Aug 10, 2015

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
August 10, 2015

Aloha Lunch Menu:  Salad bar, teriyaki chicken, sweet and sour pork, rice, vegetables, rolls, dessert.

Called to order by President Jay Bahner at 12:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jack MacDonald.  The Invocation was led by Craig Hansen.

Dennis Reinholtsen was our visitor from Fortuna Rotary.

Nancy Dean introduced Winship Middle School Interact Club visitors… Sheila- Principal, Leah- Advisor, Linley – Interact President (granddaughter of Jim Davis), and VP and Treasurer of the  Interact club were also there. 

Joan Davies introduced her daughter, Elizabeth Harper and Matthew Owen introduced Christina Giovanni.  President Jay introduced his guests, Roger and Bridget McCourt (today’s speakers).

Keith Crossley gave the Rotary Minute and noted that our Rotary International President sent an email out that for 1 year Nigeria has had no polio.  Tomorrow there will have been no polio in Africa.  Keith urged all Rotarians to step up and donate to end this disease.  $306 million is needed to reach the outlying areas of Pakistan, the last country at this time to have cases of polio.  The Bill and Linda Gates Foundation matches all Rotary donations 2 to 1.

This week’s birthdays include Past President and Past District Governor, Dave Dillon, Rick Littlefield, Gary Todoroff, Keith Crossley’s wife, Carole Crossley.  Anniversaries include Virginia Bass and Matthew Owen – 9 years, fined $15; Dave & Carol Dillon, Ken and Kay Stodder - 42 years, $42 fine; Greg and Laura Williston - 30 years, $30.

Gregg Gardiner presented President Jay with a Hanalei Bay T-shirt from the current President of the Hanalei Bay club in Kauai.  This is the club Past President Gardiner founded and was President of.

Bruce Emad and Hank Pierson took a backpacking trip with their mules to the top of a mountain.  In recognition of this momentous event they were asked to spin the wheel.  They both spun $15 which doubled to $30 if they didn’t answer the question correctly.  The Cartel’s question posed by Ken Stodder… What did Sir Isaac Newton invent? (The Cat Door.)  The mule-packing duo was unable to answer the question and somehow, due to the mathematical prowess of our President, ended up paying $60 each as a fine.

The Winship Interact Club was asked to step to the front of the room and were enthusiastically welcomed into the club, receiving their official banner.  Nancy Dean noted that this Interact club was made possible by Gregg and Kathy Gardiner who started the process.  She also noted that this club has already completed a number of projects.

Will Kay won a Rotary coin, $10 by Ray Wickle and Suzette from the Interact club drew from the deck of cards for a pot of $230 but received a Rotary paperweight.  Ken Stodder won a Happy Camper mug, which he claimed would make a great anniversary gift for his wife.

Roger and Bridget McCourt, our guest speakers, are the head of the Salvation Army in Eureka. They arrived in Eureka 4.5 weeks ago.  The Salvation Army was founded by itinerant pastor, William Booth in 1865.  He was known for working with the poor in East London.  He saw the original Salvation Army as a training ground to introduce people to God and how to attend church.  Today the Salvation Army is in 27 countries.  They preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and help people without discrimination.  They’ve been in Eureka since 1888.  They provide multiple services adult rehabilitation, veterans affairs, prison ministries, elderly services, combating human trafficking, missing persons, services for children, housing for homeless, helping when needed as with the fires that are currently happening here.  Roger served 400 – 500 meals last week at the Hayfork evacuation center.  

The Salvation Army in Eureka has a canteen truck (currently under repair) that was originally founded by the Eureka Rotary Clubs 20 years ago.  They provide 3,500 families with assistance each year, last year they provided 300 Thanksgiving boxes and 500 meals at Christmas, in addition to toys.  Bridget said that if you are looking for ways to support, they need volunteers to ring the bells at the red kettles at the holidays- that’s where 75% of their budget comes from.  About 20% of their clients are homeless locally.  They try to find ways to help people out of their situation, not just provide services.  The Salvation officers are all ordained pastors.  Bridget first joined the Salvation Army in 2000. A co-worker invited them to church and, after a little prodding, they finally went.  That night Roger went into a diabetic coronary and the pastor of the church showed up and stayed with he and his wife through the entire scary time.  When Roger’s job as an IT person ended due to a merger, the Salvation Army asked him to come work with their youth and then he gradually ended up where he is today.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox

Aug 3, 2015

Meeting of the Rotary Club of Eureka
August 3, 2015

Lunch Menu: Salad bar, chicken nuggets, roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, dessert.

Called to order by President Jay Bahner at 12:30pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ken Stoddard. The invocation was led by Greg Williston.

Traveling Rotarians, Baron Manfred and Baroness Ingra were visiting from Washington.

Rick Littlefield introduced Stephen Prokop, Superintendent of Redwood National and State Parks (also our program today).  Steve Justus introduced Eric from Sweden who is married to Steve’s Finn “daughter”.  Gregg Gardiner introduced John McManus from the Serenity Inn, Kurt White General Manager of Bayshore Mall, and Gregg’s daughter Kate.  Jerry Reece introduced his son-in-law, Bill.  Pat Folkins introduced Rick’s wife and his grandson Eric. Dr. Kim Bauriedel introduced his wife Sile.  Christian Hill introduced his son Jack Hill.  Jay Reed introduced his daughter Evangelina.  Jason Eads introduced his mother Janet Eads, his wife Stacey and their daughters Hannah, Olivia and Helen.  Mindy Bussman introduced her best friend’s daughter, Kylie and her son, Nate who she rented for the bring your son or daughter to Rotary day. Carlton introduced his sons.

Kurt Barthel, Pat Folkins, David Hull’s wife Crystal and Steve Justus are all celebrating birthdays.  Steve noted that today is his youngest grandaughter’s 1st birthday and insisted on being fined. After spinning $25 on the Rotary Wheel, President Jay turned that into a $50 fine by having Ken Stoddard ask a double or nothing question, “How many noses does a slug have?” (Slugs have a total of FOUR noses.) The Cartel gave Steve a thumbs down for having the incorrect answer and Steve increased the total fine to $150 in recognition of his granddaughter.

A special anniversary, Ken Stoddard celebrated his 43rd year in Rotary on August 1st.  Anniversaries included George and Gail Owren- 51 years, Pat and Sheila Folkins- 55 years, Craig and Lisa Hansen, Tom and Karin McMurray, Greg and Mary Sparks, and Susan and Brian Tissot. Pat Folkins volunteered to sing the Rotary wheel in honor of his 55th anniversary and landed on the $15.  Double or nothing question… What is a group of bears called? (A group of bears is a SLOTH.)
Gonged for $30.

President Jay reminded everybody to wear a Hawaiian shirt next Monday.  In fact he reminded us 3 times during the meeting so it sounds like it would definitely be in your best interest to wear a Hawaiian shirt Monday. August 27th is cook your own steak Coast Guard Night at the Elks Lodge.  President Jay still needs more people to sign up. 

PP Gregg Gardiner asked Jaison Chand, John McManus and Kurt White to come to the front of the room.  Gregg noted that Bayshore Mall was doing some remodeling last year and contacted him about possible groups that could use things like benches, trash cans, planters and a large playground structure.  Eureka City Schools and the Boys and Girl’s Club both received a number of items and Serenity Inn received the playground structure. 

John McManus is the Executive Director of the Drug and Rehabilitation Program at the Serenity Inn, which provides low-income transitional housing.  Before the donation of the playground structure the kids were playing in the parking lot when he first arrived.  He noted that for kids who have already gone through so much in their lives it’s nice to let them be kids.  As a thank you to Bayshore Mall, John gave Kurt White a beautiful framed thank you letter and provided the Rotary Club of Eureka with a photo of the kids playing on the new structure.  Jaison Chand headed up the construction of the playground and said that Del Biaggio and DCI Construction donated the help of a carpenter to assist and a number of the residents at Serenity Inn volunteered their time to make it happen. Serenity Inn is still in need of a commercial BBQ, benches and picnic tables if anybody knows of items that are available.  In honor of Kurt White’s donation PP Gardiner said that the Rotary Club of Eureka had made a substantial donation to the Rotary Foundation in his name. 

Elan Firpo was brought into the club by her sponsor, Jaison Chand.  PP Nancy Dean gave the PP address.

A Rotary coin was won by Jack MacDonald and Jason Eads.  Pat Folkins drew from the deck of cards for the joker and a pot of $210 but received a consolation egg timer instead.

Rick Littlefield introduced our guest speaker Stephen Prokop, Superintendent of Redwood National and State Parks as well as being Rick’s son’s boss.  Stephen has a BS in Marketing and came to Redwood National and State Parks in 2013.  His wife Christine is a nurse at Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City where they reside.

Stephen said that Redwood National and State Parks is one of the few partnerships between national and state parks in the United States.  The park runs from Orick to Crescent City.  It was formed in 1994 because visitors were confused about which part of the park was Federal vs State and because it helped with the overhead expenses as so many costs were being duplicated.  Jedediah Smith, Del Norte Redwoods State Park, Prairie Creek are all encompassed by the National Park.  It was originally established in 1968 and the economic impacts to Humboldt County are significant.  It is estimated that 79 million dollars is added to the economy each year from the parks and 700 jobs are created. 1.3 million visitors come each year and this is a low estimate.  Congress recently allotted 6 million to acquire 6 acres in Orick. which will make this park the largest old growth Redwood forest in the world. This new addition will include a $10 million dollar visitor center that will be built at the site of the old Orick Mill. This is intended to be a grand entrance to the park for visitors.  The Save the Redwood League is financing the entire visitor center and John Muir's grandson is slated to be the guest speaker at the grand opening ceremony in 2016. Congress has voted additional money to hire youth for the centennial event there will be Kayak tours, a reintroduction of the California Condor, etc.

Other noteworthy things at the park include the work they are doing with the Yurok Tribe at the mouth of the Klamath. The National Parks owns 1,200 acres there are they are working with the tribe to protect the culturally sensitive sites. The Park is also working with Cal Trans on the Last Chance Grade bypass. The committee is currently looking at 7 possible alternative routes. The Park has an active social network including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that he encourages everybody to visit.  His priorities include improving the volunteer program, improving ADA access, and dealing with the sudden Oak Death disease, which has affected some Oak trees in the park.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted, Alicia Cox