Nov 10, 2014

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
November 11, 2014

This was a special Veterans Day celebration that started off with a special poem, Ragged Old Flag, read by Pat Folkins.

We are not celebrating all our nation’s heroes and the diverse branches of the military but a special recognition of the Marine Corps 239th birthday.

Major Steve Beckman led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Eureka High Limited Addition sang the Star Spangled Banner.

DR. Kim Bauriedel led the invocation with a thought going out to past President Hank Ingham who was undergoing surgery and to keep in mind Jesse Klair, whose mother is quite ill.  Please also keep in mind all the Veterans who have been wounded or died in the many wars we have been involved with. He also read the Marines Prayer.   

The National Defense Cadet Corp was next with the flag salute.

Eureka High School Band led an introduction to each military division.   

The first being recognized was the US Army and all who were involved in the Army stood and were recognized individually.

The next division was the Navy and the Veterans stood and were recognized for their valor and heroism.

Following the Navy was the Air Force.  They also introduced themselves and were recognized for their valor and heroism.

The Coast Guard was recognized but did not have any representatives.

Marine Corp Veterans were recognized and applauded.  

Greg noted that there were an amazing group of Veterans present at Rotary.  

Steve Justice spoke about the Honor Flight and thanked all the Rotary for the support of this wonderful program.  

A special round of applause was given for the World War two Veterans.

No one won the raffle, so the money will go back into the ever growing pot.

The Marine Corp was honored with a special slide show for their 239th birthday.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Corral