka to Bayfront restaurant. There will be another Done in a Day project on March 25th. We will partner with Pacific Outfitters Pac-Out team to clean up Broadway.

Rotary’s District Assembly is coming up on 3/31. If you haven’t registered yes, please do. RECOGNITIONS: Dennis Hunter and other PP recognized Matthew Owen for leaving his credit card at the check-in desk. There was no photographer present and Matthew Owen requested help from the audience. Kim Bauriedel extorted a fee of $50 from Matthew and agreed to help out. Incoming President Bruce Smith presented a check Melanie McGuire from the Humboldt County Office of Education with a check for $5,000 to help send local high school students to the State Science fair. Kim Bauriedel introduced new member, Julie Benbow, executive director of the Sequoia Zoo Foundation. Pat Folkin gave the Past President’s address. SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: Rotary Coin: Matthew Owen. $10: Brad Mettam. Dale Warmuth drew a card for a pot of $400 but alas did not win.

GUEST SPEAKER: Christian Hill ran the annual auction for NCAA Division men’s basketball championship. Bidding was lively and nearly $9,000 was raised in a very short time. 1Ž2 of the money will go back to the top winners of the pool and the rest will go back to provide benefits to the local community. MEETING ADJOURNED: 1:40pm.

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox.