Sep 28, 2010

Burl 9/20

Dave Dillon was asked to lead the pledge. Luckily he remembered the words. Greg Pierson did the invocation, mentioning that Mike Moreland was still recovering and that our prayers should be with him.

Visiting Rotarians included Henri Lacont member of the Bora Bora Rotary Club which meets Thursdays at 7 pm at the Sofitel Resort. He didn’t recall having seen a member of our club who had recently visited the island. Guests of Rotarians included various politicians whose names we can’t mention due to FCC Regulations.

Several Eureka High school cheerleaders stepped up to promote EHS Homecoming weekend, which is 10/5-10/10. They had logger cards to sell. President Carlton then reminded us of the Foundation Dinner to be held November 13 at the Ingomar Club. Money from the tickets may go towards your Paul Harris Fellowship. Or not.

Carlton then put on this week’s “recognition hat” which was a pith helmet with “National Geographic” stenciled on it. He called on Larona Farnum, who had done something tropical, and fined her for it. He then asked Fred Griffith to stand up, and fined him $30 “just for being Fred.” Soon it was time for the drawing.

Our program for the day was William Dexter Carter of the World Leadership Institute. His job was to sort through various articles and blogs and separate the true from the fictitious. He noted that many blogs , while purporting to comment on actual events, were often created without any knowledge of those events by people who weren’t anywhere near the actions in question. “You can never tell when a blog may be a complete fiction”” he said. He then admitted that in fact, “the burl blog that you are reading about me in was created by someone who was 2500 miles away and had made the whole thing up!” He then revealed that he himself didn’t exist.

President Carlton then decided to forego the customary picture and book signing, and scratching his head, rang the bell to end the meeting. To make this even more preposterous, he let us go early.

Gleefully submitted by Hank Ingham

Sep 19, 2010

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka

(No meeting on September 6)

Lunch: Pork Chow Mein, Teriyaki Beef, Lacy’s Cookies

President Carlton Nielsen called the meeting to order. Chris Freeman led the pledge and Dan Heinen led prayer, with a remembrance of 9-11.

Past President Mike Moreland called President Nielsen and is doing better. He hopes to attend a meeting in 2 or 3 months.

Visiting Rotarians were Johanna Rodoni and John Bellam.

Guests included Chuck Ellsworth, Dale Warmuth, Dale Stockley, and Mike Jones.

Rotoract Members including Past President Clark DePew and Crescent City President Kyle Claussen attended.

Student Guests were Corrine Keaner and AnnaLisa Smullin. They introduced the “Take Another Look” historical calendar they are working on and discussed Homecoming, including the bonfire and the impending demolition of Fortuna High in the big game.

Exchange student Gabriel was in attendance, all the way from Milan, Italy.

Birthdays went far too fast to write down, but they are in the book. An empty seat was left at the head table, but the fine has been reduced to $5. Anniversaries went far too fast to write down. Mercifully, they are also in the book.

Sally Arnot discussed Morris Graves Museum events, including holiday ornaments to support the Arts Council.

Pat Folkins discussed the Rotary Foundation, and in a long-running theme, suggested that another past president be fined.

Voting for the Board of Directors was conducted.

Today’s Presidential Hat: St. Bernard’s baseball cap

In a long-running theme, Ken Stoddard was fined for his ridiculously talented grandchild, this time his grandson.

SHOCKER! Presidential Hat switch: Pith Helmet

Larona Farnum’s youngest daughter was married at the Ingomar, and Larona babysat a 20-month-old for 10 days.

In a long-running theme, Mike Martin was in England for 25 days, and found a huge amount of treasure while wandering through other people’s private property.

George Orwen’s son-in-law coaches Eureka High’s dominant football team.

75-0?! 53-0?! Really?

In a long-running theme, Pat Folkins suggested George Orwen be fined more. In a twist, Pat was fined himself.

Kathy Cloney-Gardiner is now Principal at Washington Elementary. Superintendent Haulk managed to get himself fined as well.

--Gambling Interlude—
($10 DC, $10 NC)

Past President Tom Schallert introduced Larry Frederick.

Larry is a veteran, retired police officer, accident survivor, and in 1996 bike rider across America. Larry rides for “Life Across America,” a blood donation organization that raised 75,000 units of blood then.

Larry is just completing that ride again in 2010, raising $110,000 after 4 months on the road, for the Foundation for America’s Blood Centers.

He rode a total of 3,847 miles, the first time in 1996 with his son, and in 2010 with his daughter.

Larry encourages everyone to give blood, saying, “Giving blood is the one gift that truly comes from the heart.”

Larry got his commemorative photo, signed his library book, and the meeting ended 10 minutes early.

Respectfully Submitted,
John Harper