Feb 27, 2017

Rotary Club of Eureka Meeting February 27, 2017

President Matthew Owen asked the oldest WWII veteran to lead the flag salute. That would be Ken Stodder. Dan Heinen gave the invocation. President-elect Bruce Smith gave a report on our most recent fundraiser, “Mardi Gras with a Purpose”. As you may recall from our last episode, the prize winners were determined by hiding sugar medallions in the cupcakes. Someone unknowingly ate one of the medallions without realizing he or she had just consumed $2,000. There was no getting it back. Bruce put the names of those who bought tickets in a hat, and drew a ticket. The lucky winner was Ziggy Ziggenfuss. Bruce thanked Clark Swan, Jerry Reece, Nancy Dean, and a host of others who helped with the raffle.

Boast, Roast, and Toast entries included Dan Heinen, who was named a Champion of Hope by his company for his charitable endeavors. Steve Allen went on a trip to Maui. Not to be outdone, Matt Messner went to Panama and Russia. Jack MacDonald received recognition because he didn’t know how to turn his cell phone to vibrate. Jerry Reece said his son just completed a short cartoon for Nick at Night or some network. Then Matthew said he flew to Washington D.C. for 11 dollars round trip. He saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Smithsonian Museum.

Betty Chinn was our speaker. She is an advocate for the homeless and works so hard that she only sleeps 2 hours a night. She has a homeless center . She finds jobs and housing for the poor and unfortunate. She gives them “a hand up, not a handout. She was presented with a check from our club for $10,000 dollars.
Briefly penned by Hank Ingham

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