Apr 29, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 30, 2013

After the customary flag salute, Mike Leggins did the invocation and asked us to remember Steve Beckman in our prayers.  He had a fall, and is in the hospital.   

Student Guests
A couple  of Eureka High Students announced that Academic Day would be held at EHS on May 14th.  Students will display their academic prowess and art skills.  

Larissa, our exchange student from Germany, has some tickets left for her fundraising dinner on May 11th.  The money will help her to take a trip around California.   

Several Rotarians, including Steve Justus, Stacy Lane, Gregg & Kathy Gardiner, John McBeth and Dave Hull, along with 51 Veterans were flown to Washington DC with free tickets provided by Southwest Airlines.  

Included in the group was our own Korean War Vet, Bob Palmrose!  They toured the various war memorials, got lost 7 times, and ended up at Arlington Cemetery, where they placed a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  On their return they passed through Denver Airport, where they received a spontaneous round of applause from the other passengers in the Terminal.  It was a very moving moment.  Thanks to Rotary, 221 Vets have taken the trip so far.  

Our Italian exchange student, Bibi, is also doing a fundraiser.  Carlton Nielsen auctioned off two of her Tiramisu cakes.  She can make more for $20 each.   

Bruce Smith, who bought one of the cakes, announced that he still needs drivers for the GSE visit coming up. 

President Dean then donned her top hat with paper sun emblem for a brief flurry of recognitions.   

Glenn Goldan got a rain stick for his trip to Hawaii.  

Murl Harpham hadn’t gone anywhere, but he could have in his houseboat at Trinity Lake. It goes 3-4 miles per hour.   He got his stick.   

Our program was introduced by Christian Hill.  Doctor Mark Harmon of Saint Joseph Hospital’s Oncology Department, has been there for 20 years, and specializes in treating cancer patients with a linear accelerator, a machine which focuses precise bursts of radiation on tumors.  St. Joseph’s has two, but they are 15-20 years old, and need to be replaced.  

Dr. Harmon emphasized the importance of keeping up to date on technology.  It allows patients treatment without leaving the area, and having up-to-date machines means the staff will be well trained and employable in other hospitals.  Everyone turned their chairs in a cacophonous squeal to view the illustrations as Dr. Harmon related three case histories in which the patients were cured by the use of linear accelerators and chemotherapy.  In one case the patient was only hours from heart failure and was saved.  St. Joe's is hoping to bring a new machine in by August of this year, and would like the community to donate at least 2 million dollars to help fund a second machine.

Concisely presented by Hank Ingham

Apr 22, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 22, 2013

Nancy Dean, resplendent in a gray sweater, opened the meeting with her usual flair.   
Burt Campton, former assistant district governor, led the flag salute.  Bruce Rupp then gave the invocation.   

The meal you missed if you didn’t attend:  Salmon, Wonton salad, baby carrots, coconut rice, and apple pie ala mode.   

Student Guests
Larissa, our exchange student from Germany called our attention to the flyers on the table announcing her fundraising dinner on May 11th at 6pm.  It will focus on potatoes and help to fund a trip with Rotary around the Western US. 

Guests of Rotarians
Greg Pierson brought Humboldt State Vice President, Craig WruckStacy Lane brought her sister, Stephanie Lane, who is the Assistant Athletic Director at Humboldt State.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Pat Folkins then found it necessary to relate how Gregg and Kathy Gardiner first met (over coffee –talking about Toys For Tots). Next week, how Al Crnich met his wife, when he asked her if he could buy a vowel.   
Bruce Smith, GSE team wrangler, said all he needs are drivers to take the team to various functions.   

Then out  came the stovepipe hat with a paper sun attached, for it was time for “recognitions”.   

First up was Dale Warmuth, who made the sensible decision to advertise on television where, of course everyone saw him.  Since he was up for a rain stick he also threw in his wife’s new job at Cutten School.   

Bruce Rupp was up next, and announced he had a new grandson and two other new babies in the family.  Even more significant:  He had gone to Indiana.   

Keith Crossley earned his rain stick for his election as Worshipful Master at the local Masonic Lodge, and while he was up told us about his wife’s new enterprise, Gift Concierge.  Or something like that.   

Finally Ted Loring Jr. was sticked for his recent trip to Maui.   

Ken Stodder who was sitting at the head table with Rollin Richmond, was recognized for celebrating his 86th birthday.  He told Dr. Richmond that he had worked part time for HSU for 40 years as a sports announcer.  He asked if that qualified him for retirement benefits. 

Our Program of course, was given by HSU President Richmond who has been there since 2001.  In fact, he pointed out, there have been only 6 presidents in the school’s 100 year history.  Humboldt Normal School, as it was then known, got its start  in the fall of 1913 as a teachers college. Founders’ Hall was built in 1922 as part of a 50 acre grant from the community.  The depression slowed progress, but after WWII  was a real growth period. Now Humboldt State University has 8,000 students.  Richmond plans a yearlong celebration of the Centennial – Fall of 2013 to Spring 2014.  One of the first events will be a Birthday Party in the Arcata Plaza on August 24th.  FYI, tuition for the University is still pretty cheap - only $6,000-is per year.  With housing and food you’re looking at $13-14,000 per year.  The legislature cut education 9% and raised the prison budget 25% in the last ten years.  Why don’t we combine the two, and educate everyone in prison? Attendance would be 100%.   Just sayin’.

Gleefully submitted by Hank Ingham.

Apr 15, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 16, 2013

We opened our Tax Day meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer

Birthdays & Anniversaries
 (this week) Tim Jones (19th)  Dave Parris (21st), Ken Stodder (21st).  No club anniversaries this week

Gregg Gardiner self reported his and Kathy’s 4th wedding anniversary which Kathy says they’ll be celebrating with the Cutten “walk-ability” at her school (Winship) – Oh, those romantic kids!

Student Guests
Back from Spring Break last week Marisa said she spent it in Sebastopol with the highlight being a trip to a local thrift store where she picked up some “weird American clothes.”
The Rhody Round-up BarBQ and Dance fund-raiser for the Backpacks for Kids program is April 26.

And while you’ve got your calendar out marking that date don’t forget to circle this Saturday April 20th – that’s the date for our Club’s Bootlegger’s Ball at the Ingomar Club.  It’s a salute to the Roaring 20’s, the decade in which the Eureka Rotary Club was founded.  The theme is “Speakeasy” and you’re encouraged to come in period costume.  Christian Hill asked everyone to please, if you haven’t already, RSVP by Thursday so he can give the Ingomar an accurate count.  And remember to win the raffle you or your proxy needs to be there

President- Elect Ziggy says 35% of Club members have already signed up for a Fireside meeting. Of course that means 65% of you haven’t and Ziggy wants to know why not.  He’s asking everyone to sign up and attend a Fireside to “tell me what you want us to do next year.”

Bruce Smith has all his host families for the upcoming Group Study Exchange but still could use at least 2 more drivers.  We’ll be picking up in Willits and dropping off in Garberville.  Call Bruce if you can drive.  The GSE team is coming from France and will be here May 12

In October of this year our Club will celebrate its 90th anniversary.  The Archives Committee is updating the club’s history book for October for all members and is also sharing with us Rotary memories a decade at a time during meetings.  Today Carlton Nielsen told us about the years from 1933-34 to 1943-44.  Presidents during this time remarked how even during the midst of the Great Depression our Club’s membership held steady and even increased.  A two month strike by the Waiters and Cooks Union caused some problems as many Club Members wouldn’t cross the picket lines at the Eureka Inn where the weekly meetings were held.  And late in the decade the Club members were “dismayed” according to a journal entry when Club fines went from a quarter up to a dollar!

President Nancy shared an e-mail from Franco’s parents – he’s back in Chile and continuing to recover

Mindy Bussman gave a great Craft Talk, checking something else off the to do list for Red Badgers.  Mindy, like her Daddy (Rotarian Charlie) and Granddaddy before her, is an insurance agent.  She lists baking as a hobby and even went so far as bringing delicious homemade baked goodies for all the tables to prove it (attention Red Badgers – this might be a good tradition to follow!)

Red Badge Alert:  If you need to make a Board Meeting there’s one this Wednesday April 17 at Noon at the Ingomar

Spengler Science Fair Raffle:  Kim Bauriedel and Don Leonard were this week’s winners

The guys behind HumFresh talked about their business which is currently providing 22 local schools with over 1,000 meals a week featuring local, home-grown Humboldt County products.  The idea is to replace processed, packaged food with fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables and nutritious and healthy breakfast and lunchtime meals for our school children.

Next week’s (4/22) Speaker will be HSU President Rollin Richmond.

Respectfully submited,
Roy Frostensen

Apr 8, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 8, 2013  

Hank Ingham lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Matt Messner gave the invocation to open our meeting.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
(this week) Mike Cunningham, Christian Hill, Brad Gibson and C.C. CreeNo club or other anniversaries this week


Harriet Pecot, with Food for People, put faces on the people served by our Club’s Backpack for Kids program by sharing with the Club true stories of those who are benefiting from the food supplement program.  Harriet reminded us that 54% of the students in the Eureka School System qualify for the free or reduced lunch program (93% of the kids at Alice Birney, one of the schools served by Backpacks for Kids.)  Backpacks for Kids serve is currently serving over 400 students this year.

The Rhody Round-up BarBQ and Dance fund-raiser for the Backpacks for Kids program is April 26.

And while you’ve got your calendar out marking that date don’t forget to circle Saturday April 20th – that’s the date for our Club’s Bootlegger’s Ball at the Ingomar Club.  It’s a salute to the Roaring 20’s, the decade in which the Eureka Rotary Club was founded.  The theme is “Speakeasy” and you’re encouraged to come in period costume.  Christian Hill hand delivered an invite to former long-time member Jim Hoff  back for a visit and reminded us all if you can’t make it be sure to buy your raffle ticket anyway as you can still win and this is an important fund-raiser for our club.  Hank Ingham presented a humorous slide show as extra encouragement to attend.  Let Mindy Bussman know if you have items for the silent auction.

President- Elect Ziggy implored members to quote, “tell me what the heck you want for your Rotary Year”  - the way to do that of course is to attend one of the upcoming Firesides which start next Monday.  Capt Hank is sending out e-mail notices now, please help Ziggy out by signing up for one.

Bruce Smith is still looking for a few more host families for the upcoming Group Study Exchange – at least one more family in the Eureka/Arcata/McKinleyville area is needed and 3 Fortuna families.  Call Bruce if you can host.

Dean Christensen was recognized for some recent travels which he tried to claim were all business related – seminars and the such that were all held in wonderful locations.

Fred Lamberson, the Executive Director of Redwood Teen Challenge told us of his personal struggles with meth addiction and how the Teen Challenge program turned his life around and how it’s now working in our community.

Teen Challenge got its start in 1958 in New York City and has now spread across the U.S. and around the world.  The drug recovery ministry which started out working with teen-age addicts now works with all ages and says Lamberson the only requirement is “the desire to change.”  Lamberson says the Redwood Teen Challenge has an 86% success rate for those who graduate from the program.  Brandon, who is currently in the program told the Club how he’s been helped.

Respectfully submitted, 
Roy Frostenson  

Apr 1, 2013

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
April 1, 2013

President Nancy's hat predicts sunny with scattered clouds!

John McBeth lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Dan Heinen gave the invocation to open our April Fool’s meeting.

Student Guests
Our student guests from Eureka High School’s Interact Club told us about their international project helping a school in Africa and invited us to participate in their upcoming raffle fund-raiser

Our exchange students told us about the big difference between Easter in the U.S. and in their home countries – you have to go to school on the Monday following Easter here and they’re used to having the day off back home.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Bruce Emad  and Matt Messner – both on April 2

No club or other anniversaries this week

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is down to its Final Four which means those club members holding Wichita State, Louisville, Michigan or Syracuse are guaranteed at least a $250 pay-out for making the Final Four and a lot more if their team wins it all in our annual March Madness fund-raiser

Mindy Bussman asked us to please sign up to pack food back-packs on Thursday as part of our continuing Backpack for Kids program.  We pack every Thursday during the school year at 4pm at Humboldt Moving and Storage.  Let Mindy know when you can help out.

Speaking of Backpacks for Kids – a BarBQ and Dance in conjunction with Food for People will be held Friday April 26 as a fund-raiser for the backpack project.

And while you’ve got your calendar out marking that date don’t forget to circle Saturday April 20th – that’s the date for our Club’s Bootlegger’s Ball at the Ingomar Club.  It’s a salute to the Roaring 20’s, the decade in which the Eureka Rotary Club was founded.  The theme is “Speakeasy” and you’re encouraged to come in period costume.  Invitations have been mailed, if you didn’t get one see Greg Seiler pronto to get yours and if you can’t make it be sure to buy your raffle ticket anyway as you can still win and this is an important fund-raiser for our club.

This Saturday April 6 is the District Assembly in Ukiah – Want to go?  See President Nancy.

The Napa Valley Rotaract Club is building houses in Baja Mexico this summer and is looking for donations of used clean, used clothes and other small household items.  If you have any you want to donate let President Nancy know and she’ll take them to the District Assembly this weekend.
RECOGNITIONS:  Dave Hull was recognized for his new job – he’s the new General Manager for the Humboldt Community Services District.

Jack Rieke was recognized for an upcoming golf trip and with some prompting from Kim Bauriedel for a recent expansion and other improvements at his hardware store.
Jack Rieke

Author Peter Hannaford gave a talk on Presidential Retreats, the subject of his latest book.  We learned all kinds of historical tidbits about how and where our chief executives “relaxed and escaped from the pressures of office” at their various vacation getaways.

For instance – Did you know:

*Thomas Jefferson designed the first dedicated Presidential Retreat, Poplar Forest, on a tobacco plantation his wife inherited.

*Abraham Lincoln spent his summers during the Civil War at the Soldier’s Home outside D.C.
Peter Hannaford

*Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to move his staff with him to his retreat, Sagamore Hill off Oyster Bay

*While FDR’s more famous winter retreat is Warm Springs in GA where he died in 1945 he also had another he dubbed “Shangri-La”  - President Eisenhower renamed it after his son and we still know it today as Camp David.

*And our current President, Barack Obama splits his leisure time between Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii

Pay attention as there will be a quiz on this at our next meeting!