Jun 14, 2015

Burl 6/8/2015

Today’s meal: Swiss Chicken, Pork, scalloped potatoes, vegetable medley, garlic bread and coconut cake.  Christian Hill was substituting for President Gregg Gardiner.  He asked Ken Stodder, an ardent Boston Red Sox fan, to lead the pledge.  Matt Mesner gave the invocation.  Keith Crossley narrated the Rotary Minute.  This is Polio Plus’s 25th Anniversary. Keith gave five reasons to continue the program. To prevent future outbreaks, because it’s treatable, it’s a good investment, saving millions in future medical costs, and because it sets the stage for the next Rotary Program.  

John Burger was wearing a DePaul Shirt because his son goes there.  No fine. 

Tom Schallert has a new granddaughter, Lillian Margaret.  He offered to start a Paul Harris Fellowship for her. 

Chuck Ellsworth was appointed to the Headwaters Fund Board but he missed the first meeting so he has nothing to report.  He did, however, narrate a slide show on the Lincoln Funeral Carriage that Blue Ox reproduced and shipped to Springfield Ill.  He had worked on the gold filigree and lettering.  During transport the dry heat of the South West caused the wood to shrink, cracking some of the castings.  They had to pull a series of 18 hour days to get it ready for the funeral celebration.  Chuck estimated that it cost a million dollars to build.  Body not included. 

Ray Wickel, who attends two meetings a year, drew the winning ticket and selected the joker from a 9 card deck, thus ending the suspense of who would win the $790. 

Matthew Owen introduced our speaker, Charlotte McDonald, executive director of Eureka Main Street.  They oversee Arts Alive, the 4th of July Celebration, the Summer Concert Series, and the Crab Festival. This was the first year for the crab festival.  It had 1400 visitors who walked from Restaurant to Restaurant sampling crab themed appetizers in spite of the bad weather and lack of crabs.  They have big plans for the Fourth of July Fireworks.  It occurs on the same day as Arts Alive, so things should be hopping.  She also mentioned that they   had creative a Merchants Neighborhood watch program to address security concerns in Old Town.  One of her greatest accomplishments is the revitalization of Saturday Arts Alive.  Because of the support of the City of Eureka, the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau the once a month city wide art exhibition has become a tourist draw and has even received National Recognition.
Submitted by Hank Ingham