Jul 20, 2015

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
July 20, 2015

Lunch was a choice of Beef Hash or enchiladas, corn, ciabatta rolls, salad bar and brownies. 

Jerry Reece led us in the salute to the flag.  

Greg Pierson gave the invocation. We were asked to remember Cynthia Van Vleck, who passed away recently .  She had a long career in County Schools, and is the mother of Fred Van Vleck.

President Jay Bahner went straight to introducing our speaker District Attorney Maggie Flemming, who was on a tight schedule.  Flemming took over in January and started making improvements immediately.  She started looking at police reports in real time so that miscreants who were in custody weren’t released before their files were assessed.  She has instituted vertical integration so that cases aren’t handed off from person to person.  She reviews all trial assignments.  She currently has 716 open felony cases including 9 murder cases and 8 vehicular manslaughter cases.  She has a staff of 12 deputy district attorneys to assist her.  Their annual budget is 6,000,000. 1,400,000 is coming from Measure Z.  She has an “Early Resolution Court” where those who plead guilty get a discount on their sentences.  70% of all misdemeanors get pled out. 

After a few questions, we went to the drawing. Remember that guy who won $10 last week?  He won again and this time he got an hourglass with the Rotary Four Way Test on it and a chance to draw a card for the prize pot.  It was a four of clubs.  Next week he could become a Triple Crown Winner if his ticket is drawn for the four way test coin.  To place bets put cash in a self-stamped envelope and give it to Hank Ingham. 

We had a special presentation from John Driscoll, Congressman Jared Huffman’s representative.  

Steve Justus, Gregg Gardiner, Pat Folkins, and John McBeth received Certificates of Special Congressional Recognition for their involvement in Honor Flights.

Gregg Gardiner was detained for additional recognition.  The Rotary Club of Kauaii gave him a proclamation declaring Gregg Gardner Day  for his efforts on behalf of their power company. He spun the new Rotary Wheel of Fortune and was assessed a $200 fine.  Then he was given his past president’s badge and a Happy Camper Mug and sent packing. 

Keith Crossley gave the Rotary Minute.  Jerry Reece was asked to do a business craft talk.  He recently sold his McDonald’s stores and now he and his wife run a Cruise Planning Business. 

Steve Lafferty got a thank you note from the Senior Resource Center because the Rotary Small Grants committee gave them a $2000 grant.

August 3 is Bring your kids to Rotary Day.  Don’t drop them off and leave. 

August 27th is Coast Guard Appreciation Cook Your Own Steak Night at the Elks Club.  By yourself a Steak for $20 and then contribute another $20 to buy some Coastie a steak.  Cocktails at 5pm and dinner at 6pm. 

As a parting thought, Jay reminded us that on this date Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, all because in the show “The Honeymooners” Ralph Cramden made a fist and said “To the moon, Alice!” 

Submitted by Hank Ingham.

Jul 13, 2015

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka 
July 13, 2015

Lunch: fried chicken, spaghetti with meatballs, macaroni salad, scalloped potatoes, garlic bread and salad bar.

This was Jay Bahner’s first meeting as President of Rotary. Before the meeting started, he asked everyone to step outside and greet the new “cartel,” which was composed of all the people who sat at what was formerly known as “The old folks’ table.”  They filed in accompanied by applause.  Apparently they have a vote, and can give thumbs up or thumbs down to things yet unspecified. 

After everybody re-seated themselves they all stood up as Jim Howard led us in the pledge of allegiance.  Bill McAuley gave the invocation. 

Among the visiting Rotarians was District Governor Erin Dunn.  She proceeded to the podium along with Jay’s wife Vonnel. Mrs. Bahner was awarded her Paul Harris Fellowship to a standing “o”.  Jay then cued Carlton to play a very touching 4 minute Japanese Insurance commercial (It had sub-titles) followed by a video from a news story by News Channel 3’s Brad Curtis. 

Carly Robbins was recognized for her efforts as the story detailed how she and fellow Lost Coast Interact members raised over $30,000 for Betty Chinn’s Homeless Center. 

Then Jay said we were going to get to know our own club members and what they do.  He asked Dan Heinen to give the first Business focused craft talk.  Dan is the Operations Manager of Express Employment Professionals and a scuba Diver.  He has a dive shop in Fairhaven.  Jay gave Dan a Happy Camper Mug at the conclusion of his talk.  Dan was overwhelmed and mugged for the camera.

President Jay reminded us of the Barbeque and potluck at his place 3pm Saturday July 18th.  The whole family is invited, so bring your brats whether they be children or sausages.  Then it was time for the drawing. 

This year’s Spengler Howard raffle involves 3 prizes.  Jason Eads won a coin with the four-way test on it.  Hank Ingham won $10, a more deserving fellow you’ll never find. Sue Bosch drew for the $130 pot.  She pulled the 8 of spades. 

Jay Bahner then introduced our speaker- OPEN DOORS CLINIC CEO, Herman Spetzler – In  1977 he and his wife thought Eureka would be a good place to spend a few years. He knew he was joining an organization scraping for every dollar and pinching every penny, but the committed people who began Open Door Clinic in 1971 were convincing: there wasn't enough access to health care on the north coast and he could do something to change that.  Today they are the largest healthcare provider in Humboldt County.  They served 75,000 patients last year.  They have expanded dramatically with 560 employees.  Their biggest challenge is to attract health care professionals to their organization.  New doctors just out of school often are saddled with $300,000 in student loans.   They are not looking to open a practice because that is too risky.  They want the Kaiser Healthcare model.  Their staff is divided into “pods” of 10 people, a physician, nutritionist, and support staff.  They are working on a “Portal” so that patients can use the internet and not have to come into the office for routine issues.  Spetzler is looking to taper into retirement.  He would like to see a community resume exchange so that the partners of new physicians can find employment.  Open Door will even pay as much as $10,000 to relocate grandparents to Eureka for their employees so that childcare will be available. 

The meeting ended with a lei presented to Jay by Carlton, substituting for Gregg Gardiner who was “stuck in Hawaii “ and missed the meeting.

Submitted by $10 winner Hank Ingham