Feb 14, 2017

Rotary Club Of Eureka Meeting February 13, 2017

President Matthew Owen rang the bell, which hasn’t been stolen by another club for a long time. What happened to the good ole days? The menu was ham slices or ribs, scalloped potatoes, vegetable medley, and fruit cobbler. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Vanessa Christman, new head librarian at the Humboldt County Library, was asked to lead us in the flag salute. Nathan Nilsen gave the invocation. Susan Johnson got up and announced that they we putting on a play called “ Jane Doe in Wonderland” at Ferndale Rep on March 11st. The play is about human trafficking. They are raising funds so that they can continue to perform the play at high schools. Jerry Reece and Bruce Smith were both wearing Mardi Gras costumes. Jerry reminded us that the annual Rotary fundraiser, Mardi Gras with a Purpose, is this Friday at the Sequoia Conference Center. $4,000 is hidden in the cupcakes but you have to attend to get a cupcake. There is a 250 dollar prize for best costume.

Then, as a complete non-sequitur, Jerry said that in Vegas if you bet that Lady Gaga wouldn’t show cleavage in the Super Bowl half time show you could have won 185 dollars. He’s losing it. Christian Hill prognosticated about March Madness. We’ll have the usual bracket bidding for teams as a fundraiser. Glenn Goldan was recognized for showing up, Dennis Hunter donated 100 to polio plus because he was celebrity auctioneer at Mardi Paws the Sequoia Humane Society fundraiser. Elan Firpo brought in a canister of change. Change is good. Carlton Nielsen said that his son was going to Switzerland as a Rotary Exchange Student.

Our speaker was Vannesa Christman, new head librarian at the Humboldt County Library. She said the three questions that annoy librarians are “you must not be very busy, no one is reading anymore” “Libraries are still around? Aren’t they obsolete because of new technology?” and “you work in a library. It must be so relaxing to be around books all day” She refuted all of these. Our library has 99,000 card holders. They check out 500,000 books a year. The library has internet connections and staff to help you access it. They have audio books. They have language CD’s. They even have e-books. The future of the library is as a community gathering place. They are open 12n-5pm Tuesday through Saturday and stay open til 8pm on Wednesday. They need more funding.
In remembrance of the Dewey Decimal System, Hank Ingham

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