Mar 19, 2012

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
March 12, 2012

Lunch: Enchiladas
Weather: blustery
S&P: 1362


"The Sweet 16"
(As of 3-19-2012)

President Pierson called the meeting to order.
Jamie Carrol sang the National Anthem. applause.
Dan Price led the invocation.

Susie Smelser announced the lack of visiting Rotarians.

Guests of Rotarians 

Diane Cipperley introduced Chris Whitt of HAF.

Cathy Gardiner brought Lee Ann Lanning, interim Superintendent of Eureka City Schools, and Jed Snopes, baseball manager of Eureka High.

Christian Hill introduced student guests Tess Armstrong of Eureka High and Izzy Pai.

BIRTHDAYS and anniversaries are in the book, congratulations to all.

Special recognition for the two year anniversary of Lost Coast Rotaract, sponsored by our club. They've been busy on a multitude of community projects all around the county, very inspiring.

FUN FACT: The first Rotaract club was started in 1968.

Mardi-Go-Braugh was a success, thanks to all who attended. President Pierson was awarded an honorary gift basket by Past President Ingham for his hard work.

'Much Ado About Nothing' is coming to NCRT on March 31st, please buy a ticket from Ted Loring. We booked the whole theater, so your attendance is encouraged.

TSA sent President Pierson a short grass skirt. Apparently Diane Cipperley went to Hawaii.

It was four wonderful weeks including a sunset whale watching trip. It was also $100 towards her Paul Harris.

Mel McGuire accepted our annual donation to the county science fair, presented by Jim Howard, Ziggy, and Nancy Dean. Last year 4 local students went on to the state science fair.

Carol Riche announced a small grant. $5000 was proudly awarded to Eureka High School to fund batting cages. They expect to have them up in the next couple weeks.

Fred Griffith kicked off March Madness.
Rex Bohn came in to kick off the auction process.

Respectfully submitted,
John Harper

Mar 7, 2012

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
February 27, 2012
Lunch:  Pork and pasta
Weather:  Sunny and cold
S&P 500:  1367

Mindy Bussman led us in the pledge.

John Gierek did the invocation.

John Bartholomew announced the visiting Rotarians.

Bill Ruff and Don Hartman, both from Southwest Rotary, attended.

Russ Harris brought Chris Whitt from HAF.

Carlton brought Steven Lafferty of Stewart Telecom.

Anthony Antoville brought his lovely wife, Anne. 

There were no student guests today.

Our exchange student, Tonje, was present and told the group about her recent trip to Hollywood.  She also had a friend come visit from the Bay Area.

President Pierson did a per-emptive strike and opened the meeting fifteen minutes early because “He’d been to Ireland and had a lot to share with us’-including a bottle of Irish Whiskey –but more about that later. 

FUN FACT:  It takes just under 2 minutes to properly pull a pint o’Guinness!

The so-called “Sunshine Report” advised us to wish a speedy recovery to John Winzler, who will be out of the hospital soon after about of Appendicitis, and Lisa Slack, who is going in for surgery soon. 

Our fearless leader opened with a slide of the small town of Kinvarra in Ireland, where, according to the sign, they were celebrating Mardi Gras, which proved, he said, that we didn’t make all that up about our upcoming fund raiser Mardi-Go-Braugh.  He then auctioned off a bottle of 12 year old Red Breast Irish Whiskey, which Aaron Tilch purchased for a mere $110. 

The Prez then took some time to review his Rotary Year.  To date the club has donated over $40,000 to worthy causes.  The big fundraiser so far was for Backpacks Buddy Night, which raised $15,000.  We granted six EHS scholarships @ $750 and established the Harvey Harper $1,000 vocational scholarship.  Dr. Kim won the Global Alumni Award for Zone 25 and came in second in the District Governor’s race.  Tom Schallert went to Nigeria again.  We funded the EHS Logger Classic Tournament.  We refurbished the Ernest Pierson Scoreboard at Cloney Field.  The club’s expenses include $6,700 a year to rent the Wharfinger Building. 

Greg then presented certificates of appreciation to Kim Bauriedel, Scott Guild, Gregg Gardiner, and Anthony Antoville
Anthony Antoville

Dr. Kim

Scott Guild

Greg Gardiner
We then were introduced to a new member, Steve Allen of Winzler and Kelly.  He is an environmental resource engineer.  His latest project is the clear cutting of Richardson’s Grove. 

Ted Loring offered tickets to Rotary Night at NCRT at the end of March.  The play is “Much Ado About Nothing.” 

Our program, introduced by Jason Eads, was Bill Ruff of Vector Physical Therapy. 

Vector is refurbishing the old Easter Seal Pool Complex, which they purchased.   The pool, when finished, will be the only warm water therapy pool (92 degrees) between Ukiah and Eugene Oregon.  Construction is scheduled to be finished in early 2012, or when the $2.6 million dollar fund raising campaign is completed.  The goal will be reached through donor pledges, grants, in-kind contributions, and a public fundraising drive.  At that point the club adjourned to the dock behind the Wharfinger, where our President, attired only in a neon blue Speedo, demonstrated his solidarity with Vector’s Pool therapy by jumping in the bay.  He later explained he’d asked for a stipend from the Board and they had told him to “take a flying leap” 

Today’s vocabulary word; “feckless” adj. – A description of Greg’s leadership skills. 

Contributed by:
The Other Hank and John Harper
Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
March 5, 2012

The Marijuana Meeting

Lunch:  Rasta Chicken and rice pilaf
Weather:  Smoky, cold and overcast
S&P:  1362, soooooo high

President Pierson called the meeting to order 10 minutes early.

Dick Storre led the pledge.

Joe Mark led the invocation.

Nick Bertell introduced visiting Rotarians.

Guests (sort of):
Carlton Nielsen brought a guest
Gregg Williston brought one too
Greg Bowen brought his wife, Jenny
Russ Harris brought Chris Whitt of HAF
Mike Cunningham brought the Mosgofians
Jay Hockaday brought the manager from Hagadone Directories

Steve Knight brought the results of an investigation on our current president.  President Pierson was harassed about fines and it will probably cost the sheriff some money.

Jennifer Budwig brought guests too.

Cathy Gardinie
r brought student guests, from Eureka High’s Avid program, Chamine Vong & Kabao Yang.

Paul Brisso attempted to litigate his way out of a fine.  Motion overturned, $10.

Birthdays and Anniversaries are in the book, congratulations.

Sally Arnot reminded the club that fireside sign ups are going on.  If you don’t want to have to talk to PP Ingham, you’d better fill out the form on the table.

PP Justus and John Bradley were called up and given certificates for their work on Honor Flight and Backpacks for Kids, respectively.

Mardi-Go-Braugh is this Saturday at Baywood Country Club….be there!

Students sent letters to thank the club for our Dictionary project.  Bob Morse reminds us that we can get involved.  County Rotary clubs gave dictionaries to every 3rd grader in the county.

Incoming President Nancy Dean went to president training.  There was drinking and goodwill.  Next year’s rotary theme is “Peace Through Service.”

Carol Riche introduced Gail and Peter Mosgofian, who accepted a $1,000 small grant for Redwood Family Institute.

Ted Loring reminds us to see “Much Ado About Nothing,” March 31st.

Past President Tom Schallert introduced our speaker, Rotarian Jennifer “Bud” Budwig of Redwood Capital Bank, to speak about the marijuana industry.

Jennifer did a paper on the economic impact of legalized marijuana on Humboldt County.  The paper was initially private, but due to high demand, Jennifer blazed ahead and made the findings public.

After the chronic falloff in timber and fishing, marijuana grew as an industry, buffering the county from decline.

Marijuana money affects all North Coast businesses.  The likelihood of legalization continues to get higher.  Taxes would go up but margins on marijuana growing will decline.

Marijuana costs roughly $400/pound to grow indoors, sells to a middleman for $2,500 and sells retail for $6,000.

There’s a chronic oversupply of ganj, and Proposition 215 provided cover for semi-legal production. A few forays into law enforcement oversight have been attempted and shut down on a federal level.

Other states are also becoming producers – 15 states have legalized marijuana on some level.

9/11 cut down on illegal importing, so much more marijuana is homegrown the past decade.

Jennifer says Humboldt grows the best herb.

FUN FACT:  Redwood Capital Bank does not endorse the findings of this presentation.

Prices have come down significantly due to supply.  This has a fiscal impact on the county.

Growers are resistant to legalization.  Taxes?  Checks?  OSHA?  Bummer, man.

Plants seized have generally increased over the past decade.

There are more seizures but way more sticky icky.   The percentage of plants seized is much lower.

I’m sure we can hash this all out, grow business in Humboldt, and not let our economic dreams go up in smoke.

Let’s be blunt:  About $1-3 billion dollars of marijuana is grown and sold from Humboldt County annually!!  That’s a lot of joints.

Jennifer estimates that roughly $415 million dollars is circulated through the county based on Mary Jane annually.  That’s 26% of our economy and is a conservative estimate.

Most local marijuana is exported.

There are a bunch of issues to work through on the way to legalization, including the federal laws which trump state law.

FUN FACT:  Federally, you can get the death penalty for growing The Herb.

Jennifer was thanked, given a book of inspirational quotes, and the meeting ended 5 minutes late.  Now for my glaucoma medication…..

Respectfully submitted,
John Harper