Oct 25, 2016

Eureka Rotary October 24, 2016 Meeting

It was Matthew Owen’s 14th meeting of the Rotary year. Ken Stodder led the flag salute and Nathan Nilsen gave the invocation. Carly Robbins then toasted Paula Patton’s involvement in Backpacks for Kids. Paula received the “Community Partner of the Year” award from Food For People. The Times-Standard gave them placements in the newspaper. Jerry Reece was then asked to do a craft talk. He used to own a McDonalds franchise in Eureka but he sold that and now he and his wife Becky have a travel agency. He informed us that there is a benefit cruise for St. Joseph and Redwood Memorial Hospital from July 29 thru August 5. They are going to Alaska ‘s inland passage. Cost is from $1,199 per person. Matthew reminded us that December 17th is the date of the Rotary Christmas Party. Elan Firpo was recognized because her partner Zach Zwerdling formed a firm of his own with his son. Dennis Hunter bought a trailer, and so did Nancy Dean. The beneficiary of all that was Jay Bahner. Everyone paid 200 dollar fines. Our speaker was Larry Ciecalone, General Manager of KEET TV. He said they were “changing their brand” because people found it confusing. The will now be PBS North Coast. He wants to build a new building. His concept is called The North Coast Innovation Center. He envisions it as a massive hub for just about everything. He wants to partner with KIEM, Lost Coast Outpost, Access Humboldt, KHSU and the Times-Standard. He also wants to partner with non-profits, the City of Eureka, the Fire Department. The building will be 150,000 square feet. Right now the need money for other things. They need 160,000 to achieve their 800,000 goal and stay on air. They are also looking for 160,000 for equipment to start a 5th channel that will be exclusively kids programming.. They recently got 1.1 million from PBS but they spent it. You can look forward to some pledge drives.
Staunchly submitted by Hank Ingham

Oct 17, 2016

Eureka Rotary October 17th meeting

Matthew Owen presided. Hank Ingham led us in the flag salute. Bruce Rupp gave the invocation, noting that former Rotarian Sid Hansen’s wife had recently passed away. Our newest Rotarian Arnie was quickly introduced, so quickly that I didn’t get his last name. He was a former Rotaractor, teaches during the school year and is a commercial fisherman in Alaska in the summer. Pat Folkins noted that the recent Toys For Tots fundraiser netted 32,000 for the little tykes. Also coming up quickly the Rotary Foundation Dinner. It’s Sunday 10/23 . Cocktails at 2 steaks at 3pm at the Elks club, I presume. Linda Wise was recognized for being Kiwanis Woman of the year…and donated 120 to the club. John Fullerton got the Times-Standard endorsement for City Council, but wasn’t there to be fined. Will Kay added a grandson to his family on October 5th. Dennis Hunter boasted of his first great grandchild and contributed 146 dollars to completing another PHF. Lisa Slack gave a report on the Clark Museum fundraiser. The Rain made them change it from a street fair to an indoor affair, but it was successful. When it came time for the program it turned out that the first and second choices for a speaker didn’t materialize. Matthew Owen stepped into the breach. His topic: Travel Hack. He told us how he and his wife travel for free and stay for free all over the world by taking advantage of free miles offered by various credit cards and free hotel rooms given out as part of Hotel Loyalty programs. He applies for new credit cards every 91 days collects the free miles offers, then cancels each one before he has to pay an annual fee. He also applies for an upgrade 24 houirs before his flight so he can get 1st class. It sounds complicated, but it seems to work.
Submitted by Hank Ingham

Oct 11, 2016

October 10, 2016 Meeting

Burl 10-10-2016
Kay Escarda of the League of Women Voters led us in the pledge. Matt Messner gave the invocation. Special thoughts went out to Corky Cornwell, who is being treated for cancer. Members of the League were introduced, including Rolin Richman, retired HSU President. They were here to moderate a discussion of local measures S, U, and V. A yes on S authorizes a tax on marijuana cultivation. $1 a square foot for outside grows, 2 for mixed light , and $3 per square foot for indoor grows. Other counties have passed taxes of up to $25 per square foot. The tax revenue goes into the general fund. Craig Hansen asked the panel why we couldn’t use the system of fines that were set up to prevent environmental damage from timber operations. Measure U advocates a ½ cent sales tax whose revenue goes exclusively to road repairs. Mark Lovelace is for it. He said we have a 2 million dollar backlog for road repairs. Measure V is the Mobile Home rent stabilization act. It would set up rent control to keep affordable housing available for low income people. Remember to vote in November.
Submitted by Hank Ingham

Oct 4, 2016

10-3-2016 Burl

President Matt Owen presided . He asked one of the members of the League of Women Voters to lead us in the Pledge. Greg Pierson gave the invocation. His theme was “to every time there is a season” Today’s meeting started 15 minutes early because the League of Women Voters accepted our invitation to hold a debate. We heard from Heidi Messner who won her Eureka City Council, Ward 2 race unopposed, telling us a little about herself. She has worked for Boeing and UPS and also had her own business, making clothing. She came to Eureka to help Matt pastor the Faith Center. We also had John Fullerton and Austin Allison, the two candidates for Eureka City Council, Ward 4.John emphasized his experience and history of volunteerism. The youthful Austin Allison talked about making a change and looking to the future. In addition we heard the pros and cons of Measure P, the ward-only system of voting. Mayor Frank Yeager spoke against Measure P, saying that the ward system takes away 4 opportunities to vote for those who will be running the city. Another man, whose name I didn’t get, spoke for the measure, saying that it would save money because people would spend less on advertising. We can’t have that. There were a few questions, during which Richard Storre’s cell phone rang. Apparently Jack MacDonald’s phone rang too. They were fined. It must be noted that there was a bigger crowd than usual for the debate. I didn’t know we had that many members. The Press was there too. Brittany Comak from News Channel 3 interviewed up a storm. Then the meeting was over; too soon, like summer.
Submitted for your edification by Hank Ingham