Nov 28, 2016

Eureka Rotary Club November 28 Meeting

Those of you who went to the Elks Lodge today expecting to find a Rotary Meeting were disappointed I’m sure. The meeting was held off site at the Eureka Rescue Mission. We are helping to raise funds to purchase 27 bunkbeds for the facility. They wanted to give us a tour. Matt Owen led the flag salute-there was no flag but we faked it. Eureka Rescue Mission executive director Brian Hall gave the invocation. President Matthew reminded us that the Rotary Christmas party is on 12/17 at the Sequoia Conference Center. There being no guests, we went straight to the “Boast, Roast, and Toast” segment. Ken Stodder was singled out for the New England Patriots win. The 49ers lost 10 in a row, but Dennis Hunter wasn’t present to take the abuse. Jerry Reece went on a trip to see his grandson. Chuck Ellsworth’s daughter won an Emmy for a show called Robot Chicken. That reminds me, for lunch we had enchiladas beans and tortilla chips courtesy of Chapala CafĂ©.
Brian Hall was our speaker. He told us that the Eureka Rescue Mission was not just a homeless shelter. They also had a residency program to help those who made some wrong turns in their lives get back to the straight and narrow. They have room for 19-20 people in this year long program and a success rate of 69% for those who complete the program. Then he took us from the new building to the old building and showed us how the mattresses on the floor would be replaced by bunkbeds. Eventually they want to remodel the old building. That takes money. That’s where you come in. That is, if you didn’t go to the Elks Club instead.
Concisely submitted by Hank Ingham

Eureka Rotary Club November 21 2016 meeting

The Pledge was led by Ken Stodder.
Greg Pierson provided us with a Christmas season invocation.
Visiting with us from other clubs were Amanda Timm from Fortuna, and Tim Brennan from Arcata.
Birthdays this week:
Don Leonard on the 22nd, John McBeth on the 24th, and Jim Davis on the 25th.
Anniversaries this week:
Jesse and Roop Klair, and Gary and Joanne Todoroff, both on the 25th.
Stacy Lane celebrated her 6th Rotary Anniversary this week.
President Matthew talked about our assembly of bunk beds for the Betty Chinn center (thank you to all who participated). Brian Hall from the Eureka rescue mission currently has approximately 100 folks spending the night there, with up to 150 seeking shelter on rainy or cold nights. We are helping to purchase 27 bunk beds for them in conjunction with other groups.
Please keep Ray Wickel in your thoughts and prayers as he recently had heart Surgery. Craig Hansen has gone to see him and he is still in ICU at St Joes.
The Rescue Mission also needs 100+ turkeys for their Thanksgiving food boxes. Mindy Bussman announced that George Peterson Insurance would match any money donated at our lunch on Monday. By the end of the day with donations from George Peterson insurance, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Eureka Main Street, Rotary, and others, we raised enough to purchase 110 turkeys. Way to go all involved.
Roasts, Boasts, and Toasts:
Arnie and Jessica King welcomed their first born into the world last Thursday, a healthy baby girl.
Greg Pierson announced that he is now engaged.
Dennis Hunter was acknowledged for the 49ers loss to the New England Patriots; their 9th loss in a row.
Joan Davies announced the arrival of her second great-grandchild in Sacramento last week.
Klark Swan announced that she recently took a new job at the Sequoia Conference Center.

Past President Kim Bauriedel gave us a short talk on the Rotary Foundation. It was created in 1917 by Arch Klumph. Peace and conflict resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, education and literacy, and economic and community development are the areas of focus for the Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Club of Kansas City gave the first donation to the Foundation, and the first project formed the beginnings of what would become Easter Seals. Paul Harris passed away in 1948 and many Rotarians gave donations to the Foundation in his honor. In 1957 the Paul Harris honor was created. Charlie Strope was our clubs first Paul Harris Fellow in 1972. Kim reminded us that we all need to donate every year to keep the work that the Foundation funds going. Rotary asks that we donate $100 per year to the annual fund and to Polio Plus as well. There have been 36 polio cases in 2016, down from 57 at this same time last year. Our Club has donated $641,000 in total to the Rotary Foundation.
Gambling Interlude:
Greg Pierson won the silver dollar.
Al Crnich won the $10 which he donated to our Thanksgiving Turkey fund.
And Brad Mettam unfortunately chose the 2 of clubs so the jackpot goes up another $30 next week.
Merv George Jr. is the Supervisor of 6 Rivers National Forest. He is the thirteenth person to hold this position, and we count our own Past President Jim Davis in that number.
There are many that don’t understand the resource that the forest is. Merv noted that because of regulations there has been a huge amount of combustible material build up in the forest, and that he regularly gets lobbied to close publicly available roads because of culvert and road conditions. He also noted that his focus has been to stay locally relevant while meeting federal standards.
Our area used to be known for its timber production, however bow we seem to be known for the product of the five million marijuana plants that are estimated to be grown every year in the Six River Forest. Most of the usage of roads in the forest area are by marijuana cultivators.
The harvesting capacity within the forest is currently 24 million board feet per year. They currently lose 60 million board feet worth of timber to fires and tree deaths. The average commercial harvests have been in the 10 million board feet range recently. Most of the 40 fires this past year in the forest were caused by lightning.
Merv finished with noting that most of the environmental damage that occurs within the Six Rivers forest is related directly to the marijuana cultivation industry, and not logging.
Respectfully Submitted,
Carlton Nielsen

Nov 22, 2016

Rotary Club of Eureka November 14 2016 meeting

The Pledge was led by Past President Hank Pierson and our invocation given by Matt Messner.
Dr. David O’Brien introduced several guests from St Joseph Hospital, Dr. Elizabeth Nuger and David Sutherland.
Joh Burger is celebrating his birthday today, and Steve Jackson’s birthday is this week as well.
Matt Murrish has his two-year rotary anniversary this week, and Joe Rogers just passed his one year mark.
Our joint Rotary Club Christmas Party is coming soon. We will be celebrating with the Old Town and Southwest Clubs Saturday, December 17th at the Sequoia conference center on Myrtle. Look to your email from President Matthew for information and invitations will be in the mail soon.
Roasts, Boasts, and Toasts
Past President Pat Folkins nominated all of the political pundits in the US for their lack of accuracy in predicting the recent election. President Matthew mentioned that his analysis of the election would be out in the Lost Coast Outpost soon.
Next on his feet was Joe Rogers and he noted that aside from missing some of our meetings he has been busy opening up the new Hospice House facility for Hospice of Humboldt.
Past President Gregg Gardiner was next up to talk about his travels back and for to Hawaii for business. He reminded us that Toys for Tots efforts were rapidly approaching and that he would be spending one more year as coordinator. Kathy Cloney-Gardiner is doing well also.
Past President Hank Pierson was our last on his feet today. He has been hunting, hunting, and hunting some more. He just got back from celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary at Yosemite. He will be back in town through the holidays.
President Matthew did not recognize any of them monetarily, so he must still be recovering from the election as well.
Past President Pat Folkins reminded us that we will be hosting a celebration of Jim Howard’s life on Monday December 5th. If you would like to relate a story about Jim please contact Pat at 498.0777. If you have any photos that you would like to share with our attendees please email them to Carlton at
Dr. David O’Brien started off our program with a brief introduction of St Joseph’s two local Hospital facilities, their facilities, and the 1400+ folks that they employ locally. Humbodlt Medical Specialists is now a part of St Joes, and is no longer just supporting specialists as they have added a number of primary care physicians to their organization.
He went on to introduce David Sutherland, their COO. David gave us an overview of how paying for health care services has changed in the past few years. 30% of their income comes from what is termed commercial insurance, and the remainder from Medi-Cal and Medi-caid. He said that the number of folks without insurance has decreased quite a bit recently.
Dr. Elizabeth Nuger then went through a very informative presentation on the trauma Program at St Joes. It turns out our highways contribute to a large number of trauma accidents. Trauma care has taken a major leap forward as the result of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A great deal of training goes into creating an effective trauma treatment program. The result is more saved lives. Trauma is the leading cause of death for people under the age of 45, and the fourth leading cause of death over all. St Joes is seeking to become a certified trauma treatment hospital. There are 5 levels of this certification, with UCSF and UC Davis being designated at the highest level. St Joes is looking to be a level three provider.
There are a large number of specialties and jobs involved in a trauma hospital organization. St Joes has two emergency room suites devoted to trauma care, and one designated trauma operating room. Supply organization is key to the success of trauma care. Surgeons specializing in trauma care spend the majority of their time at the hospital rather that at their offices.
St Joe’s collects data to look at trends in trauma injuries, and how to prevent the injuries involved in those trends. As examples, there have been increasing trends in zip-line related injuries as well as bicycle related accidents.
Dr. O’Brien went on to talk about the number of physicians practicing in our area. St Joes has recently added 16 new physicians to their staff and are in process with adding another 20.
Please join us next week for Merv George Jr. presenting about Six Rivers National Forest.
Respectfully Submitted,
Carlton Nielsen

Nov 7, 2016

Eureka Rotary Club November 7 Meeting

Mayor Frank Yeager led us in the flag salute. Carlton Nielsen gave the invocation. President Owen noted that longtime Rotarian and former City Councilman Jim Howard had passed away. He was 101. The Mayor read an obituary that Jim himself had written. New Rotarian Jim Cissna was introduced. He is transferring from the Mad River Club. He works for Coast Central Credit Union and said he was replacing Dean Christensen in the club now that Dean is retiring. Matthew showed a news clip of Betty Chin Homeless Center’s new bunkbeds. He said that the Eureka Rescue Mission had seen it and asked whether we could do the same for them. Their 100 or so nightly guests sleep on mats on the floor. Then he showed some Clinton Trump clips from Saturday Night Live. He reminded us that the 17th of December we have the Rotary Christmas Party. Three clubs are sharing the Sequoia Conference Center. Then for no discernable reason, he let Dale Warmuth do a commercial for Leon’s Car Care Center. He does warranty work for any kind of car. His Mother bakes 50 dozen cookies each week. Then it was “Boast, Roast, and Toast time. John Fullerton boasted about being endorsed by the Times-Standard. Bruce Rupp took a trip to New York and Boston. Jim Cissna went to China to go to a Disneyworld opening. He said they have better rides. Ray Wickel was our speaker and his topic was the North Coast Vintage Aviation Club which meets once a month at the club.

Humboldt got its first airplane in 1909 when Blaine Selvage designed and built one from scratch. Other local pioneers included Dayton Murray, Les Pierce and Dave Zebo. Rotarian aviators included Charlie Strope, who flew in bombers as a waist gunner, Jack Martin, who flew a dive bomber and shot down a Zero. Dick Nash, and many others now gone. The club is down to 30 members. You don’t have to be a pilot to join.
Penned by Hank Ingham

Nov 1, 2016

Eureka Rotary Club Meeting October 31, 2016

Matthew Owen presided over the 15th meeting of his Rotary year. Nancy Dean led the flag salute. Dan Heinen gave the invocation. Lunch was either barbequed ribs or Swiss chicken with scalloped potatoes and salad bar. Burt Campton introduced “visiting Rotarian” Lane Strope, who is actually a member of our club but doesn’t attend very often. Pat Folkins introduced our newest Rotarian Keith Snowflamer former Marine and presently acting President of College Of the Redwoods. He said he was happy to be here and mentioned that his wife had married him twice, but that was a story for another time. President Owen showed some videos of an Ivana Trump look-alike. It was a skit from Saturday Night Live. He then mentioned the 538 blog. Nate Silver writes it. It’s a map of the country keeping track of the number of electoral votes for each candidate. Matthew also showed a picture of the 20 bunk beds that he and a crew of volunteers put together for Betty Chin’s homeless center this last weekend. During the Boast Roast and Toast segment Don Leonard boasted of the major family birthday party they had last weekend. His son Jeff took pictures of it. Our speaker was Carlton Nielsen, head of Rotary Youth exchange. There are 22 foreign exchange students in our district including Clairie our student from Italy. Rotary youth exchange in our district was started in 1977 by then District Governor Dave Dillon. The US State Department is the sponsor. It differs from other exchanges in that the students must get a J 1 Visa and must attend School. Funding comes from the District and host families. There is a thorough background check of the students and host families which includes taking pictures of the host’s home to make sure they have indoor plumbing. Nancy Dean is the inbound coordinator for the district. Clark Swan was an outgoing exchange student on 2003 and was sent to Germany. Her experience inspired her to join Interact , Rotaract, and to eventually join our Rotary
Club. During the year the student has the option of going on several trips- to Hawaii, the South West, and to New York. The host family has to pay for this so the students have fun raisers during their year to afford to go. Carlton, who has hosted 10 students himself, encouraged everyone to give it a try. Apparently Dave Dillon hosted 22 students during his 11 years as chairman of the committee.
Exuberantly penned by Hank Ingham