Oct 25, 2010

Burl 10/18/10

Menu – Salad with mixed greens, saffron rice , chicken parts, and overcooked broccoli and baby carrot medley. A serving of chocolate cake made it all better. Fred Whitmire gave the invocation. Mike Moreland is getting better and speaks more clearly. Mike Brandi has pneumonia. Rotarian from another club John Koopman passed away. Our foreign exchange student Gabriel, who is presently staying with Carlton, auctioned off two catered (by him) Italian dinners for four. They went for about 400 a dinner to eager bidders. Glenn Goldann was one of the winners. Sean Mclaughlin of Access Humboldt announced an upcoming fundraiser dinner featuring awards to three Rotarians in our club Roy Frostenson, David Tyson, and Peter Pennicamp. It’s Saturday. On December 1st we will have the Christmas party at the Ingomar. On December 6 we meet at the Eureka Inn, where we will pose for the traditional group photo. Gregg Gardiner told us of Bill Gates Polio Challenge, and how you can register on line and Bill will match your donation. President Carlton will generate an email blast that no one will actually get. In it will be a link. David Hull got his Blue Badge. Then John McBeth came to the podium with new member Chuck Ellsworth. Chuck is the owner of Allpoints signs. He had shaved off all his hair, having confused his rotary initiation with the one in David Carradine’s old kung fu TV show. In lieu of rice paper, he was made to walk barefoot down the head table while Kim Bauriedel showed the whites of his eyes and called Chuck “grasshopper” It was the best introduction of a new member in some time. The drawing was held and the two winners, Don Leonard and Jim Davis, claimed that it was the first time they won since the club moved from the Eureka Inn in 2005. At least 10 back then would have bought more than half a lunch. Bird Loctie then announced the last of the league of Women Voters debates, Wilson vs Rodoni for Assessor, Gallegos vs Jackson for D.A.
Mari Wilson has been assistant assessor for the last 7 years. Rodoni has been a supervisor and runs a ranch. Both agreed that a salary of 107,000 a year was a nice thing.
Then Jackson and Gallegos squared off. Jackson took issue with the number of plea bargains issued, and Gallegos said you can only try so many people. Then they were asked to say something nice about each other. Gallegos out-niced Jackson by about 30 seconds. At that point everyone had had enough. Meeting adjourned.

Oct 11, 2010

Burl 10-4-2010
Food: Pulled Pork Sandwich, potato salad, coleslaw, and cookies.

Long time member Glenn Goldan lead the pledge. Bill McAuley provided the invocation, and asked everyone to keep the SF 49ers in their thoughts, although, he added, it might be that no amount of spirituality would help their season. Dick Nash is out of the hospital and Mike Moreland continues to inch towards recovery at home. Pat Folkins reminded everyone that November is Foundation month, and the Foundation dinner will be held on Nov. 13th at the Ingomar club. $50 a person. Don Leonard announced that the deadline for Sign Smith grant applications has been extended to next Tuesday. John Bradley and David Reynosa came up to tell us about the success of Backpacks for Kids. It now serves 232 kids every week during the school year. John said that, of the 10,000 kids in our county over half qualify for Free or reduced cost school luncheons due to low family incomes. The purpose of the backpack program is to provide food for the weekends. He encouraged donations and volunteers, and mentioned that even the Rotary Club of Siberia had sent a $1,000 donation. Then President Carlton Nielsen called for the drawing, and Tim Gallagher and John Burger won. John gave his winnings to our exchange student Gabriel. Then it was time for the League of Women Voters debate between the Eureka City Council Candidates. This is what we learned. Ron Kuhnel has 50 years of experience, 8 years as planning commissioner. Larry Glass says he is hard working and accessible, and always returns phone calls. Xandra Mann has a nose stud, and speaks so softly that no one can hear her. She’d like more voter participation. Michael Newman is an insurance broker, and would like to use the homeless to clean the streets. Marian Brady was a graphic designer for Holly Yashi and wants use her creativity to help stimulate the economy. Questions included ones about the Jefferson School Sale and Measure N. The League did a very good job of holding up the red card that said “STOP” Carlton rang the bell, and everyone exploded into the sunshine.
Soporifically submitted by
Hank Ingham
Burl 9/27/10

Peter Pennicamp lead the pledge, during one of his rare visits to Rotary. Bruce Rupp followed with the invocation, noting that member Dick Nash was in the hospital and that Mike Moreland has returned home. He is still affected by his stroke, but is coping. City council hopefuls Mike Newman and Marian Brady were introduced as guests. Gregg Gardiner stood up to announce that he had heard Mike answer a trivia question on 95.5. Somehow Dennis Hunter, who brought Mike, ended up with a 10 dollar fine. President Carlton noted that we will have a meeting at the Eureka Inn sometime in December. It will be catered, but still exciting. Then we had a special presentation from Megan, who at age 50 had quit her job and moved to Uganda to start a vocational school. She was a survivor of child pornography and prostitution and wanted to do something meaningful with her life. Her school is called the African Hospitality Institute. She is hoping for a grant. Don Smullin came up to do his craft talk. He has a new job as Executive Director of St. Vincent de Paul in Eureka. They are celebrating their 350th anniversary. St. Vincent was kidnapped by Turkish pirates who enslaved him. How he got away and made it to Eureka was not explained. PP Steve Justus and sponsor John Mcbeth introduced our newest member, Dale Warmuth –son of Leon and manager of Leon’s Car Care. Carlton then donned a hat that resembled an ear of corn and recognized Peter Pennicamp for a honeymoon in Northern Minnesota and a grandchild. Fast work, Peter. He also saw a large moose. Joe Mark volunteered that he was now “Grandpa Joe” and forked over $150 . Then came the drawing. The winners donated their money to the vocational school. The program was scheduled as a debate between Wes Chesbro State Assemblyman, and Karen Brooks, his challenger. Wes declined, so it was just Karen.
She has raised more than $70,000 with no help from the Republican Party, and is going door to door in Ukiah to make her views known. Her husband wasn’t initially thrilled about her candidacy, but now supports her. She’s running as a “citizen candidate”. She’s against the Marine Protection Act because ‘for heaven’s sake they’re marines! Shouldn’t they be able to protect themselves?’ For more information visit her website www.karenbrooks2010.com. Note to readers: some quotes may not be entirely accurate.
Submitted by Hank Ingham