Apr 14, 2015

Meeting of The Rotary Club of Eureka April 13, 2015

Lunch Menu: Salad bar, Swiss Chicken, Beef Hash, Roasted potatoes, corn, gravy, rolls, dessert

Called to order by President Gregg Gardiner at 12:30pm
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Pat Folkins
The Invocation was led by Greg Williston

VISITING ROTARIANS: Bill Mays and friend from Mad River Rotary, Sandy Scott Arcata Noon Rotary

GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Greg Pierson introduced Ben Brown (AKA Bill) from the Clarke Museum, Rich Littlefield introduced soon to be a Eureka Rotarian, Linda Wise from Recology and president of the Redwood Arts Association, Don Smullin introduced Susan Gillespie from the Eureka Chamber of Commerce

STUDENT GUESTS: None. Spring Break.

FOUNDATION MINUTE: Dr. Kim Bauriedel talked about Rotary’s goal to eradicate polio. Before vaccines were available the only treatment available for polio was life on an iron lung. It is a horrible disease. In the 1950’s vaccines became available in the United States and we have been basically polio free since the late 1970’s. In the Mid ‘90s Rotary embarked upon a campaign to eliminate polio worldwide. Today we are down to 3 countries and they are the hardest to provide treatment to. It is estimated that it will cost 5.5 billion more to reach our goals by 2018 (or longer). The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match $2 for every $1 donated. If you’ve already donated this year, please consider making another donation.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mindy Bussman announced that the Firesides will start tonight with the first one at Matthew Owens house. If you haven’t signed up already, sign ups are on all of the tables.

Backpack for Kids annual fundraiser will take place this Saturday with a BBQ by Blackberry Bramble and music by Doug Fir and the 2X4s. Tickets are available from Mindy.

Greg Pierson and Ben Brown (Bill) stepped up to the front of the room and Greg talked about Sign Smith. Total earning this year were over $25,000 that are able to be used for projects in the community. $5,000 will be going to the Clarke Historical Museum. Ben Brown the curator and director thanked Eureka Rotarians for their donation that will help pay for a WWII educational memorial at the Airport in McKinleyville. They have raised a total of $18,000 so far. This free standing computer kiosk will feature videos regarding the history of veterans and Humboldt County and will be updated periodically.

CRAFT TALK: Nathan Nilsen is one of the owners of Nilsen Company. He is a 5th generation Humboldt County native. Nilsen Feed was founded by Oscar Nilsen in 1896 who came here from Norway. It started as a fancy grocery store but as the grocery business became more competitive it morphed into a feed and animal care store in the 1920’s. Today there are 3 locations in Eureka on South Broadway, Ferndale which was founded in the 1950’s and Redway which was purchased about 3 years ago. He and his wife also purchased Express Personnel in Eureka last year. His 2 younger brothers, his Dad and Nathan are all the owners of Nilsen Feed. He has one step son, Stephen who is a student at CR and is not interested in working in the feed business. Last year they sold 3,000 baby chicks at Nilsen Feed Co.

Past President Hank Pierson was asked to stand. He has attended 2 meetings in a row but only attended a total of 3 to 4 meetings during President Greg’s year. He generously donated $100 to Polio Plus and $100 to Backpacks for kids.

Dr. Kim Bauriedel was asked to stand. Last week all club members put down $1 for Polio Plus. This week despite many attempts to forego the fine… President Greg firmly told Dr. Kim a $25 fine was required.

Anthony Stunich is gone so his fine will wait until next week.

Greg Williston’s son Reed is graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in aeronautical engineering and graduated at the top of his class. He already has the job of his dreams in vehicle design for a company in Los Angeles. Greg’s Paid $100 to Paul Harris.

Don Smullin was asked to tell us about his daughters. After relating a story about a delayed trip to Italy because of a nearly expired passport and then another story about his participation in Eureka High School’s recent Every 15 Minutes event where his daughter played the part of a drunk driver who killed her sister and then had to call her Dad (Don) to report that her sister was dead and she was in jail for vehicular manslaughter while DUI (Don said it was a very difficult part to play) we finally got to the reason that Don had been asked to stand. His daughter Angelica recently received a Rising Star award (this is his fourth child to receive this award). His fine was $25 per child or $100.

SPENGLER-HOWARD RAFFLE: A bottle of Riverbend Cellars wine was won by Bert Campton.
Pat Folkins drew from the deck of cards for the joker and a pot of $650 but alas he drew a 2 of hearts. Sorry Pat. Next week drawing goes to $670.

GUEST SPEAKER INTRODUCTION BY: Carlton Nielsen introduced Sandy Scott who moved to Humboldt from Charleston South Carolina four years ago with her retired husband Harry. She was formerly employed by the Salvation Army but is now the Executive Director of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce and California Welcome Center. She is a member of the Arcata Noon Rotary club.

GUEST SPEAKER: Sandy acknowledged guest Bill Mays who was instrumental in initially opening the California Welcome Center in Arcata 15 years ago and Larry DeBeni who donated the land and building to make it all happen. They see 10 to 15,000 visitors a year and provide information for the entire county. She meets regularly with all chambers, Main Street, HCCVB, etc. The California Welcome Center is kind of like a franchise. They pay $5,000 a year as one of 20 welcoming centers in California and in return receive a lot of advertising and promotion, directing visitors to the center.

As the director for the Arcata Chamber of Commerce Sandy and her team nearly doubled their membership last year. They had their 1st cannabis member join this year. Many of their members are preparing for the eventual legalization of marijuana… She’s heard a Bud and Breakfast In will be starting and food companies are getting recipes ready that include marijuana in them. The chamber holds fundraisers and an annual dinner each year as well as classes of interest to business owners.

Matthew Owen asked a question that the speaker had previously answered and President Gregg fined him $100 for being late to the meeting and asking an unnecessary question.

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox