Dec 12, 2016

December 12 2016 Meeting of the Roary Club of Eureka

Lunch consisted of ham slices, beef slices, mashed potatoes gravy and a greenish squash that had been cooked for a loooong time but there was blackberry cobbler for dessert. President Matthew Owen called the meeting to order. He asked Charles Young, music teacher at Eureka High to lead us in the flag salute. Craig Hansen gave the invocation-asking us to remember Bruce Smith and Ray Wickel who were both in hospital. Wayne Wilson was recognized for his 61st wedding anniversary. Owen reminded us of the Rotary Christmas Party coming up on 12/17. The Salvation Army needs Rotarian Bell Ringers this coming Saturday at Wallmart Kmart and Piersons.

Then it was time for the “Boast, Roast and Toast” segment. Dennis Hunter commented that the 49ers were setting new records-by losing a dozen games in a row. Jeff Leonard took his family on a trip to San Francisco and toured the Exploratorium. Gerry Reece stood up and complained that his birthday was Tuesday and he didn’t receive any recognition. Owen was contrite. Pete Vallerga boasted that he received a lifetime achievement award from the Builder’s Exchange. Paul Brisso complained that Fred Van Vleck had “stolen” one of his employees. This was a rare sighting of Fred, who may not have attended for several months. He was admonished. Ted Loring sold his business Professional Property Management. He volunteered to pay a fine of 199 samoleans.

Then it was time for the year’s favorite program- the Limited Edition singing Christmas Carols. Charles Young conducted. They sang Joy To The World, The Christmas Song, Deck the Halls, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, 12 Days of Christmas, We Three Kings, and topped it off with an in the round version of Carol Of The Bells. At the end President Matthew had them draw from the deck until they produced the Joker, and then he awarded them the jackpot of $610 dollars. Then one more bell rang, and we were outta there.
Seasonally submitted by Hank Ingham

Dec 5, 2016

Meeting Of the Eureka Rotary Club December 5, 2016

The Elks Club dining room was more crowded than usual because the meeting was a celebration of the late Rotarian Jim Howard’s 101st Birthday. President Matthew Owen called the meeting to order and asked WWII veteran Ken Stodder to lead us in the flag salute. Mike Cunningham gave the invocation and noted that member Bruce Smith is in the hospital and not doing well.

Special guests included former City Council Members who had served with Jim, Mayor Frank Yeager, Members of Howard’s immediate family and several former Rotarians including Laurie Lazio and Craig Perrone. The Mayor commented that Jim Howard had lived through a century of progress, from the first bi-planes to the moon landing, though two world wars and a few smaller ones. He experienced 18 Presidents from Woodrow Wilson through Barack Obama. Pat Folkins recalled the ceremony in 2014 when we added his name to the weekly raffle, now the Spengler Howard Raffle.

Former Councilman Jim Worthen said it was Jim who first had a vision for the renovation of 2nd Street, which once had 17 Bars between C and H streets. Former Councilman Ed Davenport once asked Jim what he liked about Eureka and he said “because the only time I know I’m a black man is when I look in the mirror”. Jay Bahner recalled that Jim was the Rotarian who sponsored him. Ziggy Ziegenfuss said he’d known Jim for 49 years and that he was an honest man and a gentle man but every time he went in Jim’s business he was violating the Brown Act. John Winzler noted that everybody that was anybody frequented his Shoe Shine Parlor.

Tom Schallert noticed that when Jim sold you a raffle ticket he looked down at your shoes to see if they were properly polished. Chuck Ellsworth recalled Jim teaching him how to sell tickets and to catch anyone who tried to sneak around the table to avoid buying one. Finally the cake was cut and served and there were a few more comments, and a reminder to visit the plaque that honors Howard at the former site of his Shoe Shine Parlor. then the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Hank Ingham.